6 Tips Strategies Being Businessman Better


Many businesses are using various means to develop its business in order to further develop. Good use of dirty and way way way better, but can I make sure that when you build mesin jahit singer your business by way of dirty maybe it is effective but will not succeed in the long term or permanent. Unlike the good you are doing business with and the hard work that will make you appreciate the effort you make with so bisis you will thrive in the long term.

Well this time I will share about tips on how to become a better businessman, both in terms of using the best steps in advancing the business that you struggled and have a good personality for a businessman. If you do things better then your business will be progressing well. Here are tips on how to be a good businessperson and has succeeded in:

how to become a better businessman

Tips to Become a Better Businessman

Be grateful
Feelings are always grateful for that we can either in profit or loss. Gratitude will teach us to be more sociable and avoid ambition always felt less of something, and of course, when the business that we run a loss we can accept gracefully and can fix mistakes mistakes in business it better for business to return to normal even more developed.


Change error so experience
Yes, each person must experience an error in the business world and you should not see it as a thing you have to lament, okay you feel sad but soon do housekeeping on your mistakes, make your mistakes so valuable experiences for learning in the future in determining the steps to do business better. Success is failure delayed but that phrase applies only to those who never give up and make mistakes as a valuable experience.

Mingle with colleagues who can motivate
If you hang out and make friends with perfumers then you too will feel the scent of perfume that your friends are selling, as it also applies in the business world. If there along with people who are successful and have high motivation then you too will become a more successful and always motivated in business life as well as your everyday life. Bergaulah with people who can motivate you. This is useful in personal and professional life.

Full Confidence
Confidence can make you able to do things that others can not do. Show me your skills in the business world with positive thoughts, change you lack the motivation to do things better. People who are successful with the number of customers for its products is that they have high confidence, if you are alone do not believe in yourself how you will convince others to buy or use the product you are selling business.

Keep your professional reputation
Because the rotten apples, so broken milk pot proverb yes it is true, do not let you do even a small negative thing because it would destroy the reputation you build for a long time. avoid the negative things that can destroy entire hard working person. But maintaining a reputation that does not mean you forget the good relationships with friends and family. You never know when it will be membutuhkann them.

Motivate yourself every day
Motivate yourself every day merupaan effective ways that you can use to build your character. Write errors that you do today so you can change it tomorrow, as well as the need to write down what you are doing or you are targeting today so that tomorrow you can achieve it.

Authoritative & Respected Shirts, Here Tipsnya


Tips to become an authoritative boss – Being a boss is possible for tas ultah anak most people would think that such a position may be positioned easily because it has a lot of subordinates who helped her. And most people would think that most subordinates or employees will be reluctant with their superiors. But you should know that not all employees or subordinates respect their superiors, they are not reluctant because they love and respect the authority of their superiors, but they are reluctant (afraid) because the boss usually in control or have the authority to contribute dismiss employees or subordinates.

Authoritative & Respected Shirts, Here Tipsnya

Well this time I will share tips on how to become a respected authoritative boss subordinates with respect and like a subordinate not only because they are afraid. Being the boss has a big responsibility to accommodate the wishes and interests of higher superiors and responsible to communicate this to employees or subordinates to make the process work better or match the standard set by the company. Therefore, an employer must accommodate kepetingan superiors and subordinates properly and correctly. When the lame, for example only accommodate a higher position, it may be labeled “lick” or unfairly by his subordinates.

Here are some tips to help you become a boss who has authority in the presence of your subordinates, other than that they will love, honor and respect you as their leader:

An example and a good example for your subordinates
It has become common if the subordinates or employees will copy or imitate the behavior of his superior work. Leader or supervisor will be an example for subordinates or employees, so show you an example of a good boss and could be an example to your subordinates. Can you give an example like come on time, working diligently etc. By becoming a boss who can be an example to your subordinates, then you will be respected and liked by your employees. see also tips on improving the performance and promotion

Being a boss who disciplines will provide an assessment to your employees that you are assertive and authoritative boss could well motivate subordinates to imitate your attitude. Time discipline, work discipline, and discipline in any field related work will make you liked and respected your employees.

Giving praise and punishment
For menjdai boss authoritative and respected employees you do not need to be ashamed of praising your employees performing productive by providing bonuses according to performance but you also did not hesitate to impose penalties or sanctions that are appropriate for your employees who are lazy or do not obey the rules. Applying the appropriate reward and punishment will motivate your subordinates. For example, give more votes (reward) to subordinates who diligently worked than subordinates were lazy (punishment). Thus, industrious and lazy subordinates would know cause they got a salary increase of it. Hopefully, they will be more motivated to not lazy to work. see also tips on negotiating salary job interview.

