Android users can Login to Facebook with just a phone number

Facebook announced a new addition to the tool developer Account Kit that can be used to login to the application. On Android devices, the tool users sign in and start using the application just by typing the phone number.

Users no longer have to type in the code from an SMS message or a Facebook notification push to get confirmation. This is a useful update on the Account side of the Kit, which was launched in April as an alternative to Facebook login system is more traditional.

Through blogs that reported by the Okezone from Venture Beat, Ethan Goldman-Kirst, a software engineer from the team Identify the Tools Facebook discuss how it works. Facebook sign up

“When one enters their phone number to an application using an Account of Kit via the Android service, we try to match with the phone number listed on the Facebook user profile. This is only possible if the person getting into Facebook applications on the same device.

If there is a match, we can complete the verification without sending the one-time password (OTP) via SMS, make the sign-in flow more smoothly. If there are no successful matches, an SMS will be sent with the verification code to complete the sign-in feature is used only to improve the verification process in ways that are safe and no information additional together with Facebook applications, “he said in the posting blog.

Goldman-Kirst wrote, early testing shows the conversion rate of 97%. Meanwhile, Google has improved the login process on Android by allowing users to rely on their Google Account.

Twitter sign-in tool push the Digits, not the other sign-in System. Fast verification available through software development kits (SDK) for Android.

Quickly do this If many users Spread news of the Hoax on Facebook

Social media users who spread the information from a source and then known as hoaxes, are suggested to immediately conduct a clarification.

“Essentially it’s a clarification as soon as possible. Who made the mistake not ours alone. If caught wrong, admit to it and provide a clarification, “said Ismail Fahmi Informatics science expert in Jakarta, Thursday.

Founder of Awesome trip media monitoring agencies that exemplifies the social media users of Facebook very easy share uploads from different sources. “For example on Facebook, is it easy to share, if you just found out that hoax, can direct in-edit and updated again. It’s the excess we can take advantage of Facebook, “he said.

Further, the Government might present a hopeful Fahmi site checker of facts so that people do not easily fall for the hoax news, especially from social media.

Through the site, the public can find out whether the information is a hoax or not based on the explanation and the data provided.

“So people are going to run into there to search for information,” he said.

Talk about the news of the hoax, the Press Council Chairman Adi Joseph Joon suggest social media users to check the information obtained prior to sharing it.

Check the news source from which derived. When sourced from media, internet users can open official site de to see the name of the media organization registered in the press.

When in doubt because the media is not listed on the Press Council, Stanley advised not to pass on such information to others.

The source of the information is obviously not the only benchmark worthy spread. The Press Council suggest back judge whether the information is useful to spread.

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