Benefits of Noni

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Chemicals are fused in noni certainly provide efficacy in the field of human health. It is natural that many people are interested in selecting traditional medicine uses this plant.

Here are some types of health problems that can be answered through the noni fruit or natural pace.

Circulatory System launched
Substance scopoletin helps the dilation of blood vessels are narrowed. Besides, this substance also helps the circulation of blood to all tissues of the body to be smooth. The nature of this substance is to kill various bacteria and anti-allergic.


Killing Bacteria Infection Causes
Anti-bacterial substances in the fruit is believed to kill bacteria in the body maker of infection and to control bacterial pathogens at once.

Preventing Cancer
There are anti-cancer elements which proved in preventing cancer problem and restore the function of abnormal cells.

Capable of Enhancing Immune
Nutrients contained as antioxidants are important in maintaining the body’s immunity so as not susceptible to mild or severe disease.

Treating Cough
You can mix noni to alleviate severe coughing that torment. The initial step is to boil the ripe noni fruit and leaf handheld 1/2 bujanggut in 2 cups of water to boil and the remaining 1 cup. The water is filtered twice, cold wait and take this medication twice a day until healed.

Treating Yellow Fever
Reporting from health sites, noni proven to treat jaundice.

Prepare 2 ripe noni fruit from the tree and honey. After that the noni fruit was taken first by the way the water is squeezed, then the reservoir container juice mixed with honey until evenly distributed. Strain this mixture of water and drink twice a day.

Reduces Dandruff Hair
Dandruff hair is problem number one complained of by many people, especially women. To combat dandruff you can choose noni as a natural remedy.

The trick prepare 1-2 ripe noni fruit that has been washed clean. Then cut into 4 equal parts, each part used to rub the head slowly. Let stand for a while (10-15 minutes) in order to absorb the content of the roots of the hair, then wash the head with shampoo to clean up substances that stick. This treatment you can do a week 1-2 times, do not overdo it.

Efficacy Noni As Other Drugs:
Injuries to the small intestine
Food poisoning
Sore throat
Fever in babies
Lowering Cholesterol
Thickening of the heart muscle
Enhancing the transport of oxygen in the cells
Skin worms
Inflammation of the skin
Bleeding gums
Tooth ache
Irregular menstrual cycles
Pre-menstrual syndrome
Pain during menstruation
Prevent aging
Chronic hepatitis
Hip pain
Kidney disorders
Bladder stones
Thyroid hormones
Diseases caused by HIV infection
And much more

How remarkable health benefits of noni to this. From now on you do not hesitate to plant the seeds of noni near the house, if one day sick brother can be directly treated with this plant.

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