9 How To Advertise Free Internet Proven Effective

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Advertise on the Internet, can be done in many ways, or rather with a lot of media. But not all the media potent / effective way to advertise the products that you sell, because basically every media has a number of distinct users.

In this article I will explain how to post free ads on the internet through the media that have millions of people the number of visitors per day, and the total will be 9 media that we will use for advertising and has been proven, it is the ninth media:

Kaskus FJB
Facebook Fanpage
LinkedIn Comunity Fanpage
Ads Forum ID
online Shop

From 9th place / media for free advertising memsang above, of each of the sites has advantages and disadvantages is not it? for that, let’s discuss one by one about what the strengths and shortcomings of the ninth media and of course along the way advertising on these sites.

Before advertising on the site advertised free online, my advice please learn first How to Create Banner Ads are cool, so we are going to post ads, will be able to attract the attention of visitors that viewed.

How to Advertise on trade


Trade is one of the sites selling online the most popular in Indonesia at this time, with the number of visitors of millions of people per day, making trade as the most appropriate place to advertise online, and thanks to the many visits there, make your advertisements big chance to be seen by many people.

To advertise in trade is not difficult, you can follow these steps to post online ads on sites Berniaga.com:

Open http://berniaga.com/

Free Adverts in trade Kaskus 1

After, the site is open, you simply click the ‘Post a Free Ad’ to submit a new advertising.

Fill Ad Data and Personal Data

Free Adverts in trade Kaskus 2

Ad data includes Category Advertising, Title Ads, Text Ads, Ad Rates dna Image Ads, while for personal data, the data that you need to fill in is the Name, Email, PIN BB and the Province.

Click Submit Ads

Free Adverts in trade Kaskus 3

In the preview menu, you please first check whether it is appropriate ads you want or not, if it continue advertising with click ‘Submit Ad’.

Click Adverts

Free Adverts in trade Kaskus 4

Next you will be prompted to enter a password first, if it is please finish the process of advertising in trade by clicking on the ‘Advertise’.

Your advertisements in trade can not be directly online, because it must go through a review process in advance, but I like in trade is that we can post ads for free online without the need to register.

How to Advertise on OLX


OLX (formerly Shop Good) is also the right place to advertise online, in accordance with the motto of ‘How To Sell Fast’ as if guaranteeing advertising / product that you install can sell quickly. The motto I think in harmony with the services provided, because the moderator in OLX as if on guard 24 hours, so when we advertise, then when it also ads will appear.

Free Adverts in Kaskus OLX 1

If the front page is already open OLX please you click the + button Adverts Free.

Contents All Data

Free Adverts in Kaskus OLX 2

Please fill in, ranging from the category, type of ad, ad title to the name and email address, if it is click ‘Save’ button.

Wait for a few minutes

Free Adverts in Kaskus OLX 3

Less than 1 hour, usually your advertisements already appears, if you advertise in working hours.

As I said above, my experience advertising on OLX always get outstanding service, where the average ad can start running. Also view OLX clean and lightweight make anyone linger on this site.

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