Natural powerful drug for men, potent abis!

Do you complain of ‘weapon’ you are less strong when having sex with the wife? This article may be read by a man who is desperate about it.

Most people will lead to a quick solution, such as drinking herbal medicine, massage, or taking strong drugs that sometimes have dangerous side effects. Well, this time will give you surefire tips to make their own tonic for men that will make your erection longer and stronger!

First you have to know first the cause why you can not get an erection longer in bed. Usually without realizing that the name of men experience erectile dysfunction, or can be caused by poor blood flow, diabetes, lack of stamina, and so forth.

So how to get an erection longer in bed during sex?

According Boldsky (11/11), you only need to prepare natural ingredients such as:

Almond milk 1 cup
Egg yolks 2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon honey
Combine above ingredients and consumption continues every day. This natural remedy will make your erection longer with proving effective. Especially if balanced with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Especially for the smoker, you should stop your smoking habit because it will help make your erection longer. Of course, his wife would also be very excited to see the performance ‘weapon’ you dashing like Rambo.


A powerful drug that natural is the perfect mix to increase testosterone production in your body. In addition, blood flow to the vital equipment will also be more smoothly so that will help make your sex life is getting much better.

Hopefully useful and good luck!

fort jamu traditional

Almost everyone agrees that the strong traditional herbs think it is more powerful to make women more satisfied. Most men are consuming herbal medicine because the body becomes stronger.

Well, you want to make your partner feel happier, these herbs can be a solution. Not only does it make it stronger in bed, these herbs proved great for keeping your body healthy.

jamu kuat

This herbal medicine is very powerful even to treat the various problems that men face compared to chemical drugs. You make the wrong assumption. Now, this traditional herbal medicine has been packaged as chemical medications in general.
You probably will not even notice and assume that these herbs along with chemical drugs. So, have a good look at the purchase of herbal medicines or pharmacy.

Be a smart consumer by way of first examining any strong traditional herbs to be drunk. Not only potent drugs are dangerous chemicals, but also a lot of dangerous traditional herbal remedies.

Knowing how strong Jamu is harmful traditional

It can be determined if you are not insured or traditional herbal medicine by the smell of the emission. If the odor is still fresh, it is most likely to be safe for consumption. Vice versa.

If the smell is not good, then chances are it is already rancid herbs. So it is very dangerous if it enters the body. However, if you want to buy in a traditional herbalist you should ask the seller to dispense and soften these herbs in front of you.

Today many herbalists commit a fraud for the sake of big profits. Usually, the way it is done is to mix a potent chemical drug into the herbal mixture you drink.

Utility was immediately felt, but in the long run, your health is at stake. Even the most powerful traditional herbalist will not interfere with the opium that becomes addicted to herbal medicine.
You may not be aware, since the opiate effects are very subtle. So craving that you are experiencing will pass slowly. In the end, if you are not drinking from the same herbal, then your body felt bad.

If this happens to you, then stop at the last place. Better to take herbs that have been reliable. There are many medicinal herbs sure that has been circulating in the market. Tasks you just found.

Perhaps you have been too afraid to try out the traditionally strong herbal medicine in the market due to the many harmful herbs that were also circulating. Relax, there are safe ways that you can do in order to get herbal medicine is absolutely safe.

Before buying herbs, first look at the container. If an inscription has been tested by BPOM (Food and Drug Regulatory Agency), it stands to reason that herbal medicine is safe for consumption. Vice versa.

Learn to Know Jamu Traditional Strong

So I do not want to re-read the package before buying some strong traditional herbs. It may take longer, but in doing so, your health can be maintained. Do not just leave to satisfy your wife, instead of your own you become victims.

Satisfying wife has indeed become a burden to you. But that does not mean they have to give up the obligation to support themselves. So, study the herbal content you would drink.

You can start by figuring out what properties are different in early traditional medicine. The shape is also very easy. There has now been a great deal of literature analyzing the benefits of these materials online.

All the information about all the things that are already in your reach. Including how to build a strong traditional herbal medicine alone. Only if you do it yourself is likely utility will not be as strong as that which has been formulated by experts.
You just have to know the content and benefits in order to know which herbs are safe and which are not. In the market there are many herbs are formulated by experts, so if you drink will make a direct contact.

Never mix your own. It’s just that he feared it would be a mistake to mix it up until it eventually hurt his health. Therefore, buying a potent herbs traditionally safer, as long as you know its composition.

