Acne, Rosacea

Acne, Rosacea

Acne on the face

You have sensitive skin of the face. On the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin visible reddish outbreaks. Some time ago, the redness comes and goes. Now, he does not pass, and later became visible dilated blood vessels.

Perhaps you have noticed that the skin condition is getting worse especially in winter, in extreme cold and in the summer on sunny days on the abuse of cosmetics or after emotional outbursts. Sometimes, around the eyes, mouth, nose, red skin begins the posting, there are small nodules brilliant red of a pinhead. Sometimes suppurating, they turn yellow.

You have come to the dermatologist and he diagnosed – rosacea. Why do they come? How to return the previous module skin?

The emergence of this disease is caused by various disorders of the autonomic nervous system. Not for nothing rosacea are mostly women and, as a rule, those who have more than 30 years. Changes in the menstrual cycle, ovarian (amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea), associated with the onset of menopause, infertility, gastrointestinal diseases (cholecystitis, gastritis, constipation), endocrine disorders are also the cause of rosacea.


Dermatologist, diagnose, refer to the survey. If you find diseases of the stomach, liver and female reproductive organs, treatment should begin with the root causes. This will inevitably entail and improving the skin.

If the dermatologist refers to the optometrist, do not delay the visit. When acne rose can develop inflammation of the conjunctiva, which require multiple emergency treatment. The fact that the rash appeared on the skin of the face, can spread eyelids and conjunctiva.

They turn red, and there is severe itching. And to reduce redness and rashes on the skin, try:

– Avoid exposure to the sun (not for sunbathing, do not go to the south, in the summer wearing a brimmed hat or visor, sunglasses), are not irradiated quartz;

– In solar, wind and cold before exiting powder composition, comprising quinine or salol (prescribed by a doctor for a prescription, you can order at any pharmacy);

– Do not go to the bathroom, especially a steam room, and a bath or a cold shower to avoid excessive dilation of blood vessels;

– If the cause of rosacea has become a disease of the liver, gall bladder and other internal organs, a diet designed in connection with the disease;

– To eliminate from their menu, strong tea, coffee, hot food too;

– Look for regular chairs because constipation cause congestion, the absorption of toxins also leads to a deterioration of the skin;

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