Benefits Outstanding Pandan Leaves


Pandan leaves have a distinctive odor, Pandan is native to Southeast Asia. These plants are perennial shrub has a fan-shaped cluster of long, narrow leaves. Fresh pandan leaves only has a slight aroma. Pandan leaves are widely used in the world of cooking. Pandanus trees can also be the garden in pots, to decorate the yard. Behind the fragrant aroma of pandan leaf has many uses, including to health, the following benefits pandan leaves as quoted from
Pandan Leaves For Health Benefits
1. Seasoning
Pandan leaves have a sweet taste, and flavor. Pandan leaves can be used as an extra at the time of cooking puddings, beverages, and more. Besides the leaves of view is usually cooked together with coconut milk, lemongrass, glutinous rice and sugar. In the shops there are also the pandan leaf extract. Panda extracts often contain extra green food coloring, according to the “Handbook of Spices, Seasonings, and flavorings.”
2. Wrapping Food
Many kebuda.yaan who use pandan leaves for wrapping food, for example in India, Malaysia and several other southeast Asian countries. It aims to membauat distinctive aroma of the food and protect food.
3. Insect Repellent
Pandan leaves can be used as a tool cockroach repellent, as is done by taxi drivers in Malaysia and Singapore, which put pandan leaves in his car to prevent the arrival of a cockroach. This caused pandan leaves have chemicals that can repel insects that 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline (2AP).
4. Appliances
At the time of viewing dried leaf fibers can dikadikan as thread and can be used as household appliances, in addition tiu pandanus fiber is also widely used to make baskets, mats and clothing. According to the “Herb What is That?” The women in the Pacific Islands to be established pandanus skirt “grass”.
5. Drugs and Cosmetics
The leaves have a point of view can produce a diuretic effect when consumed in large quantities. Pandan leaves datat also used to treat several skin problems. Traditional medicine practitioners use the roots of this plant to treat diabetes. Strong sweet aroma is widely used in the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics.
6. Fragrances room
Pandan leaves can be used as an air freshener, how thinly sliced ??and put apda room you want.

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