Anticipation Earthquake

Anticipation Earthquake:  home earthquake kit

1. What to do when an earthquake occurs.
1. If you are indoors, protected from heavy objects are easy to fall, refuge table or other furniture that is considered to be strong and secure. Hold foot table or other furniture where you take shelter and be wary if the furniture shifted. Wait until the vibration stops, and if it is safe march to move to the place safer and wary of objects easily fall as glass, the furniture heavy, and others as well as the most important thing is you have to be quiet.

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2. If you are outdoors, find an open spot, protected from buildings, electricity, large trees and others.
3. If you are driving, stop if it is safe and try masi in the vehicle, avoid bridges tunnels and electricity.
4. If you’re on the mountain or unstable slope avoid rock falls or object – other objects that may move or fall as a result of the earthquake.
5. If you are on the beach, beware of the tide fled to place higher and do not close towards the sea.
2. What to do after an earthquake.
a) To those who were seriously injured, do not be left alone and do not move unless they are in immediate danger will add to the wound again.
b) Be aware of the fire.
c) Turn off the gas stove, soon dropped out of the gas stream and the installation or disconnect hose from the gas flow tube.
d) Turn off the electric light source.
e) Lower heavy objects hanging on the wall that might fall on people.
f) Prepare the lighter items for basic needs that are easy to carry and lightweight drugs for the purpose of at least 3 days if you move to the place that is far away.
g) Beware tsunamis if you live near the beach.
h) Be aware of other earthquakes. Although the strength of earthquake aftershocks are smaller than the main quake, but some vibration can increase the damage to the building structure. Leave the house or building that has undergone structural changes since the main earthquake.

3. To deal with any time of the earthquake, what to do at this point.

You should know the area or areas prone to earthquakes. If you are in areas prone to earthquakes, the matters relating to the occurrence of damage or casualties from the earthquake should be prepared. Preventing the occurrence of earthquakes is impossible. Similarly predict when an earthquake will occur is also a very difficult job.

For that you need to do is minimize the damage caused by an earthquake, for example strengthen the construction of residential buildings in accordance with earthquake-resistant construction. Building homes using wood is just one example of earthquake-resistant construction. Make sure heavy items of household furniture you are safe, it will not fall on you when you’re indoors or while you are sleeping. Source: Meteorological and Geophysical Agency.

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