10 Least complicated Car Engine Technology Innovation (Part 1)

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Ford Model T was your own first car This can be this season affordable. the car am unveiled in 1908, crammed inside 2,900 cc four-cylinder engine and also lone provides 22 horsepower. your current resulting Weight will be certainly very small compared to your current engine consumed cars today. However, ones power is superior compared to your Patent Motorwagen Benz cars designed with 1885. your current car lone has a solitary cylinder with a 2/3 horsepower.

It USA That considering that the The item \’m very first made, your current engine experienced a continuous evolution. in addition to thanks towards the refinement of design as well as technology constantly, machines That exist currently extra powerful, efficient and also environmentally friendly. Just like regardless of whether not knowing your own limits, automotive engineers carry on to help try and get steps to be able to create and also refine. along with here are usually your 10 Best engines associated with Technology Innovation regarding almost all time:

1. Machine Four Steps
Four-stroke engine could be the earliest improvements crafted on the end connected with 1800. your machine is additionally called your current four-stroke engine is really a combustion engine that will combustion occurs within a great cycle of four methods which includes your current step piston suction (intake), compression, power as well as exhaust step. almost all these kinds of methods occur As soon as your own piston moves up and also straight down twice.

Advantages: less fuel and less pollution produced.
Disadvantages: extra complicated along with extra expensive to help produce.

2. Forced Induction
Forced Induction technique (forced induction) is considered with aircraft engines extended before finally considered also inside automobile engines for the 1960s. the technique will be extremely useful regarding smaller products because This can cause added power with no increasing their size.

An engine Demands three things in order to produce motion: fuel, air and ignition. Forcing added air into the engine will increase your power generated from the piston. a good old way It has been increasingly popular is actually to utilize forced induction, that will air is actually forced into the combustion chamber at pressures higher in comparison with normal resulting throughout compression as well as added power. the actual program can be better known coming from knowing your current components It produce these kinds of Turbocharger in addition to supercharger.

Advantages: better power with no increasing engine size.
Disadvantages: the consumption associated with fuel along with turbo lag.

3. Fuel Injection
Since your late 1980s, most engines in carburetors replaced via fuel injection (fuel injection), an technique That is far added sophisticated and effective on the program regarding mixing regarding fuel and also air, through which ones entire process is actually controlled by the computer towards machine.

Pros: Machine-start easier, added responsive along with more efficient fuel consumption.
Disadvantages: further complicated in addition to additional expensive repair costs.

4. right Injection
Direct injection (direct injection) is a extra refinement of any Fuel Injection. Just as your identify implies, directly Injection Fuel Injection allows to skip a step that adds towards the efficiency of any machine through adding more power as well as save fuel consumption.

In ones right Injection engine, embedded computer for the machine to make certain the fuel can be burned exactly As soon as needed, in addition to reduce the waste of fuel will be wasted. inside a number of ways including making gasoline-powered engine with a diesel engine always WORK WITH immediately Injection.

Advantages: greater power with fuel management added efficient.
Disadvantages: additional expensive to produce, along with the technology can be relatively new (not yet an standard).

5. Aluminum Engine Blocks
Over your past few years, ones trend regarding car leads for you to a lighter weight. Car manufacturers are constantly to search for measures to help reduce vehicle Weight to be able to Make a greater performance with a consumption regarding additional fuel-efficient. sole process consumed is actually to replace products intended of iron throughout aluminum.

But It does not mean the solution is usually not in order to bring other problems. Aluminum engine block are not Just as strong Just as iron engine block whether exposed to be able to high logging temperatures, and also raises inquiries Concerning the durability of your block mesi itself. But several Disorders has been solved and also however ones aluminum engine block can be capable of become your current future standard.

Pros: Light The stress It leads for you to superior efficiency.
Disadvantages: can be curved from high temperatures.

