Given the Indonesian Indigenous Building Earthquake Resistant

As tectonic activity could not be separated from Indonesia. Having traversed the path area fire ring is a cluster of volcanoes in the Pacific region, which means the path that passes this becomes prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Did GNFI comrade behind this seismic threat, Indonesia has the technological heritage that is valuable?

This is earthquake-resistant houses, the building was already there in Indonesia since time immemorial. The earthquake-resistant homes can be found in the construction of buildings that are generally customary form of houses on stilts that can withstand an earthquake.

The building itself can be grouped into two categories, namely building tradisioal include customs hall, places of worship, and a vernacular house. Vernacular house is typical and unique building that is derived from an ancient tradition, has the ability to withstand the physical environment such as climate, earthquakes and wind.

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According to the Head of the Earthquake Research Center, Faculty of Engineering UKI Pinondang Simanjuntak, custom home on a draft structure should be symmetrical and have a level of sufficient rigidity so that the joints are not loose, as reported in.

 The use of lightweight materials such as wood and bamboo enables custom building not easily collapse because it has kelenteran against earthquakes. Additionally structures linked to one another using the pegs can be more dynamic and robust so resistant to earthquake shocks.

Each region in Indonesia has one or more types of vernacular house built on a tradition of certain regions that show the diversity and local wisdom. Even local knowledge was also adopted by countries such as Japan that almost every house there using lightweight base material.

In Indonesia alone there are some forms of traditional indigenous building reliable to withstand earthquake shaking, he them

house Tower

It must have been many who know traditional building from the Minangkabau, West Sumatra. The best known, houses the Tower has a roof construction made from fibers that curve inward. In 2009 during the earthquake, the house Tower is much that remains strong survive at the time.

Old house North Bali

The houses are located in North Bali is considered to be resistant to earthquakes, because it has a construction which utilizes pillars or wooden poles and coat of arms as well as a beam sineb. It aims to protect its inhabitants from the rubble caused by the earthquake.

Local architecture since ancient Balinese civilization already tested that long to build earthquake-resistant houses that will be transmitted to the next generation. Traditional building in North Bali is menkadi one of the key findings in a historical earthquake in Indonesia.

Custom building of Tomohon, North Sulawesi was long known as the home resistant to earthquake shocks. His name is becoming known to foreign countries, even houses made of wood and iron cempaka have been imported by the state of Argentina and Venezuela know.Home Woloan

Home Omo Hada

The greatness of Nias traditional building construction is seen in 2010 ago, when the quake-stricken Nias fairly large scale. This traditional building still stands and his position only slightly shifted.

Construction of houses Omo Hada using wooden pegs to unify turf, did not have a window but was replaced by a sort of trellis models for ventilation and has a roof that is oval.

Uniquely this traditional building has pillars irregular direction. There are upward, sideways or downward. It is said that that’s what makes this building earthquake resistant. Omo Hada custom homes are often found in the village and the village Bawomataulo Tumori.

home Laheik

Almost the same with home Omo Hada, traditional building from the Kerinci, Riau is also composed of mutually wood put together using wooden pegs and ties made from fibers mine. Laheik house usually occupied by several families.

Diversity traditional building reflects the local wisdom in the archipelago of Indonesia is an ancestral cultural heritage that we must continue to keep and preserve. Proud of Indonesia.

22 217 Climber Killed and Missing from the summit of Mount Everest

At least 22 climbers were killed and 217 others were missing near the base camp of Mount Everest where hundreds of climbers, including many foreigners, stranded after an avalanche swept Nepal huge earthquake triggered the world’s highest peak.

More than 60 climbers were injured and many foreign adventurers, climbers and guides at the base camp were reported missing when an avalanche swept down Everest and buried under snow yesterday, India Times reported today.

22 217 Climber Killed and Missing from the summit of Mount Everest

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While 17 people were killed at the base camp , five other deaths – were reported on Sunday – is the area below the base camp , the interior ministry official said.

Thirty-two people were rescued from the region to date. They were rescued by five helicopters, said Suresh Acharya, joint secretary in the ministry of tourism.

About 22 people severely injured climbers on Sunday transported by helicopter, including from the Indian air force, to the village of Pheriche, the nearest medical facility, despite the bad weather hamper rescue and relief operations. Some of the injured have also been transported by plane to the capital.

