8 Fabulous Sliding Doors to Lose Space

8 Fabulous Sliding Doors to Lose Space

In furnishing an interior you do not have to choose carefully only furniture and accessories, even moving from one room to the other is a delicate and often underestimated aspect. The best way to save space is to use sliding doors and even in this case the options are many, depending on the material or workmanship. You can opt for an industrial or more classy solution, depending on the style of your stay.

Today, showing you the designs of various architects and designers, we will give you some inspiration, choose the right solution for your home!

Contrasting styles

When an environment is rich in precious details and decorations, perhaps the best thing to do is to complete it with a simple element such as this glass door https://www.solasbars.com. Choosing a non-transparent glass gives a touch of extra character, but its essence makes it perfect for this space.

Frosted glass

Satin glass is a very elegant choice. In this way you can filter the light, but at the same time visually separate the environments. Very remarkable the custom made iron structure!

Decorated glass

As we have seen, glass is a material that offers many chromatic and finishing possibilities. To ensure that the separation element between two environments becomes part of the decor and not just a functional element, it can be characterized by a writing, for example, or with other decorations – perhaps floral.

Colored door

Color is always a simple but effective way to characterize an element. In particular, it is indicated when the environment is wholly white and then a pleasant contrast will arise, which will highlight the relationship with the adjacent room.

Industrial style

The industrial style, it is known, has always its charm and can be adapted to elegant and sophisticated environments, such as what we see in the picture. You might think it is necessary to use heavy and very decisive elements, but you can achieve a defined effect even with a simple iron painted structure of black, with intense rhythm.


A sliding door can also be very stylish, look at this with a bronze finish! A simple element that adds quality to the living area!


This option goes far beyond the traditional door concept and the ultimate effect is really sophisticated! Instead of having a full volume, a succession of crossbows, which create a pleasant shaded, very refined effect.

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