8 Hollywood Artists who use Hoods

Although not a Muslimah, Hollywood artists were seen wearing a veil. Of course, there is a specific reason why they wear it.

Call it Lady Gaga is using it for reasons of fashion, or Kate Middleton should wear them when entering a mosque. Their appearance is certainly making a lot of people by surprise.

Besides them, there is still some other artist ever wore a veil. Anyone of them? Also, what is the reason? Find out the answers here quoted from various sources:

1. Lady Gaga

In that opportunity comes with Gaga wearing a full hijab dress, complete with headdress and veil. If not for the high heels, maybe he will not be recognized.

2. Kate Middleton

The appearance of Kate Middleton while on a visit in Malaysia is indeed remarkable. How not, the wife of Prince William shows remarkable tolerance while entering a mosque in the country.

Not only polite and wearing a veil to cover hair. The Duchess of Cambridge also willingly take off shoes when entering the Masjid Assyakirin cater to thousands of people.

3. Angelina Jolie

Not only the top achievers in the world of acting, Angelina Jolie also got the tremendous social concern. No wonder the UNITED NATIONS appointed her as one of the ambassadors of humanity. During a visit to Pakistan, fiance Brad Pitt is trying to adapt to the local people. He was not shy wearing the veil in order to be closer to the people there.

4. Princess Diana

Kate Middleton is definitely not the first United Kingdom Royal family wore a hood during the visit. The same thing also apparently never performed by Princess Diana.

The two images on top of each taken while Diana did visits to Egypt and Pakistan. Charm the ladies this one is indeed superb making it so the most beloved woman until now.

5. Queen Elizabeth II

[lihat.co.id]-the Queen of the United Kingdom is also good at adjusting to the surrounding environment. The impression it looked when Queen Elizabeth II make a visit to Turkey on May 14, 2008.

During a visit to a mosque, the Queen is not shy of wearing the headscarf. In addition, she also listened to the chanting of sacred verses from the Koran with solemnity.

6. Madonna

[lihat.co.id]-who says Madonna has never performed decently. During a visit to Turkey last June, he appeared closed, complete with hoods covering their heads.

At that time, Madonna is indeed making a visit to a mosque in the country. Accompanied by the beloved young boy, Brahim Zaibat, a Muslim woman, 54 years old always feel safe.

7. Jennifer Lopez

Though never shy to appear sexy, but Jennifer Lopez is very fond of this Muslim-style clothes. He was several times wearing the veil at the red carpet event.

For him, fashion with the headscarf gives the impression of a different fashion. Not only at the red carpet, he also frequently closes the head while the streets leisurely.

8. Nicki Minaj

A unique appearance while controversially shown Nicki Minaj attended the Grammy Awards 2012 some time ago. How not, he came up with has employed a man similar to the Pope.

He himself performed with red clothing that almost covered his whole body. In addition, to dressing up a very polite, Nicki is also trying to show the face of super wise as the leaders of the religion.

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