Romanian climber Alex Gavan, who were in the base camp , mem- posting to his Twitter account: “All helicopter evacuated badly injured. Caring for those in need. Do you want to sleep.”

There are more than a hundred climbers in the camps I and II of Mount Everest, on top of the base camp , and all were reported safe, Nepal Mountain Association official said on Sunday.

Team Mountain Indian soldiers were hiking in Everest also safe at base camp (17,500 feet) and on Saturday had helped evacuate 13 bodies, said an Indian army spokesman.

54 year old Indian man who tried to climb all the highest peaks on seven continents, stuck in camp II Everest along with eleven other climbers.

One Chinese climber is one among the dead, while the technology company Google on Sunday reported the death of one Google executive California, Dan FREDINBURG, the Everest disaster.

Madison Mountaineering bermaskas in the US who said doctors base camp of his, Marisa Eve Girawong, was killed in an avalanche on Everest.

Nepal tourism ministry officials estimate that at least 1,000 climbers, including about 400 foreigners, were in the base camp when the worst earthquake in 80 years on Saturday afternoon triggered avalanche on Everest. The quake also shook the neighboring India and China, as India Times reported.

What to do during an earthquake

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) nearly every day to announce an earthquake in various parts of Indonesia. Disaster expert staff of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Surono, said the potential for an earthquake in Indonesia reaches 30 percent of earthquakes occur worldwide.

Surono added that this earthquake statistics by category earthquake that caused the death of 1,000 more. According to the website of BMKG, Indonesia is prone to earthquakes because the path traversed by the confluence of three tectonic plates, namely: Indo-Australian Plate, the Eurasian plate and the Pacific plate.

Illustration shelter under a strong table during an earthquake.

Earthquake insurance – Indo-Australia plate moves relative to the north and infiltrate into the Eurasian plate, while the Pacific plate moves relative to the west. Strip plates meeting at sea so that in the event of a major earthquake with a shallow depth of it will potentially cause a tsunami that Indonesia is prone to tsunamis.

Therefore, the earthquake could occur at any time and are difficult to predict. What if an earthquake suddenly come? Do not panic and try to apply the following important things.


1. Lower the position of the body

The basic method is also used to deal with this fire is the first thing you can do when an earthquake occurs. Kneeling and lying down is highly recommended to help balance yourself against vibration.

2. Find a shelter

When you are indoors, take cover under a sturdy table or chair. When there are no objects that could be used to protect yourself, cover your face, head, and neck with both arms, then curl up in a corner. Avoid switching room.

If you are in bed, stay there and cover your head using a pillow. Your security will be more secure if you do not get out of bed. However, if you are under the chandelier that is likely to fall, immediately move to a safer place.

3. Holding onto solid objects

When the ground shook and all the objects falling, hold on to solid objects around you. Do this until the earthquake completely stopped.


1. Get out of the room. Risk injury will be much greater when you are trying to get out of the room.

2. Approaching / towards the door – with the intention of sheltering behind it.

3. Moving around the room – with the intention of seeking refuge.

Affirm BMKG Earthquake Predicted Difficult

The news of the departure of worms from the ground in a weak condition, disturbing the public Bantul, Yogyakarta. Moreover, the emergence of the worm was linked to the issue of the coming earthquake.

Kasi Observation Geophysics Station Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Yogyakarta Bambang Subagyo said there was no link between the release of worms from the ground by the occurrence of earthquakes. Earthquake insurance california

Affirm BMKG Earthquake Predicted Difficult“Actually there is no direct connection (between the worm with the earthquake). The earthquake was hard to predict,” said Bambang Subagyo.

He explained that the animals move out, due to the influence of weather. “Possibly because of the heat. A few days earlier, about 27 to May 31 some point in Bantul not rain, such as in Pleret, Bantul, and Imogiri. Only then 1st (June) rains,” he said.

He added, the earthquake is different from the others. If the mountain will experience eruption, around the mountain there will be changes in the air temperature and the animals are usually going down.

“But if the quake, has not been proven the initial symptoms of worms out of the ground. Unlike when the Merapi eruption, for example, there are animals around it down, because the temperature change,” he said.