To get strong herbs traditionally a safe can click on this link many who make a recommendation to the seller online and their results are very satisfactory.

Jamu strong men

In this age of super-advanced, as now you can get a powerful herbal male very easily. In the past people have taken the trouble of meraciknya. Not to mention before the dispensation, they have to look for the first time in the forest.
In contrast to today, everything was easy.

Even for issues that had been considered difficult problems can be very easy. People who can not sublimate the seasoning by maceration now have a blender that process faster.
The point now is that you do not have to bother looking for strong herbs and meraciknya own. In pharmacies and several drug stores have much to sell. Just choose one from the store and buy it.

It is only to buy a traditional herbal man powerful, you should not be wrongly located. Many untested herbal medicine labs have been circulating in the community.
In fact, some time ago POM found a lot of traditional herbal medicine manufacturing is done randomly. These herbs mixed with various types of chemical drugs would entail greatly damaging the body.
Ironically, herbal medicine has been circulating in several cities in Indonesia. Turns out there are a lot of actors who want to make huge profits in a way that is inhumane.
Imagine if you are drinking herbs as well. Investigating an investigation turns out that these herbs have been no BPOM permits. Therefore, you who are looking for a strong and durable herbs, should be more careful.

Strong Jamu standard BPOM

Be sure to get the herbs that already comply with the viability test of BPOM. It is important for you to make sure that the powerful herbs you drink have graduated from the BPOM lab tests.
In addition, the expiration date should also be checked. Almost all medicines on the market have closed expiednya. Well, you just did the homework alone. All that for the survival of your health.

jamu kuat pria

By the way, you do not want kidney failure just because the herbal drink instead. Momentary pleasure you get should not be a catastrophe in your life in the future. So do not always underestimate this one time.
Looking for a recipe for men’s kual herbs is not prohibited because in this way it could be a continuity of domestic harmony. But what is unfortunate is that if the herbal drink turned out to have negative side effects later on.

The strong herbal novelty wife medicine

Most men thought that women would be more satisfied if their could be more durable in bed. Starting from the hypothesis that most of a man anguished by a feeling of lack of confidence in one’s ability.

Finally, look for different alternative ways to make it more enduring in itself. Even some of them were willing to make a fundamental change of genitals.

Maybe it’s already too far. People think that changing the genitals may be easier to satisfy. Although not necessarily true. Most women are more satisfied with the partner’s endurance.

Therefore, how to make lasting herbs should be mastered so that you can meraciknya own. Mixing your own herbs is a great way to get a safe and healthy herbs.
However, if you can not, there are many herbs that are safe for consumption in the market. Just drink according to need. So there is no need to worry anymore. One thing is for sure, you need to know what materials are good for dikonsumi.

If it proves to be too heavy for you, make sure that the herbs you drink strong men who had escaped from due diligence at the food and drug regulatory agency (BPOM). This can be seen on the packaging.
All drugs or foods that have escaped BPOM will be included in the package. So if there is no writing, then it is sure that herbs is not good for drinking.

While many herbs have been the smart managers to create labels. Although not tested in BPOM, they dare to specify that herbal medicine has already passed the BPOM test.

Therefore, it is recommended to know the composition and benefits. If you know this, then you will find out more easily whether or herbs ensure a strong man who is going to drink.

We we supply all the various kinds of strong man drugs which has been standardized BPOM, if you are interested please visit our website previously.

Work From Home Serious And Safe

Work From Home Serious And Safe

Working from home is an attractive revenue opportunities and investment, but be careful of scams! Here’s how this new and exciting world that is increasingly growing.

Working from home is becoming, or perhaps returning to be, an opportunity to gain more and more appreciated. In times of crisis and labor costs soaring, in fact, be able to produce something cheaply is a good find. In addition, many people (especially women) prefer to stay at home, where they can care for their children and carry out family matters without a work-related stress runaway. The choice (of choice if it is), however, requires the attention of the reflections and important, as well as a “next” regulation against this type of employment. Indeed, there is much confusion with regard to this new world of work and a fear of the uncertain and blunders that prevent them from taking off as, perhaps, might.

