Why Birthday celebration Flowers Make a Birthday



Acquiring a birthday existing isn’t simple – how many times have you ended up heading out as well as getting something uninteresting just so that you have something? In today’s society when individuals seem to have increasingly more, it is becoming progressively difficult searching for an extra unique gift for a person.

It’s taken place to all of us at one time or another, nonetheless recently I obtained some birthday celebration flowers, that made me realise there is a remarkable remedy available making a birthday extra special.

Blossoms are the ideal means to show somebody they suggest a great deal to you on their birthday celebration. Blossoms could be purchased right approximately the eleventh hour and are so much better than some generic gift. Flowers are personal as well as could be customised to fit the personality of the recipient.

An excellent benefit of flowers is they select whatever. Whether you’ve gotten a box of delicious chocolates, a pair of tickets or a teddy bear, including an arrangement of flowers to them increases the personal nature of your present and also makes a birthday celebration additional special.

Very few people think about providing people as a birthday celebration present, which will make your present much more special as well as special to the recipient.

Be careful not just to pick any kind of collection of blossoms though – requiring time to do a little bit of research as well as selecting the ideal blossoms can make the gift a lot more meaningful.

A variety of variables must be thought about, such as their age, budget plan, gender and your relationship with them.
If you are purchasing for your wife or sweetheart, you can’t fail with red roses – although these are typically rather expensive, nothing says “I enjoy you” like the romantic motions of surprising her with some red roses. Whether you choose a single red climbed or an arrangement of up to 50 red roses, they are bound to be well received and making that special person in your life really feel extra unique.

If you really are n`t certain which blossoms to choose, consider opting for longer enduring blossoms like daisies, mums or carnations which will remain fresh and charming for several days to a week. That way the recipient could enjoy them for a very long time.

If your goal is to make someone smile and also feel special, you can’t go wrong with birthday flowers. They can be gotten online from a number of leading UK sellers and will certainly be provided next day directly to the recipient.

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Lovable Attire For Flower Girls



The flower woman is always one of the most valuable parts of a wedding celebration. When she totters down the aisle, every guest at the ceremony will smile. Make her look her most charming by selecting extremely pretty flower lady clothing.

Most blossom women are in between the ages of three as well as eight, which is the perfect age for a large celebration dress with a twirly skirt. Many a little lady has actually been seen before the wedding celebration rotating back and forth to watch her skirt circulation and twirl. For a wedding event of almost any level of procedure, a typical party dress with a crinoline is a terrific choice.

Generally, the blossom woman’s outfit will certainly either be in the very same shade of white or ivory as the bride-to-be’s gown, or it will be in the color that the bridesmaids are using. If you like the idea of the white outfit, you can always include a sash in the exact same shade of the bridesmaids’ outfits to connect your bridal event with each other. The all-white flower lady dresses are typically the most official, and they could have some information that are similar to the decorations discovered on the bridal gown, such as lace, needlework, or light beadwork.

The optimal size for the blossom lady’s outfit is listed below the knee or tea length. Please do not put your blossom woman in one of those flooring length dresses that makes her look like a small bride-to-be – it is creepy, not cute! Also not cute is any kind of dress for a little girl that is as well tight or even from another location hot. Particularly when clothing a child to be in a wedding, constantly err on the side of being more conservative and also traditional.

For an informal spring or summer season wedding celebration, your blossom lady can wear a cotton outfit with a dainty floral print in your wedding celebration shades. A sleeveless pinafore outfit that switches down the back can be put on alone for a warm summer afternoon, or with a brief sleeved white shirt (with a Peter Frying pan collar) for a wedding celebration closer to Easter. For a winter months wedding event, velvet would certainly make a gorgeous option. If your location is not mosting likely to be too cold, a brief sleeved dress will be easier for your youngster to relocate (long sleeves in velour can be very rigid). You could always have an elegant little cardigan for her to put on during the reception.