The idea simple and easy Tricks Park your current Vehicle throughout Parallel

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Searching regarding empty parking within big cities can be increasingly difficult. Especially whether you should transaction within parallel parking The idea sometimes make people dizzy. Any time in fact parallel parking relatively easy for you to do, Just as very long As you\’re careful as well as concentration. to be added skilled As soon as parallel parking, we’ve summarized your own trick is actually to be able to park your current vehicle throughout parallel. you\’ll want to do are:

Step 1: get Empty place inside Parallel Parking

If you\’ve got found a good area parallel parking area is actually empty, immediately align your current car with a car parked at the front. soon after that, put a great turn program code towards the driver for the back / front to know if you\’re getting ready to be able to park your own vehicle to the position vacant area.

Step 2: Navigate Steering people for you to place a empty parking place

Change the spot of your transmission lever in place R (reverse / backward), as well as become careful Whenever maneuvering as well as rewind ones vehicle to the parking location vacant. Do not forget to be able to note your own condition Around the rearview mirror, for you to avoid accidents in pedestrians.

Step 3: Tune ones vehicle by the vehicle position for the Front & Rear

After putting ones vehicle in an parallel parking area vacant, align your own vehicle with the vehicle with front along with behind you. furthermore avoid clash vehicle front / rear as well as side of a road. to help make That easier regarding you, obtain intended for support through friends, or even open your own vehicle glass to be able to ascertain the direction regarding motion of a vehicle.

Step 4: give space on the Vehicle Parked with Front / Rear you

After aligning ones spot of a car body through the vehicle parked with front connected with / behind you, Make sure you also dismiss your vehicle for the middle of a park position. This really is performed thus how the vehicle is actually parked throughout front associated with / behind You can maneuver out regarding parallel parking.

Step 5: Set your current tire and steering position, Put Hand Brake, Turn off your current machine, Done!

Now you might be already throughout a spot in parallel parking, you\’ll want to do is adjust ones steering position. regardless of whether you might be throughout parallel parking uphill, point your own tire and the wheel in the direction opposite towards the side of your road. But, no matter whether you are at the parking parallel declining, place your tire in addition to steering an individual for the direction approaching your own edge of the road. soon after that, You will instantly activate your emergency brake, turn off the vehicle engine, and you happen to be done! currently your own vehicle will be parked with a great parallel position.

8 Benefits of Wine for Natural Beauty Care

The grapes are popularly referred to as the Queen of Fruits and grouped into three types based on the color, namely red, green, and black / blue. The wines included in the group of fruit Vitaceae. The wine can also be eaten raw or processed into juice, wine, jelly, jam, or grape seed oil. In addition to good health, grapes also provide many benefits for skin health and beauty. The amount of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins in the grapes proved to maintain a healthy body, skin, and hair.
Here are the benefits of grapes for beauty.
1. Anti-Aging
Free radicals are the main cause of aging problem that is characterized by the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles on the skin. Antioxidants exist in wine protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and black spots, keeping the skin elasticity and improving blood circulation to the skin a healthy glow of youth. The content of vitamin E to keep skin softness, it is no wonder that wine can be used as a natural moisturizer.
2. Brighten Skin Color
The wine can help brighten uneven skin tone. A mixture of wine and honey when used regularly on face for 20-25 days will produce a brighter skin.
3. Protect from Sunlight
Flesh of fruit and grape seed extract contains proanthocyanidins and resveratrol which works as an antioxidant. The use of grape seed extract on the skin can protect UV radiation. In addition, its function as well as sunscreen, that reduces redness caused by sunburn and lift dead skin cells are damaged. Therefore, the content in this wine is often used as an ingredient in sunscreen lotions.
4. fade Dark Spot
Green grapes help diminish scars caused by acne. The content of vitamin C it breaks down tissue in the wound so that helped also in skin repair. Use grape juice oada face and leave for 15 minutes. Wine mask is very helpful fade and brighten various black spots on the face, including black spots and acne scars.
5. Renew Skin Cells
Some useful organic acids in wine rejuvenate skin cells. Vitamin C is required the formation of collagen. 70% of human skin formed by collagen and collagen is very important in cell growth and blood vessels. In addition, the wine can keep the skin from various diseases by removing poisons from the body. Resveratrol in grape plants can prevent the skin from bad weather and ageless skin.
6. Hair Growth
Free-radical scavengers on the wine can improve blood circulation in the scalp thereby accelerating hair growth. The oil extracted from grape seeds are easily absorbed by the scalp so that makes hair soft, shiny and manageable.
7. Hair Care dandruff
Hair treatments using grapeseed oil can fight itchy scalp or so-called seborrheic dermatitis. In addition these oils can also moisturize the scalp dry and cracked.
8. Hair Loss Treatment
Vitamin E and linoleic acid contained in grape seed oil strengthens hair follicles, making hair strong and healthy. Not only that, hair tangled, broken, and branching can also be overcome with grape seed oil.

