A Detached House With 70 Sqm Dream

A Detached House With 70 Sqm Dream

This house is a perfect example of optimization of space and resources. The architects designed everything to do more with the greatest savings possible. The residence is located in Russia, in an area where winter will reach 20 ° below zero, so the climate aspect was crucial. Let’s see how the architects were confronted with this work.

the facade

The total budget for this house was 1.1 million rubles, which is about € 14,896.00 – of course construction prices vary greatly from area to area, because they are related to many factors, however, it is a figure exceptionally low. Having a limited budget, it was decided to opt for the simplicity, the design of the house in fact is essential, but without giving up anything there are large windows overlooking the garden, well-kept, there is an outdoor area to enjoy the sunset … what else could you want

Indispensable spot artificial light

A courtyard that respects must be used any time of the year; in spring, summer and, why not, in the rest of the year, especially if it is an enclosed space or an internal courtyard. Therefore, we must be aware of the fact that not always the natural light can be present to the extent we would like.

It may happen that even bright outdoor spaces can be, at certain times of day, dark and neglected. Although sometimes the natural light there seems sufficient, sometimes it is not. So it is always a good idea to put the bright spots here and there, especially in the places that we want to enhance. This example shows how in different areas of outer space, in particular at ground level, the light can play a role of absolute centrality.

natural decorations and handmade

Last but not least, there is the opportunity to furnish through small objects and accessories to be arranged according to their taste … For our little terraces, the best choice is to a decoration as natural as possible, in harmony with the ‘surroundings, maybe taste a bit’ craft, just like in this fine example of Gen Bureau a delicious composition of trolleys and wooden boxes.

An interesting option if you have limited space, is to grow a vertical garden. We must of course prepare a structure in which to place the pots but as you can see from this example, the space is really beautiful. In any case, it is essential to dose carefully the natural elements to make changes color and vibrancy to the garden without interfering with the views on the passage or subtract precious square meters.

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