8 Ball Pool: from Facebook to Android, the best pool game

The last of Casual Gaming border consists of video games synchronization between different platforms.

8 Ball Pool: from Facebook to Android, the best pool game

Today we present 8 Ball Pool, a game that fully represents the phenomenon just described. Developed by Miniclip, this Android app, it has actually originated as a browser game dedicated Facebook users.

Once you download the game, by registering with your Facebook credentials, statistics and trophies they will be synchronized across platforms, so that you can enjoy the fun by both computers either tablet or smartphone, channeling your successes in one account . In the event that you enter as guests, not to register, you can participate in online challenges, however, not having the ability to challenge certain friends.

To introduce you to the game, it will be a brief initial tutorial that will put you in a position to gain some familiarity with the controls. In practice, you will have no choice but to establish the position of the cue and run the shot until you make a slight slide.

The game modes are three: practice, 1 vs 1 and tournament. In practice mode you can refine the technique, with a pool table at your sole disposal. In mode 1 vs 1 you can challenge your friends or launch a challenge to a random opponent. In the tournament mode, the most fun in our opinion, you’ll have to try to win the trophy, beating seven opponents.

The aim of the game is – of course – to win more possible matches. You accumulate coins as needed to level up and to have access to new tables, with stronger opponents and experts. To enter each table, you must make a minimum bet that you will recover only getting a favorable result.

The game’s graphics are well thought: Bird’s eye view allows an accurate overview; Another interesting feature of this game is the chat, allowing you to talk with your opponent. All this makes 8 Ball Pool dedicated to billiards game that is proving most successful application we recommend to pleasantly occupy the days when only a good mobile game can come to your aid.

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