7 Online Business For Beginners The Trusted & Proven

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Online business

Online business is a business or a business that is run over the internet, which means that the life of an online business is the internet itself, so without the internet the online business will surely lose their livelihoods.

We may first see the eyes on anything related to online business, even up berkpikir that online business can not guarantee a person’s life. But that was then, now instead of people flocking to online learning business, some even willing despite having to pay millions of rupiah to gain knowledge of online business.

And fortunately for you that you get here, because you will get information on how an online business without capital from basic for beginners for Free. I’m not kidding, this time I will share iformasi about online business you can learn without having to pay any of the rupiah.

In sharing the info, I never half means I really would dismantle all about Online Business I know, and so far there are a total of 7 Online Business I already trusted and proven to pay. Not everything I’ve ever tried, but a few, because I get the rest of the testimony of my friends on Facebook.

So what are the seven online business?

Online Business PPC
Online Business Affiliate
Online Business Link Shortening
Online E-Commerce Business
Online Dropship Business
Online Business Membership
Online Business Ebook

Next, let each one of the seven languages ??Online Business diastas. As well as how the online business opportunities over in 2015.

How Online Business PPC


Online Business PPC

PPC or Pay Per Click is one type of online business or how to earn money from the internet’s most popular today. It is certainly not without reason, because in terms of revenue or income Online Business PPC is great. And it certainly can not be separated from the interference of the Google AdSense Online Business PPC provider as the current largest, the number of users more than 2 million people worldwide. The main requirement to become an AdSense publisher you should already have a blog.

There are many things why Google AdSense could be up for this, according to my observations, it is because:

Value per click is high (can reach 0.1 – $ 5 per click)
High-level security system (minimal cheating)
Payments are always on time (almost never delayed)

Diataslah third reason which makes the online business choose to use PPC from the Google AdSense program than any other PPC program. Besides PPC Google AdSense is rated as one of the best and reliable online business today, which has proven to pay the member-mebernya for 10 years and hopefully it will continue forever.

For those who want to learn more about the Google AdSense, you can learn here Learning Business Google AdSense.

How Online Business Affiliate


Online Business Affiliate

Affiliate or often also called an affiliate is a program where we would have paid if we are successful in getting people to join a member in a web site through our referral link.

If the progam PPC is controlled by the Google AdSense program will Affiliate Marketing is king is Amazon, so the way it works is you have to invite people to join the site amazon, using a referral link that you have, a referral link that you can get when you first sign up at Amazon sites.

Amazon offers a commission of 6% of successful sales made by your referrals (people who succeed like to join).

Online Business Affiliate is arguably very profitable but also pretty easy, as long as you own referrals. So you stay tidursekalipun, if your referral work and can get sales or sales, then you will get a commission, not any fun? but difficult it is to find these referrals, sometime I will connect about how to get a lot of referrals easily and quickly.

How Online Business Link Shortening


Online Business Link Shortening

I’m sure you already know what it is shortening the link? yap, links are shortened, or we are more familiar with the term shorlink. And the most famous shortening service providers today is adf.ly where almost every website or blog download shortlink alias always include links that have been shortened, both with adf.ly or other services such as:


And the other link shortening providers, almost all of which obliges us to see the ad for five seconds before it can continue to open the original link.

