Biggest Earthquakes in the World

The natural disaster was never to be expected when it comes and attacks. Starting from tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes to tsunamis, everything can come anytime and instantly devastated sturdy buildings, trees and buildings that look stocky though.

These last few years, not a natural disaster which then destroys nature. Indiscriminate it is developing or developed countries, almost all regions of the earth have ever felt.

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Still remember the earthquake great that not only destroyed the building but also the hearts of many human beings on earth? Recorded 10 Biggest Earthquakes in the World , as reported ClickTop10 happened since 1900 and has many victims materials and casualty disappear instantly swept away by earthquake terrible.

10 Earthquake Assam, Tibet

The earthquake that had swept Assam, Tibet’s magnitude 8.6 SR. Claimed the lives of about 1500 on August 15, 1950 ago.

Dots earthquake struck the area of Yunnan, China, Calcutta and India. There are few areas have shifted and the river stopped flowing from it. Then the earthquake creates another disaster such as a major flood and destroy the villages and healing the soul.

9 quake North Sumatra, Indonesia

March 28, 2005, Indonesia mourned by an earthquake of 8.6 magnitude strikes. The earthquakewas a catastrophic aftershocks after the 2004 Aceh tsunami attacked large.

There are about 1,300 people die from it. Lasted about two minutes, the earthquake had a chance to create panic and fear of a tsunami. And indeed, the tsunami had not formed, but not too big and not creating an extremely severe damage.

8 earthquake Rat Island, Alaska

In 1965, an earthquake of 8.7 magnitude strike Alaska. Creating a 10 meter tsunami and spread leads to Japan. Two months later, an earthquake volcanic which is the aftershocks come again. Pose little tsunami and the damage is not too severe. Fortunately, no casualties were reported to have died in an earthquake this large.

7 Earthquake Ecuador, Colombia

January 31, 1906, an earthquake large-sized 8.8-magnitude attack off the coast of Ecuador and Colombia. The earthquake is then created a massive tsunami that killed more than 1500 people.

Tsunami even reached San Francisco and Japan. And leaving the dark sorrow in the hearts of those who witnessed the destruction and loss of relatives.

6 earthquake offshore Maule, Chile

A month after Haiti was rocked by an earthquake 7 SR and killed more than 200 thousand people, Chile 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked back.

There are countless casualties of about 500 people who died, 800 thousand people had to be evacuated, and more than 1.8 inhabitants suffered losses due to the earthquake and tsunami which combined attack area where they live. Tsunami then detected threaten 53 countries and massive damage reaches billions of dollars.

5 Earthquake Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

Earthquakes 9 SR world’s first recorded in 1952, on the peninsula of Kamchatka, Russia. There are no reports of deaths at the time, even when reported 13-meter high tsunami had hit Crescent City, California.

Even so, it was reported huge material losses suffered by Hawaii because of the severe damage suffered by them.

4 Earthquake East Coast of Honshu, Japan

Earthquakes biggest ever attack Japan occurred on March 11, 2011. The earthquake of 9.0 magnitude shook Japan is expected for 6 minutes. The tsunami caused 29 thousand deaths, and cause damage Fukushima nuclear reactor exploded.

There are more than 50 points were badly damaged by the earthquake.

3 Earthquake Offshore North Sumatra, Indonesia

One earthquake world’s third largest recorded in Aceh. 9.1 magnitude earthquake swallows around 227 thousand deaths, 1.7 million people were displaced, with 14 points tsunami invading countries in South Asia to East Africa.

The tsunami not only destroyed many facilities but also devastated many locations. The earthquake that occurred December 26, 2004 up to now still leaves grief and trauma for people in Aceh.

2 Earthquake Prince William Sound, Alaska

An area called the Prince William in Alaska was attacked earthquake of 9.2 magnitude in 1964.The earthquake , which lasted for 3 minutes was swallowed 128 casualties, and creates havoc everywhere.

Many landslides, chaos communication lines, broken gas pipes, power outages, and the tsunami caused damage throughout the region of Hawaii.

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