Mentioning devices, your adorable blossom woman clothing is not finish up until you have put together the ending up touches. For shoes, she ought to wear either shiny leather Mary Janes or white ballet sandals. White tights are best for winter, or white ankle socks for a cozy day. If a young lady is old enough to put on pantyhose, she is as well old to be a blossom woman; advertise her to jr bridesmaid.

It is traditional for the new bride to give a special gift to her flower girl, equally as she does for the remainder of her wedding celebration. The most prominent present is blossom lady jewelry. Many little ladies do not own a lot in the method of genuine precious jewelry, so a dainty pearl necklace or an unique silver bracelet will be amazing significant to your flower lady.

After that all that stays is to put a wreath of blossoms or an elegant barrette in her hair. Hand your blossom girl her basket or miniature bouquet, as well as she will be ready to march down the aisle. Just see the hearts melt as she does!

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Leading Taking a trip Tips



Traveling is an interesting pastime. Travelers have the advantage of learning and collecting understanding regarding various areas. Not only that they see as well as discover various locations however they also learn more about those areas purposefully in addition to inadvertently. I need to say traveling is not a simple pastime. If you love traveling and have the enthusiasm to see the globe, remain because I have something excellent to show you.

Leading traveling tips of all times

1- Constantly plan before taking a trip. Do proper homework. Do research about the city, country or place where you are heading. Figure out as long as you could in the past picking a place. This is essential for several reasons.

2- Constantly maintain maps with you. Whether it be an electronic map or a scrape map or basic map. Map is a must. I recommend utilizing GPS, however a lot of the times you need to go to areas where GPS does not function. So at the same time you could make use of conventional maps. You could use scrape map traveling edition too. A scrape map travel version will certainly make things easy for you at areas where GPS does not function.

3- Offer high significance to weather forecast. Make certain to keep an eye on weather reports for the city where you are moving. If heavy rains are anticipated or typhoons are expected, it is much better to delay the journey since you could not have the ability to take pleasure in or check out the area as you are expecting. Poor weather can ruin your journeys. So strategy according to the weather condition.

4- It is strongly advised not to take a trip in off-season. Most of individuals see different cities and also locations in off-season to stay clear of rush. Yet on the other hand, you do not have accessibility to all the features, solutions and areas in off-season.

5- Watch at your pocket too. Do not spend too much. Always keep a small amount as get with you. I am not stating not to spend where it’s required rather I am trying to say not to invest money when there is no need for it.

6- Make a listing of all the cities where you intend to go. Prioritize them. In this manner, you can take care of things easily. You can regulate your budget too. In fact, you will save money for the following trip. I have actually found this method really valuable when it involves conserving cash.

7- Buy a digital cam if you do not have one. Nevertheless there is little tourist who does not have a video camera. Utilize your video camera as much as you could while removaling. Take photos of unique points. Attempt to videotape healthy and balanced and also satisfied moments. I suggest preserving a diary. Whenever you most likely to a place, take a photo of it and also paste it in the journal. Additionally, you could write a short summary also concerning the area. This way, you can save your trips and memories fairly conveniently.

Nest time when you decide to go to a new city, a brand-new country and a brand-new town, do not forget to follow these pointers – and I make sure you will have a remarkable journey.

Tips on procuring an wedding ring (Lifetime)

cincin kawin palladium Everyone wants to marry the user he loves. and also everyone furthermore hopes to marry single just after a lifetime. for the reason, Most of the people will try MY PERSONAL Easiest to its wedding.

One of a ticks points to be able to possibly be prepared on top of your wedding is usually in order to buy the wedding ring. inside order not to help regret it, You will need to recognize that this trick.

When to be able to buy a great wedding ring?

You do not have to buy a good wedding ring far throughout advance. But, try in order to at least 30 days sooner your wedding ring people already know what you want and also your own partner wear.