Shortening Link can be regarded as a way of online business for a beginner the easiest, this is because we do not need a blog to get a click, because we can take advantage of other sites that are far more crowded than the blog / website. Yep, I mean sites that adala social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

All three sites are becoming diataslah ‘field’ for you to share shortlink, how can the shortened url that is a trend video on youtube, then please share the links that you’ve mentioned you cut a Group Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus community.

9 How To Advertise Free Internet Proven Effective

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Advertise on the Internet, can be done in many ways, or rather with a lot of media. But not all the media potent / effective way to advertise the products that you sell, because basically every media has a number of distinct users.

In this article I will explain how to post free ads on the internet through the media that have millions of people the number of visitors per day, and the total will be 9 media that we will use for advertising and has been proven, it is the ninth media:

Kaskus FJB
Facebook Fanpage
LinkedIn Comunity Fanpage
Ads Forum ID
online Shop

From 9th place / media for free advertising memsang above, of each of the sites has advantages and disadvantages is not it? for that, let’s discuss one by one about what the strengths and shortcomings of the ninth media and of course along the way advertising on these sites.

Before advertising on the site advertised free online, my advice please learn first How to Create Banner Ads are cool, so we are going to post ads, will be able to attract the attention of visitors that viewed.

How to Advertise on trade


Trade is one of the sites selling online the most popular in Indonesia at this time, with the number of visitors of millions of people per day, making trade as the most appropriate place to advertise online, and thanks to the many visits there, make your advertisements big chance to be seen by many people.

To advertise in trade is not difficult, you can follow these steps to post online ads on sites Berniaga.com:

Open http://berniaga.com/

Free Adverts in trade Kaskus 1

After, the site is open, you simply click the ‘Post a Free Ad’ to submit a new advertising.

Fill Ad Data and Personal Data

Free Adverts in trade Kaskus 2

Ad data includes Category Advertising, Title Ads, Text Ads, Ad Rates dna Image Ads, while for personal data, the data that you need to fill in is the Name, Email, PIN BB and the Province.

Click Submit Ads

Free Adverts in trade Kaskus 3

In the preview menu, you please first check whether it is appropriate ads you want or not, if it continue advertising with click ‘Submit Ad’.

Click Adverts

Free Adverts in trade Kaskus 4

Next you will be prompted to enter a password first, if it is please finish the process of advertising in trade by clicking on the ‘Advertise’.

Your advertisements in trade can not be directly online, because it must go through a review process in advance, but I like in trade is that we can post ads for free online without the need to register.

How to Advertise on OLX


OLX (formerly Shop Good) is also the right place to advertise online, in accordance with the motto of ‘How To Sell Fast’ as if guaranteeing advertising / product that you install can sell quickly. The motto I think in harmony with the services provided, because the moderator in OLX as if on guard 24 hours, so when we advertise, then when it also ads will appear.

Free Adverts in Kaskus OLX 1

If the front page is already open OLX please you click the + button Adverts Free.

Contents All Data

Free Adverts in Kaskus OLX 2

Please fill in, ranging from the category, type of ad, ad title to the name and email address, if it is click ‘Save’ button.

Wait for a few minutes

Free Adverts in Kaskus OLX 3

Less than 1 hour, usually your advertisements already appears, if you advertise in working hours.

As I said above, my experience advertising on OLX always get outstanding service, where the average ad can start running. Also view OLX clean and lightweight make anyone linger on this site.

Benefits of Grapes Green For Health


The grapes also contain minerals that are very high and very beneficial for the body, because grapes contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, Bessi substances, phosphorus and selenium. So no wonder if the grapes are very useful and powerful tool in overcoming various diseases and skin beauty.

The grapes can be used as medicine by the way processed into juice, the juice is able to overcome various health problems as described below.