He also requested, so that the news about the worm phenomenon addressed wisely.

“No need to be excessive, then linked. Earthquakes can not be predicted, when and mananya. Even if later an earthquake, it is worth the time,” he said.

According to him, the earthquake is still threatening the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). Because, in the Indian Ocean between Australia there is a slab with Java.

Reported earlier, a message appears in Yogyakarta chain circulating through various social media related catastrophe will occur in the near future. The message contains a natural phenomenon related to the release of earthworms in a weak condition.

Impact of Volcanic Eruption For Humans

Volcanoes or also called the Mountain of Fire is a term that refers to condition where there is a fluid channel through which the hot material either in liquid or lava. The fluid channels appear on the surface of the earth is only just covered by soil were pursed and we know the name of the mountain. Basically, a volcano located almost in all corners of the world regions.

It’s just that there are some countries that are known to be rich volcanic mountains because the area traversed by Sirkum and Mediterranean Mountains. One such country is Indonesia. Every year there are only volcano in our country that reported an increase in activity. However, people have always known and looked like volcanic eruptions as one inseparable part of their lives. The only way to survive is to adapt.

Effects of earthquakes on the environment – Further, volcanic eruptions should be recognized not only bring negative impact only for the life of the surrounding community. There is also the positive impact that makes people chose to remain in the settlements around the volcano. Any negative impacts and positive impacts of volcanic eruptions, the following descriptions.

Negative Impactvolcano erupts it will bring material that is harmful to the organism in its path, therefore vigilance is absolutely necessary. Here are the negative things that can happen when the mountain erupted:

  1. The pollution of the air by the volcano ash containing various gases from sulfur dioxide or SO2, hydrogen sulfide or H2S gas, No2 or Nitrogen Dioxide as well as some potentially toxic dust partike living things around.
  2. With the eruption of a volcano can be sure all of the activities of residents in the surrounding area will lumph including economic activity.
  3. All the points are traversed by hazardous materials such as lava and hot volcanic ash would damage the residential area.
  4. Hot lava will also make the forest around the mountain on fire damaged and this means that natural ecosystems are threatened forests.
  5. Material ejected by the volcano has the potential to cause a number of illnesses for example respiratory infection.
  6. The village is a point would travel to stagnate in the presence of a volcanic eruption. Call it Rnjani Mountains and Mount Merapi, the mountain is in a normal condition is one of the best tourist destinations for those travelers nature lovers.

Positive Impact of Volcanic Eruption

In addition to the negative impact, if examined, volcanic eruptions also actually bring a blessing though only for people that are around. Anything? Here’s the description:

  1. Lands affected by the volcano bulkanis result is very good for agriculture because the soil becomes more fertile in Ash Grove and could produce much higher quality crops. Of course, for residents of the surrounding mountains are the majority of farmers, it is very profitable.
  2. There is a new livelihood for the people around the volcano has erupted, what is it? The answer sand miners. Volcanic material in the form of sand would have economic value.
  3. In addition, there are also rocks ejected by the volcano when meltus. The rocks can be used as building of residents around the mountain.
  4. Although the damaged forest ecosystems, but in some time, will grow more trees forming a new forest ecosystems is also new.
  5. After a volcanic eruption, usually there are geysers or hot springs in the earth that came out with periodic or periodically. Geyser is reportedly good for skin health.
  6. Appears springs named makdani the type of springs with mineral content is very abundant.
  7. In volcanic regions, potential orographic rain. This rain potentially occur because the mountain is best rain.
  8. In the common areas of volcanic eruptions, very well set up a power plant.

This 10 Earthquake in the World

San andreas fault facts – An earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale in Nepal claimed more than 1,000 lives. Earlier, an earthquake 9.0 on the Richter scale rocked Japan. But, the second quake was not the two largest earthquake ever.

Trace to 1900, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS), four earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale have occurred in some parts of the world. Here are 10 of the biggest earthquake as quoted from Live Science 28th edition of April 2015.

This 10 Earthquake in the World
10. Assam, Tibet, 1950 (8.6 Richter scale)
At least 1,500 people died because of the earthquake that occurred in East Tiber and Assam, India. Once an earthquake occurs, the ground, which cracked and a major landslide occurred in the two areas. Vibrations also to Sichuan and Yunna, China.