To This end, It is important pertaining to a person 3-4 months previously D-day carry out surveys and simply out sole see ones design and visit a wedding ring. It is legitimate anyway, especially if a person have a special finger sizes The idea call for special sizes, too.

By knowing early what kind connected with wedding ring you would like to buy, You may get launch these types of as:

Discount because of the owner of any shop
Can obtain a ring according to the size of a finger
Can Select a model using a freely
What may be the budget with regard to wedding rings?

Once a person realize how much the market price with regard to a couple of wedding rings, You may determine how much budget is actually fitting to buy the ring. within this you furthermore have tons of date to be able to supply the correct cash in order to purchase your own ring an individual want.

Put This whether your budget can be not too big, obtain a good diamond ring which has a minimalist.

Choosing your own design of any ring

Generally, the problem is generally the case the ring can be broken at the bottom circumference (hand inside). the happens since too often exposed for you to friction, like transporting ones steering wheel, your current wheel two-wheel motorcycle, menial jobs, or maybe hit coming from challenging objects.

To The item end, heed your own ring model will be intact along with does not obtain a cavity inside it. Ring a good whole has further power than The item simply just looks great, but within This has ones cavity space.

Jewelry or even gold shop?

Different price additional design, other location likewise vary ones price. procuring a great wedding ring is usually adjusted to your own budget. regardless of whether anyone crave a great wedding ring having a modern touch design claim, and then You will stop by Jewelry Store. Generally there, that you are not offered a great price based on the program code involving gram rare metal ring. However, your own price offered could be the price of a package with regard to a pair of rings.

Problem models, You will certainly always be confused because model rings in Jewelry store is actually very diverse in addition to fashionable.

While procuring the rare metal ring in the store, usually are judged with how quite a few grams of two ring are made. expenses rings are generally more affordable since The item follows ones rare metal price at the market. Unfortunately, the designs tend to be uncomplicated and do not always follow fashion trends. your own application also averaged almost identical, as well as tend to be designed lone on order.

For the food selection of an place, That almost all depends with your own taste and also budget an individual have. just make sure have a budget more no matter whether an individual buy the wedding ring with Jewelry Store.

Ask letters

make sure your wedding ring jewelry comes with a letter because of the store. your current letter talked about for the gold content, as well as the Weight as well as price.

Generally, for the letter there is certainly additionally a approach to resale. possibly you did not intend in order to sell your wedding ring, but You have to obtain on this certificate.

Due towards the essential lifetime sole once, for that you should become added cautious as well as careful Any time buying a great wedding ring. This would be superior whether an individual buy does not go because of the online store since the a person still need to help try your own size associated with each ring. Happy wedding, couples!

Benefits of Grapes Required To Know

The grapes are a fruit that has a value of high value commodities. In europe grapes much in use since time immemorial. The wine is not just made drinks but also created as a mixed salad, drinks, and vinegar. The grapes including plants that do not require a lot of water in its infancy. If too much water in the treatment of grapes this will actually damage the growth of the grapes themselves. Fruit that has pretty colors also enjoy doing as fruits. But it turns out the grapes are not only good for the consumer, this fruit has many benefits. Benefits grapes not only for daily nutritional needs but is also good for health.

Wine is a fruit that has a lot of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional content of various kinds. Benefits grapes aplenty for health. Grapes contains such as magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, iron, protein, fiber, and viatmin B 16 and others. Not only that grapes also contain a very well used as a guard metabolism in the body. The content of polyphenols and resveratrol very well in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Not only that vitamins A and E in wine is also good for skin health because it acts as an anti-oxidant.

The grapes for Health Benefits
Grapes for health benefits has various types. The wines are rich in nutrients vitamins and nutrients very well in maintaining a healthy body. One major benefit to the health of the grapes is to accelerate blood circulation. The content of Wine can be used as a facilitator of blood circulation in the arteries to the heart vessels. Good wine so efficacious in maintaining a healthy heart from a heart attack. Not only that, the wine is also efficacious in cleansing the blood. High anti-oxidant content of the wine is very good in helping the blood in clearing foreign substances that enter the body. Not only is it a high anti-oxidant which is also very good in maintaining skin tone and brighten the skin.

