Basic Rules Puppies Dog Care

Having a puppy dog ​​is very pleasant but there is a lot of responsibility that we have to do as the owner. Pedigree have tips on what to do in the maintenance of puppies contained in 10 points. About Dog

Hasil gambar untuk Cara merawat anjing

  • Rule # 1: Start training your dog puppies on the first day he arrived in your home.Dogs are not born in keaadaan trained. He will see you as a coach. What can he do and what not to do should you teach from that day. Combine these exercises with the game so it does not get bored and established a good friendship with him. Through this training, dog breeder will know what is expected by the employer.
  • Rule # 2: Puppies dogs need a balanced nutrition.Foods with a complete and balanced nutrition is mandatory for him to perfect growth. Puppies require protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals in the right quantities. Puppies should be given food in the form of concentrates so that it can receive all the necessary nutrients without overloading the digestive system. Always provide clean drinking water.
  • Rule # 3: Make a habit of puppies in grooming .Start clicking grooming your puppy from an early age that it is familiar with it. Dogs who are familiar and quiet when grooming will facilitate your work.
  • Rule # 4: Puppies dogs need dental care.In fact, the teeth that are not maintained can cause various diseases in the future. Make it a habit to clean your dog’s teeth from early tillering. Plaque and tartar is found in dogs older than 2 years who does not run dental care. Buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth damage tooth enamel and gums, causing health problems.
  • Rule # 5: Give the sport in puppies.Part of the normal activities of puppies is regular exercise. This sport needs a dog will not only depend on the size of the dog’s body, but also of the type of breed. Do not give too strenuous exercise for puppies because their bones have not grown to perfection. Combine the game with the sport.
  • Rule # 6: Health check at the vet regularly.Ideally, you already have a candidate vet will be your subscription before you have a puppy dog. As soon as you arrive home a puppy dog, take him to the vet the next day to check the overall health. Ask the veterinarian to make a vaccine schedule for him. Create a pleasant atmosphere when you invite your puppies to the vet so that he is not afraid to meet veterinarian.
  • Rule # 7: Do a health check at home.Schedule regular health checks at home. Check the weight, skin and fur, eyes and ears, gums and teeth, and skin irregularities section. If you find anything suspicious should contact your veterinarian.Articles about home health check will follow).
  • Rule # 8: Introducing puppies on other dogs.If your home already has another dog should do introductions between them. Dogs that have a longer stay would find himself is the master of the house. While puppies will usually underestimate this so as to cause him any harm. You should perform surveillance for several days for this assimilation process went smoothly. Once the puppies already know, he would not behave arbitrarily in front of senior dogs.
  • Rule # 9: Give praise for the good things he did.Make this a puppy dog ​​as a member of your family. If he does things right and pleases you, give him praise. If he makes a mistake, immediately give warning at that time so that he can distinguish which can make you happy and which ones could make you angry. Basically the dog wants to do things that are fun for the employer.
  • Rule 10: Be patient and enjoy.Raising puppies require patience. Find out various tips or articles on this subject, if necessary, you can consult with your veterinarian. Sometimes, puppies do something that makes us upset but certain times when there is a feeling of satisfaction and emotion to see it grow well and cheerful.

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