Benefits of Fasting for Beauty

Benefits of Fasting for Beauty

Today we are talking about therapeutic fasting. The first thing to clarify is that fasting does not work to lose weight, it serves to purify and cleanse our bodies. It has been practiced for a long time and is recommended for flu and gastrointestinal processes, for obesity, but also for diabetes or allergies.

Fasting is based on the principle that the body can heal itself and is the basis of integrative medicine. Basically fasting is that when they do not eat, the body uses all its resources to purify itself, to use its own body reserves and then to replace them when it actually does.

There are many types of partial fasts, which with some infusions of dandelion or a pony accompanied by vegetables such as artichoke or endives help us to purify the liver. Natural beauty. Rebekah suggests that we do this type of fast when we feel more exposed to toxins.

We can also practice total fasting with maple syrup. This syrup comes from the Canadian forests, from which maple sap is extracted, which contains many vitamins and many benefits. Mix with a little lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper, drain into the water.

Rebekah intends to do this fast when we are overweight, we can always be sure when we make a reservation.

Fasting is to stop eating solid foods and just swallow liquids, especially water, with a total donation of no more than 300 calories a day. For Rebeca this diet proposed for a typical day:

In the morning we should have infusion and beaten green leaves like spinach and broccoli. During the day we can take the broth made with artichokes, endives and vegetables, which is bitter food. And for dinner we will drink an infusion of horsetail or dandelion.

In fasting you should avoid salt, sugar and of course you have to remove tobacco, coffee and tea.

In total we must drink water only, but not more than 2 or 3 days. We can mix it with maple syrup.

When we begin to fast we have to do it little by little and we will go through the so-called healing crises, headaches or nausea. We must be experienced gradually knowing our own limits to get tremendous benefits from this technique.

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