Agnes Bruckner of “Private Practice” fame has been signed for portraying the character of a simple town girl, Vicky Lynn Hogan in a new biopic. The film hovers round the character of Hogan and how she turned into a voluptuous poster girl of sexiness. In the latter half of the film, she was referred to as Anna Nicole Smith.

This biopic film will narrate the history of Hogan’s sudden rise to fame and then her transformation into a superb model and finally the star of the Anna Nicole Smith show.Agnes Bruckner Image

Bruckner did her film debut in the year 2002 with Blue Car where she played the role of a student having an affair with her teacher. In 2011, you all have seen her in “The Craiglist Killer” which is also a biographical movie. Let’s hope that her upcoming flick will do well at the box office like her earlier films.

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