7 hidden features In Messenger Facebook application

Actually many things that can be revealed from the hidden features on Facebook Messenger, could be even more than just we know so far. Abundant features can also be directly utilized good users who already have an account or who don’t have an account on the social networking site develop Mark Zuckerberg.

Since Facebook messenger service split off and became its own applications, many hidden features embedded into Facebook’s proprietary chat service that will provide experience for users including its own services video calls directly to other Messenger users of Facebook . Here we review some of the things hidden in the Facebook Messenger who quoted from the page tech insider. http://loginpage.net/

Facebook Messenger can be accessed without having to have an FB account

Anyone can sign up to use a separate Messenger application from Facebook. However, it does not mean that a nonowners Facebook account can not use it. For users ‘ dark ‘ (not the owner of the Facebook account) can use this messenger, most importantly have your phone number only.

Can login Facebook Messenger with many Accounts

Contrary to the previous feature, because in addition to being used without having to have an account in social networking. It turns out the hidden features that can be utilized the user is using it in multiple accounts, this feature can be utilized exclusively for users of applications in the Android. You simply enter the application and select the account and then add account access.

Messenger Facebook application can be accessed through the Desktop PC

Apart from mobile devices, the Facebook application looks like can be harnessed without users must first enter into the pages of your site. Users can access the page messenger.com to use Facebook messages on the desktop application.

Voice and video calls through Facebook Messenger

As discussed above, You now can take advantage of not only the messenger application Facebook to communicate messages with text. However, users can now also make use of the application to do voice calls as well as videos. Click the video or telephone icon located on the right-hand corner of the application, then the internet-based telephone activity you can do.

Can a custom message box on Facebook Messenger

Unlike other messenger application, where a column of text messages that there are only displayed in one of the default colors only. Lucky, in the latest features this Facebook messaging application You can do customization that column, you could give a different color from other people as a marker of the conversation or type your own message.

Make A Silent Messenger Facebook Application

If one of your friends too chatty send messages on and interfere with work, it’s good for a moment silenced this application. This feature is not neutralized all friends who want to hold your contact, but you can choose the ‘ nagging ‘ continue to silence for a moment in accordance with the time of 1 hour, 12 hours, 24 hours, or when you remember it.

Share your location on Facebook Messenger

File-sharing not only the image and voice recording of users, Facebook messenger application could also be used like other instant messaging applications like Whatsapp. One of the same features found in this application is a location sharing features.

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