7 Benefits of the Magic Chips For Your Body Health       

Potatoes are one of the types of food that is familiar to everyone. With physical shape round or oval accompanied his skin color and yellow make potatoes into one of the food that is easily recognizable. Potatoes can be consumed directly or by way of boiling created a variety of vegetables that can shake our tongue. However, in addition to edible, potatoes turned out to contain a variety of essential nutrients needed to improve the quality of your health. So, what are the benefits for health potato magic is …. ???

Friend, health tips. Regularly consume potatoes have adequate manfaaat so great for the health of the body and organs of the body itself. The price is relatively cheap in the market to make the potatoes should be the food that can be enjoyed by everyone. By knowing the various properties of potatoes which will be described below, it is expected that all the people began to look at the potato. Here are the benefits of magic potato for your health:
Potatoes Effectively Lose Your Weight. This is because, potatoes contain a relatively small amount of calories or sekirtar 26 calories per one potato. Potatoes will also make a person feel full longer. So as to control the appetite plus lose weight.
Serve potatoes Boost Immune System In Body. This is because, the potatoes turned out to contain a source of vitamin C is needed by the body. So as to prevent a person from diseases.
Able ternyat potato Lowering Blood Pressure. This is because, potatoes contain kukoamin which has the function of lowering blood pressure.
Potatoes Can Protect From Cardiovascular Disease. This is because, potato contains large amounts of flavonoids that play a major role in lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and protect arteries stay healthy and away from fat attached.
Capable of Protecting potatoes Organ Stay Healthy Digestion. This is because, the potato has fiber content is high enough. In addition to making healthier digestion, potatoes also play a major role in preventing colon cancer.
Potatoes Can Optimize Brain Function. This is because, the potato contains a balanced glucose levels, vitamin B complex, amino acids and omega 3. Different nutrients can make the brain’s performance more quickly in terms of thinking and concentrating.
Containing potato Complete Nutrition For Your Skin. This is because, potatoes contain vitamin C, B-complex, potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. Various nutrients can make the skin is always healthy.

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