Here are a few benefits of green grapes, among which:

Can treat respiratory / asthma
For those of you who have problems with breathing, the grape is one very potent drug to treat respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, cough, nasal congestion and remove excess lenders attached to the respiratory tract.

Can treat hemorrhoids
With regular consumption of green grape fruit juice every day, believed very potent in treating hemorrhoids.

Can aid the digestive tract
Green grapes contain fiber that can aid the digestive tract, so as to smooth bowel movement and prevent constipation.

Green grapes contains antibacterial and antiviral properties that are very effective in protecting the body from dangerous infections.

researchers have shown that the compound resveratrol is a polyphenol owned green grapes, the compound is very potent and proven to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and can nourish the brain function.

Can prevent breast cancer
Has proved that the grape juice is very effective in preventing breast cancer risk, but it also can reduce the tumor in the breast.

Increase stamina
Grapes is one type of fruit that contains instant energy and have an iron content is high enough, so as to increase stamina and will not feel tired.

Can prevent heart disease
By consuming grape juice each day, can be beneficial to reduce the risk of heart disease and prevents blood clots. In addition, the content of antioxidants in the juice of green grapes capable of lowering cholesterol levels in the blood vessels.

Well so is information on the benefits of green grapes, hopefully this information can be useful and good luck.

Tips on procuring an wedding ring (Lifetime)

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Everyone wants to marry the user he loves. and also everyone furthermore hopes to marry single just after a lifetime. for the reason, Most of the people will try MY PERSONAL Easiest to its wedding.

One of a ticks points to be able to possibly be prepared on top of your wedding is usually in order to buy the wedding ring. inside order not to help regret it, You will need to recognize that this trick.

When to be able to buy a great wedding ring?

You do not have to buy a good wedding ring far throughout advance. But, try in order to at least 30 days sooner your wedding ring people already know what you want and also your own partner wear.

To This end, It is important pertaining to a person 3-4 months previously D-day carry out surveys and simply out sole see ones design and visit a wedding ring. It is legitimate anyway, especially if a person have a special finger sizes The idea call for special sizes, too.

By knowing early what kind connected with wedding ring you would like to buy, You may get launch these types of as:

Discount because of the owner of any shop
Can obtain a ring according to the size of a finger
Can Select a model using a freely
What may be the budget with regard to wedding rings?

Once a person realize how much the market price with regard to a couple of wedding rings, You may determine how much budget is actually fitting to buy the ring. within this you furthermore have tons of date to be able to supply the correct cash in order to purchase your own ring an individual want.

Put This whether your budget can be not too big, obtain a good diamond ring which has a minimalist.

Choosing your own design of any ring

Generally, the problem is generally the case the ring can be broken at the bottom circumference (hand inside). the happens since too often exposed for you to friction, like transporting ones steering wheel, your current wheel two-wheel motorcycle, menial jobs, or maybe hit coming from challenging objects.

To The item end, heed your own ring model will be intact along with does not obtain a cavity inside it. Ring a good whole has further power than The item simply just looks great, but within This has ones cavity space.

Jewelry or even gold shop?

Different price additional design, other location likewise vary ones price. procuring a great wedding ring is usually adjusted to your own budget. regardless of whether anyone crave a great wedding ring having a modern touch design claim, and then You will stop by Jewelry Store. Generally there, that you are not offered a great price based on the program code involving gram rare metal ring. However, your own price offered could be the price of a package with regard to a pair of rings.

Problem models, You will certainly always be confused because model rings in Jewelry store is actually very diverse in addition to fashionable.

While procuring the rare metal ring in the store, usually are judged with how quite a few grams of two ring are made. expenses rings are generally more affordable since The item follows ones rare metal price at the market. Unfortunately, the designs tend to be uncomplicated and do not always follow fashion trends. your own application also averaged almost identical, as well as tend to be designed lone on order.

For the food selection of an place, That almost all depends with your own taste and also budget an individual have. just make sure have a budget more no matter whether an individual buy the wedding ring with Jewelry Store.