Because of the epicenter is in Tibet, the earthquake was later called Assam-Tibet earthquake or earthquake Assam. The earthquake occurred as a result of the Indian continental plate collision that goes into the Eurasian continental plate.

9. North Sumatra, Indonesia, in 2005 (8.6 magnitude)
More than 1,000 people were killed and hundreds were injured, mostly in Nias, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The quake struck just a few months after the earthquake that destroyed the region’s larger (earthquake list number 3).

The epicenter was happening below the surface of the Indian Ocean, where the Indo-Australian plate pushing the Eurasian plate in the Sunda Strait. The occurrence of this earthquake similar to the 2004 Aceh earthquake

8. Rat Island, Alaska, in 1965 (8.7 magnitude)
Alaska being the only country that triggered a 10 meter tsunami after the earthquake that occurred in the previous seven years. Earthquake alone caused only minor damage at the end of the Aleutian Islands. While the tsunami caused by the earthquake is even spread to Hawaii and Japan.

This earthquake occurred as a result of the Pacific plate pushes under the North American continental plate at a large gathering of Alaska-Aleutian plate. Impact, asphalt roads in Alaska fractured. The runway at the US Coast Guard Loran Station also heavily damaged.

7. Off the coast of Ecuador, in 1906 (8.8 Richter scale)
earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale off the coast of Ecuador and Colombia triggered a tsunami that killed 1,500 people. The tsunami was spread along the coast of Central America and San Francisco, as well as Japan.

The earthquake occurred along the boundary between the Nazca plate and the South American plate. Many ships sailing when it turned back after seeing the sea have ups abruptly.

6. Offshore Maule, Chile 2010 (8.8 magnitude)
Five years ago at least 500 people died and 800 thousand people displaced by the earthquake and tsunami. More than 1.8 million people were affected. Total economic losses were estimated at US $ 30 billion, or equivalent to Rp 389 trillion. The epicenter occurred along the boundary between the Nazca and South American plates.

5. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, 1952 (9.0 Richter scale)
earthquake is an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale was recorded first. Struck off the east coast of Kamchatka, the earthquake triggered a tsunami as high as 13 meters. Not only in Russia, the tsunami hit Crescent City, California, United States.

There was no casualties from this earthquake, but some areas of Hawaii suffered losses of property damage was estimated at US $ 1 million. The tsunami waves also threw the ship sailing on the high seas to the edge of the beach, destroying piers, and entered the city streets.

4. East Coast of Honshu, Japan, in 2011 (9.0 magnitude)
On March 11, 2011, an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale triggered a tsunami that killed 29 thousand people and destroying some of Japan’s nuclear reactors. This earthquake is the largest earthquake ever in the country of the Rising Sun. Sebanyk 50 aftershocks measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale struck Honshu.

This large earth tremors caused by the impulse plate near the trough of Japan, right on the boundary between the Pacific tectonic plate and the North America. Pacific plate pushed down into the North American plate.

3. Remove the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia, in 2004 (9.1 magnitude)
earthquake is the largest earthquake in the world and the third largest since the earthquake in Prince William Sound, Alaska, in 1964. This earthquake triggered a tsunami 13 meters high that destroyed most great Aceh Province and some other areas on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

The total death toll is estimated at 227 thousand people and left 1.7 million people displaced. A total of 14 countries in Southeast Asia and East Africa also received submissions quake caused tsunami Aceh. The epicenter is due to release a boost pressure between mainland India and Burma plates.

2. Prince William Sound, Alaska, in 1964 (9.2 magnitude)
shocks triggered earth nearly 20 meter high tsunami and claimed 128 lives, and caused a loss of US $ 311 million. Earthquake damage occurred in many cities, including Anchorage, about 120 kilometers northwest of the epicenter.

The earthquake rupture along the seismically active fault between the North American and Pacific plates. Getara lasted for three minutes.

1. Chile, 1960 (9.5 Richter scale)
Around 1,655 people were killed by the biggest quake ever recorded in history. Thousands more were injured and millions of people lost the high ground. Southern Chile also suffered material losses of US $ 550 million. The earthquake caused by snapping the Nazca plate under South American plate this triggered a tsunami that killed 61 people in Hawaii, 138 in Japan and 32 people in the Philippines.

