Better Economic Smartwatch Prowatch Plus

Better Economic Smartwatch Prowatch Plus

On the line of its predecessor, this is another Chinese smartwatch feature rich but sold at a very affordable price to anyone. Also on this device we have the phone function that lets you insert a SIM card to send calls and SMS. More than the previous proposal we have an even larger screen that does not make you feel too much difference compared to the smartphone. The diagonal of 1.54 inches and displays images at a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The menu is very easy to navigate and is full of useful applications for physical activity and not. The battery has a pretty good autonomy average will last 2 days if not stressed too much the device. It ‘support for micro SD to expand the memory to 300 MB.

Better economic smartwatch Oukitel A28

Very prominent is the quality of the materials with which this smartwatch is made in an attempt to make it look like the company as much as possible to a luxury watch In fact we have a strap made of genuine leather and an all-metal case. Smooth the 1.58-inch screen with resolution of 240 x 240. Another advantage is the presence of a real hardware sector that makes it fast and responsive. We have a MediaTek MT2502 processor, 32 MB of RAM and 128 MB of storage. The touch screen is also very fluid and the menus are easy to read. It connects to the smartphone with a companion app and submit applications and additional features to notifications, such as pedometer, monitoring of sleep, a sensor for the heartbeat and many more. The battery is able to get better or worse always day of use.

Better economic smartwatch zeblaze Cosmo

Zeblaze Cosmo is another smartwatch of undoubted elegance and aesthetic refinement, with a build quality and high-ranking materials. Another major advantage is an operating system developed ad hoc, without the sort of display problems. Advanced also the display that is curved, has a 1.61 inch diagonal, the IPS technology (excellent viewing angles) and a resolution of 256 x 320 pixels.

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