Health benefits of grapes to the next is to strengthen joints bone dna. The content of vitamin K which is on a wine capable of supplying nutrients to the bone. By eating grapes diligently it will avoid osteoporosis. Especially for women if it has passed the menopause is very important to consume this fruit. Not only to strengthen bones, grapes are also useful for treating tingling pda joints and feet. The content of vitamin B12, B 6 and vitamin B 2, B3 and magnesium was able to reduce the tingling and the feet and hands.

Benefits of grapes for daily life is no less important is useful as a laxative. The benefits of grapes is very useful for dieters. High fiber content present in grapes capable of supplying the needs of fiber in the body and join facilitate perencarnaan channels and metabolism. If the body is less fiber it will experience constipation it is most in need laxatives or foods that contain lots of fiber. Besides wine can also help overcome the blood sugar because the fiber contained in the fruit.

Authoritative & Respected Shirts

tas ultah anak

Tips to become an authoritative boss – Being a boss is possible for most people would think that such a position may be positioned easily because it has a lot of subordinates who helped her. And most people would think that most subordinates or employees will be reluctant with their superiors. But you should know that not all employees or subordinates respect their superiors, they are not reluctant because they love and respect the authority of their superiors, but they are reluctant (afraid) because the boss usually in control or have the authority to contribute dismiss employees or subordinates.

Authoritative & Respected Shirts, Here Tipsnya

Well this time I will share tips on how to become a respected authoritative boss subordinates with respect and like a subordinate not only because they are afraid. Being the boss has a big responsibility to accommodate the wishes and interests of higher superiors and responsible to communicate this to employees or subordinates to make the process work better or match the standard set by the company. Therefore, an employer must accommodate kepetingan superiors and subordinates properly and correctly. When the lame, for example only accommodate a higher position, it may be labeled “lick” or unfairly by his subordinates.

Here are some tips to help you become a boss who has authority in the presence of your subordinates, other than that they will love, honor and respect you as their leader:

An example and a good example for your subordinates
It has become common if the subordinates or employees will copy or imitate the behavior of his superior work. Leader or supervisor will be an example for subordinates or employees, so show you an example of a good boss and could be an example to your subordinates. Can you give an example like come on time, working diligently etc. By becoming a boss who can be an example to your subordinates, then you will be respected and liked by your employees. see also tips on improving the performance and promotion

Being a boss who disciplines will provide an assessment to your employees that you are assertive and authoritative boss could well motivate subordinates to imitate your attitude. Time discipline, work discipline, and discipline in any field related work will make you liked and respected your employees.

Giving praise and punishment
For menjdai boss authoritative and respected employees you do not need to be ashamed of praising your employees performing productive by providing bonuses according to performance but you also did not hesitate to impose penalties or sanctions that are appropriate for your employees who are lazy or do not obey the rules. Applying the appropriate reward and punishment will motivate your subordinates. For example, give more votes (reward) to subordinates who diligently worked than subordinates were lazy (punishment). Thus, industrious and lazy subordinates would know cause they got a salary increase of it. Hopefully, they will be more motivated to not lazy to work. see also tips on negotiating salary job interview.

Embrace your employees as “associates” rather than as “babu”
As an employer you are entitled to use your authority to adjust your employees. But do not use your authority to exceed the limits that make you sewenag treatment by your authority as a supervisor. Embrace your subordinates as your colleagues based on the duties and responsibilities of each. You as a leader can direct, develop, and provide a good example and your employees are obliged to follow the procession work according to the direction you as their supervisor. Well by embracing them as “colleagues” not as “babu” can you tell ordered to arbitrarily make subordinates will honor and respect you as a boss.