Factors Causing Earthquake

Where do earthquakes occur in the us – In a historical record of earthquakes in the 20th century until the 21th century is now often happens that a large magnitude earthquakes and even less likely that caused the tsunami. As well as recently happened, namely the earthquake in Japan March 11, 2011 scale 9.0 on the Richter scale that were previously revised from the 8.9 SR. The earthquake in Japan has also caused a wave of tsunami japan 2011 . Date October 26, 2010 earthquake in Mentawai scale of 7.2 SR also cause Tsunami Mentawai .

Besides earthquakes that does not lose the enormity of the case in Aceh on 26 December 2004. A powerful earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale rocked Aceh and North Sumatra as well cause a tsunami in the Indian Ocean. This natural disaster has claimed over 220,000 lives ( List Earthquake / Tsunami in Ages 20-21 ). Of the many earthquakes that occurred in the Century 20-21, on this occasion will little about the understanding of earthquakes , types of earthquakes as well as the factors that cause earthquakes, as reported.

Sebutkan Penyebab Terjadinya Gempa Bumi

Understanding Earthquakes
Earthquakes are vibrations or shocks that occur in the Earth’s surface. Earthquakes are caused by movements in the earth’s crust (tectonic plates). The word earthquake is also used to indicate the origin of the earthquake occurrence. Our Earth is solid though, always moving, and earthquakes occur when pressure happens because the movement was already too big to be detained

Types of Earthquake
1. Earthquakes volcanic (Volcano);
This earthquake occurred as a result of magma activity, which usually happens before the volcano erupted. If the higher activeness it will cause an explosion that would also lead to the occurrence of earthquakes. The earthquake was only felt around the volcano.

2. Tectonic earthquakes;
The earthquake was caused by the tectonic activity, ie shifting tectonic plates suddenly has the power from very small to very large. This earthquake caused more damage or natural disasters on earth, a powerful earthquake vibrations capable of spreading to all parts of the earth.

Tectonic earthquakes are caused by perlepasan [power] that occur due to shifting tectonic plates plate like a rubber band is stretched and released suddenly. Power generated by the pressure between the rocks known as tectonic disability. The theory of plate tectonic (plate tectonics) explains that the earth is composed of several layers of rock, most of the area of the crust it will drift and float in layers like snow. These layers stir slowly so broken to pieces and collide with each other. This has led to a tectonic earthquake.

Map of the distribution follows the pattern and special rules and narrow, which follows the pattern of meeting tectonic plates that make up the earth’s crust. In the earth sciences (geology), the theoretical framework of plate tectonics is a postulate to explain the phenomenon of tectonic earthquake that hit virtually the entire area, which is adjacent to the boundary of tectonic plates meeting. Examples of volcanic earthquakes is as happened in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on Saturday, May 27, 2006 early morning, at 5:54 pm.
1. Earthquake collision ; The earthquake was caused by a meteor or asteroid that fell to Earth, types of earthquakes are rare
2. earthquake debris ; Earthquakes usually occur in the limestone area or in mining regions, this earthquake is rare and localized.
3. Earthquakes artificial ; Artificial earthquake was an earthquake caused by the activities of humans, such as the detonation of dynamite, nuclear or hammers that struck the earth’s surface.

The cause of occurrence of earthquakes
Most earthquakes resulting from the release of energy produced by pressure exerted by the plates are moving. The longer the pressure that the growing and eventually reach the situation where the pressure can not be detained again by the outskirts of the slab. That’s when an earthquake will occur.

Earthquakes usually happen at the aforementioned borders of those continental shelf. The most severe earthquakes typically occur at plate boundaries compressional and translational. The earthquake focus in would likely occur because of material sandwiched into the lithospheric layer undergoes a phase transition at a depth of more than 600 km.

Several other earthquakes can also occur due to movement of magma inside the volcano. Earthquakes like it could be a symptom of impending volcanic eruption. Several earthquakes (rare but) also occur due to accumulated huge mass of water behind the dam, such as the Caribbean Dam in Zambia, Africa.

