3 Apartments In White That Combine The Kitchen With Living Room

3 Apartments In White That Combine The Kitchen With Living Room

When it comes to design or remodel a house, the open spaces are always the most functional and versatile. Among these, a position regarding it definitely to the kitchen and living together in one room, a large living area designed to accommodate the changing needs of an increasingly dynamic and modern domestic life. Moreover, we must not forget how the spaces in our cities to increasingly smaller, necessitating appropriate strategies to save all the possible centimeters, just as the elimination of unnecessary partitions.

So we want to show you three different ways to join in a continuous space kitchen and living room, through three projects of our Italian experts http://www.indolexa.com. These are three interesting ideas both in terms of style and aesthetic view and the more practical, all united by the white as the dominant color.

Solution with peninsula as a room divider

so let’s start with the first project. We are located in Latin America, where the interior construction of this detached house has provided, in addition to creating a new space for the child Room of the owners, even the kitchen reorganization. Now, the big oak wooden wall separating the sleeping area from the living area and the services open, letting the wooden peninsula kitchen acts as a liaison with the neighboring room.

stylish furniture

It is a very useful way to gain space and light, even for those who still hold to mark differences between the different rooms of the house. In addition to being a convenient reference point for quick meals, the wooden peninsula defines the kitchen space, while leaving it to integrate perfectly to stay. As we’ll see, the materials and finishes used in the furniture fit perfectly into the living area, which natural continuation in the kitchen is also marked by the use of the same flooring.

More space and more light

The new structuring of the kitchen has then given the ability to create large for counter tops, now kissed by generous lighting. The polished surfaces of the furniture in white corian amplify still more the brightness effects, characterizing with their modernity the entire project.

continuous solution

Let’s move on to what has become a classic, the purest expression of the open space concept in the kitchen. In this case, furniture and appliances are all set against the walls, leaving only the dining table as the only element of division with the relaxation area where the sofas are arranged in the living room. Here too we see a prevalence of white, although balanced only by the dark pavement from chairs and other colorful accessories like pillows pastel we see in the foreground.

retractable solution

The latest idea is now represented by a living room where the kitchen appears or disappears depending on our desires, concentrating the most experienced in the extension areas of the house a few square meters.

Option, comfortable and elegant

Besides being very valid option when it comes to saving centimeters, the small kitchenette is also very convenient. As we can well appreciate in this photo, with a simple gesture you can open cupboards and reveal their valuable content, a space for the perfectly organized work and integrated to the living room. The project that we see has another important feature the false ceiling that overlooks the the large cabinet to death, as well as hosting the hood and lamps, also offers space for a large plant of indirect illumination to LED, an elegant solution modern equipment to indicate the presence of the work area within the open space.

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