Ask letters

make sure your wedding ring jewelry comes with a letter because of the store. your current letter talked about for the gold content, as well as the Weight as well as price.

Generally, for the letter there is certainly additionally a approach to resale. possibly you did not intend in order to sell your wedding ring, but You have to obtain on this certificate.

Due towards the essential lifetime sole once, for that you should become added cautious as well as careful Any time buying a great wedding ring. This would be superior whether an individual buy does not go because of the online store since the a person still need to help try your own size associated with each ring. Happy wedding, couples!

6 ways & Mechanical Car Parking

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ParkirCara beacon car parking is actually good in addition to true is usually solitary thing That Needs to be able to possibly be controlled by the driver of the car. Unawareness As soon as parked cars can result in damage and losses for the car. and so an technique and also How you can park your own car the Least difficult That might be carried out for you to note It tehindar associated with the many opportunities It result inside damage to the car As soon as parked.

Ways along with procedures regarding telling your own car park to be able to avoid damage caused from imperfections for the car park located to the car park after tips, car park following tips can be accomplished to be able to avoid some of a possibilities The item will occur due to help wrong parking.

Ways along with approaches of the car park Just as follows:

Good parking on the street side, While you are driving within a great location This is crowded try for you to park in a good side street that will regardless of whether not disturb some other vehicles, thus your likelihood can be safe through finding hit from another car, especially on night.
If at the parking lot, required extra space to its distance between ones car in another car. in order to avoid collision or maybe goresn due adjacent in order to another car while applying for the car.
Use Just like much In the same way possible rearview car, to monitor your situation About the left side along with rear right. for you to avoid your current possibility associated with various other cars of approximately you.
Do not stop suddenly. although to find an car park permits anyone for you to stop suddenly we drive cars can be hit by a great car the other. and driving slowly to choose the right parking position will be strongly recommended.
Avoid trolley, consider note of the parking position and Make sure to You will discover zero street trolleys The item will result throughout scratches from your own car.
Open your current car window While parking diarea tape along with turn off your radio or music Using your car in order to superior concentration and also listening to be able to something around a person before they could watch it.
Basically parking is looking for the proper location through the suitability of the size of an car. thus go shopping with regard to a good area The idea whether or not The idea were really right for you to park your current car. Do not possibly be hasty within choosing a car park merely because there is a car behind people that’s not your own main reason you might be straight more picked to be able to park ones car but the car park is actually Least complicated for that car. therefore you do not regret later.

Wine benefit Overcoming Illness


The benefits of wine can prevent the onset of disease in the body. Here are some examples:

1. Source of the Good Blood Sugar
No apparent fruit has a blood sugar regulation, as contained in the benefits of watermelon has a pretty high glycemic load of about 70-75, which is not very suitable for eating people who have trouble balancing blood sugar. On grapes only about 43-53 glycemic load presented that showed a low glycemic load. In a study developed at the moment, balance blood sugar is associated with phytonutrients in wine.

2. Anti-Microbial Materials

The content of the common antioxidants like piceatannol and resveratrol, produce phytonutrients in wine has been widely demonstrated as an anti-microbial agent. In the studies did not discover how anti-microbial substance is obtained from the grapes. This substance helps the body in preventing problems associated because the microbial food.

3. Maintain Heart Health

In studies on grapes showed that resveratrol substances, has utility to increase blood vessel dilation, which provides an opportunity for blood can flow more easily.

The study also demonstrated the current state of the body are relaxed, the blood vessel walls larger, thereby lowering blood pressure or when blood flow through all areas of the body with a high pressure volume. it is beneficial in increasing the oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells.

4. Sources of Vitamin

Red grapes provide a good source of vitamins to maintain a healthy body. Each one serving of red wine, give about 16 mg of vitamin C, about 27 percent of the daily requirement, on a 2,000 calorie diet such as oranges benefits. A number of other vitamins are also found such as:

22 mcg of vitamin K (about 28% of the value of the daily diet)
0.4 mg of thiamin (27 percent of daily value)
vitamin E
vitamin A, pantothenic acid
Vitamin B-6
beta carotene
Vitamin helps the body process function runs properly will reduce the risk of certain health problems.