Some (infrequently) can also occur due to injection or akstraksi liquid from / into the earth (eg. At some thermal power plants of the earth and in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Recently, earthquakes can also occur from blasting explosives. It can make scientists monitoring the secret tests of nuclear weapons by the government. the earthquake that caused by humans as it is also called induced seismicity.

Biggest Earthquakes in the World

The natural disaster was never to be expected when it comes and attacks. Starting from tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes to tsunamis, everything can come anytime and instantly devastated sturdy buildings, trees and buildings that look stocky though.

These last few years, not a natural disaster which then destroys nature. Indiscriminate it is developing or developed countries, almost all regions of the earth have ever felt.

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Still remember the earthquake great that not only destroyed the building but also the hearts of many human beings on earth? Recorded 10 Biggest Earthquakes in the World , as reported ClickTop10 happened since 1900 and has many victims materials and casualty disappear instantly swept away by earthquake terrible.

10 Earthquake Assam, Tibet

The earthquake that had swept Assam, Tibet’s magnitude 8.6 SR. Claimed the lives of about 1500 on August 15, 1950 ago.

Dots earthquake struck the area of Yunnan, China, Calcutta and India. There are few areas have shifted and the river stopped flowing from it. Then the earthquake creates another disaster such as a major flood and destroy the villages and healing the soul.

9 quake North Sumatra, Indonesia

March 28, 2005, Indonesia mourned by an earthquake of 8.6 magnitude strikes. The earthquakewas a catastrophic aftershocks after the 2004 Aceh tsunami attacked large.

There are about 1,300 people die from it. Lasted about two minutes, the earthquake had a chance to create panic and fear of a tsunami. And indeed, the tsunami had not formed, but not too big and not creating an extremely severe damage.

8 earthquake Rat Island, Alaska

In 1965, an earthquake of 8.7 magnitude strike Alaska. Creating a 10 meter tsunami and spread leads to Japan. Two months later, an earthquake volcanic which is the aftershocks come again. Pose little tsunami and the damage is not too severe. Fortunately, no casualties were reported to have died in an earthquake this large.

7 Earthquake Ecuador, Colombia

January 31, 1906, an earthquake large-sized 8.8-magnitude attack off the coast of Ecuador and Colombia. The earthquake is then created a massive tsunami that killed more than 1500 people.

Tsunami even reached San Francisco and Japan. And leaving the dark sorrow in the hearts of those who witnessed the destruction and loss of relatives.

6 earthquake offshore Maule, Chile

A month after Haiti was rocked by an earthquake 7 SR and killed more than 200 thousand people, Chile 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked back.

There are countless casualties of about 500 people who died, 800 thousand people had to be evacuated, and more than 1.8 inhabitants suffered losses due to the earthquake and tsunami which combined attack area where they live. Tsunami then detected threaten 53 countries and massive damage reaches billions of dollars.

5 Earthquake Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

Earthquakes 9 SR world’s first recorded in 1952, on the peninsula of Kamchatka, Russia. There are no reports of deaths at the time, even when reported 13-meter high tsunami had hit Crescent City, California.

Even so, it was reported huge material losses suffered by Hawaii because of the severe damage suffered by them.

4 Earthquake East Coast of Honshu, Japan

Earthquakes biggest ever attack Japan occurred on March 11, 2011. The earthquake of 9.0 magnitude shook Japan is expected for 6 minutes. The tsunami caused 29 thousand deaths, and cause damage Fukushima nuclear reactor exploded.

There are more than 50 points were badly damaged by the earthquake.

3 Earthquake Offshore North Sumatra, Indonesia

One earthquake world’s third largest recorded in Aceh. 9.1 magnitude earthquake swallows around 227 thousand deaths, 1.7 million people were displaced, with 14 points tsunami invading countries in South Asia to East Africa.

The tsunami not only destroyed many facilities but also devastated many locations. The earthquake that occurred December 26, 2004 up to now still leaves grief and trauma for people in Aceh.

2 Earthquake Prince William Sound, Alaska

An area called the Prince William in Alaska was attacked earthquake of 9.2 magnitude in 1964.The earthquake , which lasted for 3 minutes was swallowed 128 casualties, and creates havoc everywhere.

Many landslides, chaos communication lines, broken gas pipes, power outages, and the tsunami caused damage throughout the region of Hawaii.