Best Long Nail Design for Those Who Have Square Nails

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There are a lot of women who only pick the kind of nail design based on what they want, not on something that suit them. For example, if you want to have the long nail designs, then you can try to use more colorful designs. However, for those who like something simple, they will keep on using one color only for the design and this is not something good for your overall nail appearance. If you have the nail that is long and square in shape, then you will need to know these things to make sure that you can get the best design for your nails.
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The first one is the colorful colors. The meaning of colorful color is not that you have to use yellow or some other bright colors. The main point is that you need to use more than one color that you can combine for your nails. For example, if you want to have the red colored nails, you can try to add some other colors such as black or pink. That color combination is something simple, but you can make sure that the combination will suit your long square nails better.


The next thing that you might need to try is playing with the motifs or patterns. This is not something that many women do since most of them want to have something nice and simple. However, since you have the considerably square shaped nails, you can make sure that the nails will be able to take anything, including the complicated nail designs. For example, you can to have the floral pattern or many other things since you will still get the amazing result that you want.


The last thing that you might want to try is adding some glitters on your nail. You need to understand that the long and square shape of your nails is the advantages that you need to make use of. That is because if you are not maximizing all of the potential, then you will not get what you really want. In short, you can make sure that the sparkle nails can also be a nice option that you can get. You can get the colorful, the full of design, and sparkling looking nails that you want. This is the kind of nails that many women will surely want to have so that you need to have it first before them.


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