Always build good communication
To build a good emotional bond with subordinates hence always communicate well with subordinates will make you dignified in front of your subordinates. There is no harm in gathering or joking with employees in a timely manner or conduct weekly meetings specifically to accommodate complaints, difficulties or what is perceived by your employees associated with the job. Do not just be silent in the room or office. If you have spare time, for example when the coffee break or lunch, interact with your subordinates from any position. When interacting with them, make small talk fishing subordinate you comfortable talking with you. Conversation topics can be related to work or not.

be professional
Professionalism is how you look authoritative in front of your subordinates. how do you solve the problem, how your performance, how responsibility and your duty as a superior and others associated with the professionalism you will determine your authority in front of your employees or subordinates who incidentally has the character and diversity of each individual. Be professional and realized There were working in diverse work environments. Also read how to address a stern boss.

Continuous improvement, Controlling & build that better future
As a good boss you will perform a gradual improvement and continuous (continuous improvement). It is generally in the form of the ongoing effort to improve products, services, or work processes that make the future will be better.

In achieving its goals, you must have a good control on the extent of the achievement of your goals. These forms of control can be like a weekly meeting, meeting biweekly, or monthly meetings. Ask for proof to your subordinates in accordance with their responsibilities. In other words, do not believe the talk of your subordinates that everything is fine. If there is anything that misses the target, immediately evaluate and determine the next steps to get your target is reached.

Resolve difficulties and problems faced by your subordinates
You as the employer is required not only able to organize and direct the work process as requested by the company, to become an authoritative boss you should be more than it is nurture, guide and educate your employees well. Not all subordinates will carry out the work as you expect. Sometimes they were experiencing technical obstacles that need your guidance as his superior. Therefore, informasikannlah to your subordinates that you with open arms will guide your subordinates in carrying out the task and hit the target or in accordance with procedures established by the company.