The web has become a place of exchange, trading, commissions and agreements that, if protected and tutelanti, could create a new labor market: it would be enough to recognize a number of scams that are circulating on the network than the notorious “easy money sitting comfortably at home “. In general, in fact, the comfort of sitting at home does not correspond to a real gain. It is more often round, but always assuming you find a channel of serious and safe. But how do you recognize the seriousness of a work network? Well, this is a difficult task but possible! Let’s start by saying that the work from home can affect both the network both the profession. The latter, if enhanced by the strength of the web can become a guarantee of earnings. A list of the types of work will help us see what are the activities to be carried out from home most classic and which ones modererne

Traditional work at home


Work from home last generation

Writing for the web
Trade its products through the online store
Personal Store: supermarket online and virtual stores
Data Entry on commission

In the first case, it is mainly physically perform the work or educational manufacturing being in your own home. This type of trades has evolved so that today, you can give lessons, translations by, or meet users on the web, chatting, Skype, social networks, rather than in the classical physical message boards or by word of mouth. In the second case, however, we are dealing with jobs that require the use of the network as a key requirement of work.

Paolo Zanardi – Return Journey

Paolo Zanardi – Return Journey

Evidently Andrea Pazienza was looking very forward with her imagination, enough to lead to a truer adaptation of the true variety of his characters, at least over the last decade and passes. Because Paolo Zanardi, always one of the boot mavericks mossisi with caution, without any hurry, it is a bit ‘as well and acts following a path that five years after All parties tomorrow it brings back with an album that is not just the ideal continuation of the latter, but probably the most significant of his career.

return trip is a good time to be dealing with an artist who makes it all the bard of urban animal fables (the lopsided underwater crossing-like pop of Noah’s Ark) as the marginalized (Romeo and Juliet, the funky-disco tragic military Hospital (story of a transvestite)), and does so with a grace that among its peaks has the Caribbean tango There is splendor in everything and atypical wave trends that inflame the rock-blues Russian roulette, but are no less than march that mentioned in the lilting ballad Little Marilyn, complete with a hammond typically 70’s, returns with a martial gait in proclame the title track, complete with a mocking mellotron, and slices of folk life public housing, which accentuate a country component of, or even vaguely swing,

My two cents # 27

Heavy brass – s  t EP (B.R.ASS  SoloMacello  ToomiLabs, 5 t.)

The metal without the metal unusual dichotomy, the same intensity. If in the beginning the guitars were replaced by bows, well used by Apocalyptica primordial with reinterpretations of Metallica, now to come forward in our own borders is the equally fascinating idea of ??the winds, already in the case of an essential element of jazz-sax size core, as taught by the Zu, but this time to have a say are trumpet and trombone. Paul Raineri, Francesco Bucci and Simone Cavina, the core of Brass Heavy, are fully aware of this, and in the five tracks on this debut EP result in a gritty TNT so much fun, an original synergy where a succession are the unleashed melodic death Blacksmith Surgery, the thrash of Grindstone and the heavy gait of Blood Casting, without miss the powerful kingship of Brassphemy, very slayeriana, and an Evil Anvil in which peeps the hardcore nature, adequate summary of general result. A bet by the Faenza trio, successful and tasty. Gustavo Tagliaferri

Copy The Bright Makeup And Glowy Irina Shayk!

Copy The Bright Makeup And Glowy Irina Shayk!

Evens out your complexion with a light liquid foundation. Spread it with your fingers for a quick make-up or a sponge for a more finished result.

Gives a look healthy glow to your cheeks with a blush from delicate satin finish. Fades produced little at a time until you achieve the desired intensity.

Give more light to your face with a lighting stick. Focuses the application of bridge of the nose, high cheekbones and cupid’s bow. Fades to small touches with fingers to a widespread glowy finish.

He realizes a fast eye makeup, but cured with eye shadows in shades of nude. Feather dust from the matte finish on the eyelid and along the crease. Full make-up with a golden touch from satin finish inside corner.

By greater emphasis to your look with a generous dose of black mascara effect false eyelashes.

For a shining mouth, choose a lip gloss with plumping effect. For a perfect day look, but also evening, opt for a neutral shade enriched with delicate pearly.

Like the make up of Irina Shayk Check out the gallery all the right products to recreate!

Short Hair 15 cuts for summer 2016

Do you like short hair, or you’ve never tried and the idea attracts you most You have chosen the right time! Because Trend options for summer 2016 are many and all to be copied! Be inspired by the variants from the runways and sported by celebrities!

The manlike cut

Transgressive and so intriguingly weird about a woman, cutting male only has been sported by several well marked by the star charisma like Rihanna and Charlize Theron. Vionnet offers it in oxygenated version Au Jour Le Jour very short, for those who love comfort when drying.