4. Rich Minerals

Benefits grapes are rich in a number of important minerals. Each one serving of red wine provides minerals such as:

288 mg of potassium (which is also found in bananas benefit)
0.2 mg of copper
0.1 mg of manganese
0.5 iron
Red wine also contains several minerals in such small calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium.

5. Cognitive Benefits

The grapes are consumed as grape juice intake by humans, provide benefits in optimizing cognitive powers. At a peneitian Concord grape juice to the daily consumption of as much as 1-2 weeks about several months, showed an increase in the value of the study participants in the California Verbal Learning Test.

6. Body of Radiation Protection

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Potent nutrient content that has been shown to protect the body against radiation therapy, when used as a treatment for cancer radiation.

7. Helps Muscle Recovery

A powerful antioxidant that can support the cells and organs, in removing uric acid and other toxins from the body. As well as giving support to the recovery of muscle injury for athletes.

Benefits of Grapes For Skin

Besides the wine is very good for health, the benefits of other wines also care for beauty, which is as follows:

8. Protection Against Skin Cancer

In many studies, resveratrol substance showed positive influence on the development of cancer cells. Resveratrol provides protection to the skin from damage from the sun’s UVB rays, thus providing resistance against skin cancer.

9. Moisturize skin

Grape sliced ??into two parts, then apply on face and leave fifteen minutes. Use regularly every two times a day morning and evening before going to bed and feel the benefits of wine that gives the skin’s natural moisture.

10. Brighten face

The face is dull, very disturbing appearance, wine can help. 1 to 2 grab grapes and peeled, then squeezed by hand. Mix with honey ± 2-3 drops, then apply to a clean face. Let stand at least 15 minutes, then rinse with plain water.

Beauty Tips – Homemade and Natural Peels

Beauty Tips – Homemade and Natural Peels

Along with the development of science and technology, beauty industry also developed rapidly. Currently if you visit a beauty center, you may be offered a variety of new types of claimed facial treatments. One of them is facial peeling or peeling face. However, is it true peeling effective and safe to fight various beauty problems? Here’s the review.

Is it peeled or peeled? It is a beauty treatment that seeks to remove the top layer of dead skin cells.

By removing this dead skin, peeling encourages the growth of new skin to fade the wrinkles. If you have a broken lupus or capillary, skin is not recommended.

To make the house peel you have to wash your face with a non-greasy cleaning cream. Then apply natural skin (recipe below) with your fingers all over the face. Be careful not to get into your eyes or mouth. It is normal to burn a little but if it burns a lot of rinse immediately.

Homemade skin recipes

This exfoliation is very easy to do because it only requires a small apple and two or three strawberries. Clog well and apply. Rinse after 5 minutes.

Peeled papaya and pineapple

Mix a piece of papaya and a piece of pineapple in a blender. Then mix the puree with raw honey.
Lemon skin

This exfoliation is a bit strong and special to cope with deep wrinkles. Mix the same portion of lemon juice and distilled water and apply. Leave on for five minutes and rinse.

After removing the skin of the fruit you can apply a moisturizing cream that does not contain oil. This skin can be repeated three times a week. Within two weeks of using it, you can raise two parts of lemon juice to one part of distilled water. The results are seen in three months.
Botanical skin

For this herbal skin you need 1/4 cup hot water and one teaspoon of each of these dry herbs: parsley, chamomile and rose rose (rosehip, rosehip). Throw the potion in hot water and let stand for 15 minutes. Before applying, make sure it is not hot anymore.

Put a warm and moist towel on your face for at least five minutes to open the pores of your face. Remove the towel and dry the face with a clean towel.

Apply a thin layer of a mixture of papaya, pineapple and honey on your face. Leave face for at least 15 minutes. Avoid making blends into your eyes or hair.

Rinse face mask with cold water and wipe dry with clean towel.