2 Honey Powerful Prescription Diet to Lose 15 Kg

Diet catering murah
Honey not only serves to strengthen the immune system, it turns out he also works for weight loss. waw, the time anyway? Well ,, that’s the reality. You know, if in one tablespoon of honey contains 17 grams of carbohydrates. so indirectly honey will meet the needs of carbohydrates that our bodies need.
By consuming the honey we no longer need to eat rice, potatoes, yams or other carbonated beverages. besides that honey can replace sugar that we consume daily. so the conclusion honey is not the same as other sweets, because honey has a low glycemic index. be perfectly suitable for your consumption dieters to meet the needs of the sugar and carbohydrates in the body.
Benefits of Lime or Lemon
In the book “The Lemon Juice Diet” author Teresa Cheung said that the digestive system which may adversely affect fat burning. According to him, the accumulation of toxins in the body causes the body’s inability to absorb nutrients and stimulates parts of the brain that controls hunger.
In the book “The Complete Master Cleanse” is also the writer Tom Woleshyn said that the lemon in the diet can help the digestive system by stimulating the production of bile and saliva, which in fact serves to digest food. so that we consume with lime or lemon, can help us better digestive system. besides the properties of lime and lemon also serves as antiaksidan that will cleanse the digestive system.
First, Prescription Diet Drinks Honey And Lime Or Lemon
lemon honey diet
Diet Drinks Honey And Lime Or Lemon
An English writer, Mike Mclnnes portrait of a diet of honey in his book entitled The Honey Diet. He said that consuming warm water with lemon (lime) and honey may help the ladies to lose weight. eating regularly drink warm lemon water and honey for a week can reduce weight by 3 pounds, equivalent to 1.4 Kilogram.
Then Mclnnes explain, honey diet is done by drinking warm water fed feelings of lemon and honey as much as one to two tablespoons. honey in the diet needs to be replaced sugar in the daily activities of our body. in addition, honey also require a reduction in the intake of simple carbohydrates such as potatoes, wheat and rice.
In addition to drink warm lemon water and honey, for dieters honey should also be consuming vegetables as much as possible. but to consume the fruits is recommended not too much. because the sugar content in the fruit is we replace it with honey. Then how to make a diet drink of lemon and honey? The following materials and how to make it.
Warm Drinks Ingredients Lemon Honey:
1 cup warm water
Lime juice or lemon 2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons pure honey
How to Make a Warm Drinks Lemon Honey:
Take warm water that had been prepared earlier, and then mixed with lime juice and honey. mix well .
Serve while warm.
You can drink hot lemon honey water this time of the morning when the stomach is empty and after you consume fatty foods, during lunch or dinner. how, it is very easy not this lemon honey diet?
Second, Prescription Diet Drinks Honey And Cinnamon
diet of honey and cinnamon
Diet Drinks Honey And Cinnamon
Famous cinnamon is used to add scent in cooking and baking also proved efficacious in weight loss. article of diet of honey and cinnamon had become popular some time ago in terms of weight loss. disebuah even reputable sites on the health of a woman who claimed to be able to lose weight up to 15 Kilo grams within a period of two months.
In addition to consume a warm drink of honey and cinnamon, dieters should also undergo regular exercise. for example, jog for 15 minutes, or a leisurely walk for 30 minutes. in addition you can also do a jump rope if only for 15 minutes. This is very helpful in terms of weight loss, in addition to healthy badanpun will feel more fres.
So how the heck to make a warm drink of honey and cinnamon is this? yuck immediately see the ingredients and how to make a hot drink honey and cinnamon to your healthy diet as below.
Beverage Ingredients Honey And Cinnamon:
Cinnamon powder 1/2 teaspoon
Hot water 1/2 cup small
1 tablespoon honey
How to Make Honey And Cinnamon Drinks:
The initial step, enter the cinnamon powder into a glass, then pour half a glass of hot water.
Furthermore, after the warm mix 1 tablespoon honey, stir until all well blended.
Serve while warm.
Preferably a warm drink of honey and cinnamon is taken in the morning before breakfast and at night before bed. and do not forget balanced with regular exercise dsetiap day.

Fruit Red Wine Benefits To Health

Red grapes can be beneficial not only for health, but also can be useful for beauty treatments such as facial skin. Besides the fruit, grape skins also contain very useful for health and beauty such as the content of resveratrol. The content of the compound resveratrol is a very useful source of flavonoids, catechins, quercetin, prosianidin and anthocyanins. The content-kandungn is very effective in preventing cancer.

For more details, we refer to information about the benefits of red grapes following.

Can prevent heart disease
When consuming red grapes, then the substance nitric oxide in the blood will be increased so as to be useful to prevent blood clots and prevent the risk of heart disease. In addition, the content of antioxidants in the grapes can stop the oxidation of bad cholesterol that can lead to blockage of blood vessels.

Can prevent breast cancer
By eating a grapefruit every day, it will prevent the risk of breast cancer. This is caused because the compounds contained in red grape is very effective in the fight and destroy cancer cells in the breast.

Can improve kidney health
Consuming grapes on a regular basis can be beneficial to throw acid in the kidney, so the kidney health will be maintained and reduce the risk of disruption of the renal pressure.

Can remove wrinkles on the face
Consuming grapes can also be beneficial to remove wrinkles on the face, it is an experienced care from the inside because the grapes are rich in vitamins and minerals and antioxidant content. Another way to remove wrinkles is to use grape seed oil, way is by applying grape seed oil contained in the skin wrinkles.

Can whiten teeth naturally
The grapes also proved very effective in whitening teeth, because grapes contain malic acid is beneficial to remove stains on the teeth. To whiten teeth using grapes way is by rub-rub grapes on the teeth, do regularly setap day before brushing teeth.

So that I can convey information about the benefits of red grapes, I hope this information is useful and good luck.