The short shag

Backstage at Alexandre Vauthier was noted one shag bob in a shorter version than usual, without a shadow of doubt true fashionista!

The short posh

Fringes as worn by Keira Knightley, Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Williams or polished with gel as proposed by Emma Watson short hair shed light on the décolletage and offer undeniable allure to the particular faces.

Browse the gallery and be inspired by the 15 short cuts selected by for summer 2016 and be inspired!

The Anti Aliasing Filter

The Anti Aliasing Filter

An optical filter low pass filter (OLPF), sometimes referred to as an anti-aliasing filter, a filter is present in many digital cameras (except for certain specific models, including the Nikon D810) and is located directly in front of the sensor camera. The main role of the filter OLPF (anti-aliasing) is to stop the high frequencies (we speak of waves hitting the sensor) and reduce the moire and false colors caused precisely by the high-frequency waves in the images. The Moiré pattern, remember, occurs in scenes containing repetitive details such as the tissues (especially in clothing) or in the vertical lines present, for example, in architecture. The repetitions that are in tissues or in architecture are repetitions manmade and difficult (or impossible) to find in nature, which limits the Moire effect to certain types of photography (for example, the nature is not affected) .

The anti-aliasing filter (OLPF) is generally constituted by two layers of glass and one birefringent susceptible to certain wavelengths. In the image below (taken from the website Nikon), it is seen how the light is divided when it passes through the three layers (or rather, is moved only a set of frequencies, by the central layer).

In addition, in order to improve the chromatic yield of the camera, two layers (the middle and close to the sensor) are processed in order to be, respectively, anti-reflective and absorbent Infrared.

IR coating, AR coating, and glass IR absorption are also used to obtain the best features of

Digital cameras that do not have a OLPF allow the sensor to record even the information contained in the high frequencies, which increases the sharpness of the overall image. Conversely, of course, these cameras pay something in terms of Moiré or false colors.

However, digital cameras are incorporating sensors with a resolution increasingly high. Higher resolution sensors are sensors with photodiodes smaller and smaller photodiodes are less prone to moire and false colors. In practice, the anti aliasing filter to remove a camera from high enough resolution is a relative risk that pays in terms of final image quality. The same Nikon introduced, in 2012, two versions of the D800, with and without anti aliasing filter the D800 and D800E (who has tried both realized as the difference in terms of artifacts is negligible).

Modern digital cameras are also designed to offer the best possible performance both in the sense of quality that the color fidelity. Sensors with a higher density of photodiodes, of course, also entail a greater noise modern technology, however, it is managing to compensate for this problem with the same quality

The Goal – How It’s Done And Focal Lengths

The Goal – How It’s Done And Focal Lengths

The goals are the most important component of the camera in addition to also be the most expensive economically. Composed of a set of lenses, the latter can be constructed in different materials (in mobile are plastic) and they can be applied to different treatments. In operation, therefore, the material, treatment, processing and the number of lenses in perspective, the price can vary from a few hundred euro up to tens of thousands. It goes without saying that the interests of poor quality will return results qualitatively poor quality … but the combination  price is not always the case you can find on the market of the objectives from the very low cost but by excellent performance as well as the super expensive lenses can, in certain situations, to be almost useless.

This is due to the fact that there is not an objective, but the objectives You will never see a photographer shooting with only one goal, often with him there will be at least another couple, in order to cover all the different conditions that can be found before the tele, wide angle, the fixed optics. All targets that excel in their field of application but which, when used out of context, can create more than a few headaches. The example that I always do is that of fixed lenses inexpensive because of the few elements, they offer a very high brightness and are perfect for pictures in places where flash is prohibited, as well as for portraiture. But try to photograph us a panorama you will be disappointed.

We have already introduced the objectives in Article Targets – General. Let’s now in more detail and see how is made and what are the different types of targets present on the market.

First of all, we observe a target a first analysis we can identify the functions available on the outer body. In the part more distant from the camera there is the ring of connection to the filters over which the lateral groove for the use of a lens hood. Moving toward the body, we find the ring of focus (always present), the distance scale (zoom, if it is a varifocal lens), the aperture ring (in some goals, especially in dating since in digital SLR the diaphragm is controlled by the machine body), and then the graft, bayonet or screw (depending on the brand).

Copy The Charlize Theron Bright Makeup

Copy The Charlize Theron Bright Makeup

Learn how to shine with natural light with a make up from simple radiant result. Inspired by the look of Charlize Theron will reveal all the products and the necessary steps!

