Apple plans Apple Pay in South Korea

Apple Pay

Even if Apple Pay has been available for a few years, the number of countries where the mobile payment service can be used is relatively low. Apple is working on the introduction to new countries, but this is too slow for some users. So we wish for some time Apple Pay in Germany. According to Tim Cook , Apple is also working on the implementation, but an official announcement is still pending. In South Korea, Apple seems to be a small step further.

Apple plans Apple Pay in South Korea

How The Korean Herald reports that Apple executives have met with the South Korean financial authorities to talk about the launch of Apple Pay in Samsung homeland. The first talks were already held in November last year, but further negotiations and discussions will be necessary before the final implementation.

It is said that the Apple Pay introduction to South Korea is still in a very early stage. This could be due to the fact that there are very few NFC-based payment terminals in the stores in South Korea. To implement Apple Pay would have to be significantly more terminals available.

Apple’s executives recently held a meeting with the South Korean financial authorities, a move. “Apple said they will be able to help with local credit card companies in the future but did not elaborate on the specific details,” the source said. To start a mobile payment service in Korea, the company should have another meeting with the financial authorities. Apple is not yet scheduled to have a meeting with the government.

In parallel, Google is also working on the Android Pay introduction to South Korea. It is said that Google plans an online extension for Android to compensate for the missing NFC terminals and still offer the service.

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