Benefits involving cucumber pertaining to facial beauty

Benefits of icp capsule cucumber with regard to beauty. long since famous cucumber will be good for health and also diet. But for its fact cucumber beauty Circumstances have numerous functionalities pertaining to skin beauty.

Below are usually a series of associated with The benefits of cucumber intended for skin beauty.

1. Cucumbers will reduce dark circles

Cucumbers have the power This fast, safe along with easy though reducing dark circles. Cucumbers get a silica content involving antioxidants and believed in order to rejuvenate and also make the skin smooth as well as soft.

2. Cucumbers may reduce swelling with the eye bags

Cucumbers have ascorbic acid content This can be convenient to help reduce water retention to reduce swelling of your eye.

3. Cucumber can reduce black bitik

Sunlight can produce black spots from MY PERSONAL skin. Cucumbers works extremely well being a tonic It is from grate and also rub That on the total side of any face and neck. Efficacy grated cucumber will probably reduce ones incidence associated with spots for the skin.

4. Cucumber can rejuvenate skin

Efficacy common cucumber is The idea It may rejuvenate your own skin. Cucumbers may be used like a mask to help make your own skin smooth along with soft.

5. Cucumber efficacious because of its treatment associated with sunburn / sunburn

If you are there with the sun having a extended enough period regarding time and result Making use of your skin to help burn and then you can use cucumber as a cure. Impact cooling consumed via cucumber is usually a natural step for you to make your own skin soft As earlier and also speed up treatment systems.

6. Cucumber efficacious to be able to tighten pores open

Cucumber can be for someone to toner, You\’ll mix ones cucumber throughout apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, egg white, aloe vera juice along with tomatoes for you to tighten and also cover the pores are usually open.

Philosophy Tree Bamboo

Did you know that bamboo tree will not be shown considerable growth during the first 5 years. Motivator

Although every day watered and fertilized, the growth of only a few tens of centimeters only.

But after 5 years later, the growth of bamboo is very powerful and its size is no longer a matter of centimeters but meters.

So actually what happens to a bamboo tree ???

It turned out that during the first 5 years, he experienced a tremendous growth in the root (NOT) on the stem, which instead of the bamboo trees are preparing a very strong foundation, so that he can sustain his elevation dozen meters later decades later.

If we experience a bottleneck and failure, it does not mean we do not progress, but rather we are experiencing tremendous growth within us.

When we are tired and almost giving up in the face of the harshness of life, never occurred dashed expectations.

There is a proverb that says “the hardest part of a rocket to reach orbit is to get through the earth’s gravity” ( “the hardest part to be a rocket reached orbit is current through the gravity of the earth”).

If we look, part of the largest support equipment carried by a jet booster rocket was to pass through the earth’s atmosphere and gravity.

After a rocket past the atmosphere, jet rocket booster will be released and will fly with minimum fuel in space weightlessness, floating light, and without effort.

Similarly to humans, Heaviest part of a SUCCESS is when someone STARTED BUSINESS beginning of a struggle, because everything feels so WEIGHT & FULL PRESSURE.

But if he can pass a certain threshold, in fact one can feel all the ease and freedom of stress and burden.

Unfortunately, many people who SURRENDER when the pressure and burden deemed too heavy, like a rocket that failed to penetrate the atmosphere.

Buya Hamka said “if life merely live pigs in the forest also live and work if a job, apes also work”.

When the bamboo tree in a high wind, he ducked, but after the winds had passed, he will spring up again, like a life journey of a man who was never out of the trials and obstacles.

Then become like a bamboo tree !!!

The flexibility of bamboo trees teach us life attitude rests on perseverance in life, although storms and typhoons hit.

There is no turning back to continue to grow, there is no reason for latent within the limitations, because after growth for growth must be initiated from the ability to defend themselves in the most difficult conditions.

Make sure in the days ahead, our lives will * SOARING HIGH & become HOST THANKS * for others, such as bamboo trees.