9 Beautiful And Original Stairs That You Will Want In Your Home!

9 Beautiful And Original Stairs That You Will Want In Your Home!

When speaking of stairs is impossible not to gape in front of the incredible variety of solutions that are available! Each house has its own soul, its own identity, so it is important to design a scale that is sewn on to the individual environment, it becomes one with the house. Also because, in addition to being a connection element helps to define the overall atmosphere of an interior.

Today we offer a tour through 9 examples of different scales. Let’s see how these professions – architects, interior designers and designers of stairs – have settled this aspect.

Everyone has their own scale

We decided to take you on this tour among the various types of ladders for you to find the right inspiration for your home. What are the materials that make up the interior Which character you want to give to the spaces These are questions that you should definitely ask yourself, in the definition of the various environments. This scale is a wonderful blend of traditional materials, such as wood, and more modern ones, such as glass. Very nice shape of the steps, a simple shape, elegant and light.

The spiral staircase

The spiral staircase undeniably always has its charm and is an element that characterizes so much scenic spaces, giving an incredible continuity to the various floors. In this case the peculiarity is the choice of straight lines instead of curves, which gives a touch of originality. Very nice the combination of cast iron – wood.

Nordic atmospheres

This scale is a clear Scandinavian inspiration. Light wood is a material grits modernity and elegance. The peculiarity of this splendid staircase is an extension of the steps over the railing, which provides an original and pleasant resting space.

Powerful and noble

This sink has a footprint rustic and powerful date from the material with which it is made. It is perfectly set in a cabinet in white wood, like a precious stone, highlighted by the contrast of colors. With its extensive and deeper dimensions becomes the ideal kitchen sink.


This scale gives an idea of ??the incredible lightness! It is extremely refined, with its glass handrail and the entire body white staircase, which seems almost dematerialize. Note the junction between the handrail and the stairs, just perfect, almost imperceptible.

industrial charm

This scale seems to be a natural extension of the iron loft overlooking this space. The environment is in full industrial style, with an interesting mix of materials light wood on the ground, iron for the mezzanine and exposed brick wall. The scale of iron and wood, which creates a slight movement detaching on the performance straight, is just perfect.

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