1 – Make your make-up resistant throughout the day by applying a liquid primer on the face immediately after your usual moisturizer and before foundation. Spread it with light and delicate movements all over the face.

2 – For a uniform color and natural finish apply a foundation in mousse. Directly use your fingers to blend the product, if you want more coverage pats the foundation with the help of a sponge.

3 – Dona immediately light to the face and the eyes by applying a light concealer and radiant texture. Apply the concealer on the bridge of the nose, the upper part of the cheekbones and cupid’s bow and fades gently with your fingers.

4 – To face a healthy glow fades a blush satin in shades of peach pink on the cheekbones with the help of an angled brush.

5 – Make an eye make-up quickly and easily with the help of a cream eye shadow color from copper shimmer finish. Stretch little product at a time with your fingers on the entire eyelid, slightly blurs the eyeshadow also in the crease.

6 – Complete the make-up eyes with a generous dose of black curling mascara only on the upper lashes.

7 – Outline and fill in your eyebrows with a suitable product in cream. With the help of a brush from the tip corner fades the color by following the natural line of your eyebrows.

8 – It gives light to the lips with a pink lipstick pearl from semi gloss finish. Choose a lipstick that contains a sun protection factor to protect the beauty of your mouth during the day.

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Solar early season for sunny days

The summer is coming, and with it also the desire to begin to bask in the first rays, maybe to the park, to the beach or mountains. Do not forget, however, to bring your solar suited to the first sunny days to protect your skin from now on! Discover all of those recommended by

You have sensitive skin, it reddens easily Opt for the face cream for reddened skin with SPF 20 Nature’s, also suitable for everyday use. Also check out the new Lancôme the Solei Bronzer Sun Visage, a BB cream with SPF 50 that unifies and protects at the same time his face. Very interesting!

3 Apartments In White That Combine The Kitchen With Living Room

3 Apartments In White That Combine The Kitchen With Living Room

When it comes to design or remodel a house, the open spaces are always the most functional and versatile. Among these, a position regarding it definitely to the kitchen and living together in one room, a large living area designed to accommodate the changing needs of an increasingly dynamic and modern domestic life. Moreover, we must not forget how the spaces in our cities to increasingly smaller, necessitating appropriate strategies to save all the possible centimeters, just as the elimination of unnecessary partitions.

So we want to show you three different ways to join in a continuous space kitchen and living room, through three projects of our Italian experts These are three interesting ideas both in terms of style and aesthetic view and the more practical, all united by the white as the dominant color.

Solution with peninsula as a room divider

so let’s start with the first project. We are located in Latin America, where the interior construction of this detached house has provided, in addition to creating a new space for the child Room of the owners, even the kitchen reorganization. Now, the big oak wooden wall separating the sleeping area from the living area and the services open, letting the wooden peninsula kitchen acts as a liaison with the neighboring room.

stylish furniture

It is a very useful way to gain space and light, even for those who still hold to mark differences between the different rooms of the house. In addition to being a convenient reference point for quick meals, the wooden peninsula defines the kitchen space, while leaving it to integrate perfectly to stay. As we’ll see, the materials and finishes used in the furniture fit perfectly into the living area, which natural continuation in the kitchen is also marked by the use of the same flooring.

More space and more light

The new structuring of the kitchen has then given the ability to create large for counter tops, now kissed by generous lighting. The polished surfaces of the furniture in white corian amplify still more the brightness effects, characterizing with their modernity the entire project.

continuous solution

Let’s move on to what has become a classic, the purest expression of the open space concept in the kitchen. In this case, furniture and appliances are all set against the walls, leaving only the dining table as the only element of division with the relaxation area where the sofas are arranged in the living room. Here too we see a prevalence of white, although balanced only by the dark pavement from chairs and other colorful accessories like pillows pastel we see in the foreground.

retractable solution

The latest idea is now represented by a living room where the kitchen appears or disappears depending on our desires, concentrating the most experienced in the extension areas of the house a few square meters.

Option, comfortable and elegant

Besides being very valid option when it comes to saving centimeters, the small kitchenette is also very convenient. As we can well appreciate in this photo, with a simple gesture you can open cupboards and reveal their valuable content, a space for the perfectly organized work and integrated to the living room. The project that we see has another important feature the false ceiling that overlooks the the large cabinet to death, as well as hosting the hood and lamps, also offers space for a large plant of indirect illumination to LED, an elegant solution modern equipment to indicate the presence of the work area within the open space.