Embrace your employees as “associates” rather than as “babu”
As an employer you are entitled to use your authority to adjust your employees. But do not use your authority to exceed the limits that make you sewenag treatment by your authority as a supervisor. Embrace your subordinates as your colleagues based on the duties and responsibilities of each. You as a leader can direct, develop, and provide a good example and your employees are obliged to follow the procession work according to the direction you as their supervisor. Well by embracing them as “colleagues” not as “babu” can you tell ordered to arbitrarily make subordinates will honor and respect you as a boss.

Always build good communication
To build a good emotional bond with subordinates hence always communicate well with subordinates will make you dignified in front of your subordinates. There is no harm in gathering or joking with employees in a timely manner or conduct weekly meetings specifically to accommodate complaints, difficulties or what is perceived by your employees associated with the job. Do not just be silent in the room or office. If you have spare time, for example when the coffee break or lunch, interact with your subordinates from any position. When interacting with them, make small talk fishing subordinate you comfortable talking with you. Conversation topics can be related to work or not.

be professional
Professionalism is how you look authoritative in front of your subordinates. how do you solve the problem, how your performance, how responsibility and your duty as a superior and others associated with the professionalism you will determine your authority in front of your employees or subordinates who incidentally has the character and diversity of each individual. Be professional and realized There were working in diverse work environments. Also read how to address a stern boss.

Continuous improvement, Controlling & build that better future
As a good boss you will perform a gradual improvement and continuous (continuous improvement). It is generally in the form of the ongoing effort to improve products, services, or work processes that make the future will be better.

In achieving its goals, you must have a good control on the extent of the achievement of your goals. These forms of control can be like a weekly meeting, meeting biweekly, or monthly meetings. Ask for proof to your subordinates in accordance with their responsibilities. In other words, do not believe the talk of your subordinates that everything is fine. If there is anything that misses the target, immediately evaluate and determine the next steps to get your target is reached.

Resolve difficulties and problems faced by your subordinates
You as the employer is required not only able to organize and direct the work process as requested by the company, to become an authoritative boss you should be more than it is nurture, guide and educate your employees well. Not all subordinates will carry out the work as you expect. Sometimes they were experiencing technical obstacles that need your guidance as his superior. Therefore, informasikannlah to your subordinates that you with open arms will guide your subordinates in carrying out the task and hit the target or in accordance with procedures established by the company.

How To Make Tomato Mask

You can get the benefits of tomatoes for beauty by making it as a natural face mask. Ways of making tomato mask can also be mixed with other ingredients. Follow these steps to create a natural tomato mask at home:

1. Tomatoes, oatmeal and lemon

The third mixture This material is very good for your skin. Overcoming oily skin, eliminate acne and provide nutrients to the skin. The trick like this:

• Prepare fresh tomatoes, lemon and oatmeal
• Wash the tomatoes and lemon
• Enter the tomatoes that have been cut pieces into a blender
• Add lemon juice and oatmeal
• Blend until smooth and into potions desired
• Apply on face and neck evenly. Let stand for 30 minutes to allow the mask to dry
• After drying and pervasive, adopted by rinsing using clean water
• Perform routine once a week

2. Tomato, lemon and sugar

The benefits to be gained from the third mixture of these ingredients is tighten skin and shrink pores. With small pores, the dirt will not be easily entered and lodged in the skin.

• Prepare fresh tomatoes, brown sugar powder, and lime
• Wash the tomatoes and oranges nipisnya
• Puree the tomatoes in a blender means
• Once the tomatoes finely, mix with lime juice and brown sugar powder to taste
• Stir the three ingredients until well blended
• Once the potion is ready for use, apply on your face as a mask
• Apply evenly to the face and neck and leave for 15-20 minutes. Wait until dry
• Rinse with warm water and repeat with cold water

3. Tomatoes and liquid milk

The combination of tomato and milk will produce a mask that is rich in nutrients. The content of vitamins, minerals and other substances contained in each of these materials are very good for rejuvenating the skin.

• Prepare the tomatoes and whole milk. If you have trouble getting milk, you can get it at the nearest supermarket
• Puree the tomatoes that have been washed clean and add a little water by means of a blender
• Strain the tomato juice and water use juice alone
• Mix the tomato water with whole milk which has been prepared
• Keep first the mixture in the refrigerator to cool
• Once cool, apply the mask by using a cotton swab or brush to the face and neck
• Allow 10-15 minutes or wait until dry
• Rinse with clean water. Avoid contact with eyes. Perform routine a maximum of one week

4. Tomato and cornstarch

Benefit from the combination of tomatoes and cornstarch mask is useful to eliminate acne, oily facial overcome and also able to smooth the skin.

