Angelina Jolie mourns Brad Pitt: Because of divorce in hunger

Angelina Jolie

The divorce of Brad Pitt does not pass without a trace to Angelina Jolie. The actress allegedly lost weight – so strong that various US media worries about her.

According to reports, Angelina Jolie (41) has entered the hunger strike since the divorce of Brad Pitt (53) is in full swing. One source reports “ACESHOWBIZ” that the “Maleficent” actress is now weighing less than 35 kilograms – with a body size of 1.69 meters. Thus she would “struggle with death”.

If the speculation is true, Angelina Jolie is in great danger. The informant of the “National Enquirer” continues: “As skeletal and close to death as Angelina Jolie is, she could only survive if she got liquid food through her nose The disturbed and emaciated actress Could be forced by caregivers and a constantly present doctor to let the treatment go on after their weight fell below 35 pounds and they suffered a catastrophic collapse. ”

The tabloid also showed photos of unknown date, which show Angelina Jolie how she loses the balance on the road. “Angie is so desperate because of the separation of Brad [Pitt] and the image she draws in her reports, so she has entered the hunger strike, the brutal divorce has driven her into the corner She uses the nutritional probe, so she does not harm her health, which has already been touched. ”

As soon as the divorce submitted was public on September 19, the mud slaughter began. Bitterly fought Angelina Jolie (41) and Brad Pitt (53) to the children. The happy years together – forgotten. Instead, “hate” ruled “Brangelina”. Apparently systematically sprinkled the “Maleficent” actress nasty about her estranged husband, even rumors about an alleged affair of Pitt with “Allied” co-star Marion Cottilard (41) held up well.

Arousing rumors that have not yet been officially confirmed. “Gossip Cop” has spoken in the meantime and claimed that there is nothing in the speculation. The ex of Brad Pitt weighs more than 35 kilograms and enjoys healthy meals.

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