• Puree the tomatoes in a blender without the use of water
• Mix with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch to form a paste
• Apply on the face evenly. Wait until dry and rinse with clean water

5. Tomato and Honey Mask

A combination of tomato and honey mask is very effective to remove blackheads, acne, eliminate dark spots, brighten and whiten the face. Once the treatments are many benefits that we can get. The way is also quite easy.

• Take 2 pieces of fresh tomatoes, wash and then blended as to make tomato juice.
• Add a tablespoon of honey and stir until evenly distributed.
• Apply the mixture on the entire face (avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth).
• Leave on for 30 minutes until the mask dries by itself.
• Rinse your face with water and clean the remnants of tomatoes still attached.

Facial treatments using the mask tomatoes and other natural materials can not instantly see the results. For maximum results take time and care on a regular basis.

There are Two Significant Properties That Recommend Satellite Radio

There are Two Significant Properties That Recommend Satellite RadioThere are two significant properties that recommend satellite radio as a service most people would like to have in their vehicles or dwellings: excellence and content. When talking about excellence we predominantly refer to how clear the sound output is from spacecraft radio when compare to terrestrial radio broadcasts. Content, on the other hand, refers to the quality of the transited material. This is where the two monstrous in the spacecraft radio manufacture- Sirius and XM Radio- combat it out. The excellence of the receivers and information and communication technologies they both use are similar, but certain differences can be made when it is necessary to exclusive high quality content. Let’s have a look at both the spacecraft radio excellence and content properties :

Broadcasting excellence

The broadcast quality is, when lay in digits, of 128kb/ s 44.1 khz for both digital radio service providers. This is the equivalent of CD quality. Although the coverage of spacecraft radio, which is far superior to what any terrestrial radio terminal are available in, is an important factor, the quality of the clang is what delivered Sirius and XM Radio more readers. There are a lot similarities to the method digital television wreaked or how cable Tv has over 80% of the US population as readers, although they can receive free programming employing UHF and VHF feelers. It’s the same with satellite radio- although one can get free terrestrial radio, satellite radio comes at an affordable rate and furnish a broadcasting excellence that is superior to analog radio. Too keep in mind that satellite radio is business free- and this is huge selling extent .
The high analog-to-digital shift excellence means that there will be no clang obstructions, rasping phones and other audio agitations characteristic to FM and AM communications. This is mostly obvious when listening to music on your spacecraft radio plan. The bass is much stronger and accurate, while the high clang heights are crystal clear. There is also a stronger mid range of phones that you will consider to be more robust and accurate than what terrestrial radio induces. Although someone with a trained hearing will tell you the music excellence is not exactly as good as CD quality, it is extremely close and for the most significant majority of users this difference is not even noticeable .


So now that we know how good the technological line-up of spacecraft radio really is, let’s have a look at how broadcasters are trying to improve the quality of the content they specify. One of the most interesting approaches was to fight for obtaining exclusivity over some communications. For illustration, discussions have been carried out between XM Radio and MLB in order for the spacecraft radio provider to find exclusivity privileges to broadcast all MLB tournaments. In an interrogation to WSJ, Edison Media Research’s President Larry Rosin declared that” it is probably inevitable that baseball radio broadcasts will go to a 100% due mannequin … It will happen because there’s too much coin in it not to do it .” Today, around 23% of XM readers are signed up to receive the MLB communications, so there is real capacity in such a bet. Of direction, this would be a superb jolt against terrestrial radio and the two sides are engaged in combat while you are speaking this. Of direction, content excellence can also be increased by having the best people in service industries work with spacecraft radio. Both Sirius and XM Radio know that someone who pays $300 for a receiver and $10- $12 every month for a radio busines wants to get the best content out there. Amazingly, when it is necessary to music paths, the differences among content excellence between satellite radio and terrestrial radio is constituted in one primary topic- commercials( or rather, need of commercials on spacecraft radio ). Since the majority of members of XM Radio and Sirius paths are in-house makes and only a small percentage are retransmits of terrestrial radio, this becomes an interesting aspect to consider .

Examples regarding Home Based company pertaining to Profitable Housewife  

Examples of Home Based corporations Housewife — Opening your firm regarding housewives is actually How you can increase funds cash families, within this side corporation housewife will increase your coffers involving dollars pertaining to everyday purposes. though funds by the husband is usually at the tube for the Requirements on the future.

Many kinds involving companies The item is function by mesin jahit singer housewives, home-based corporation in little start-up capital can be a type connected with firm This can be meant for housewives. and also capital will be absolutely with need of the strong can along with high motivation for you to make the efforts which will be perform As outlined by expectations.

Building in a hand businessmen

Home-Based businesses for example Housewife

This type associated with corporation is actually Least complicated for housewives are usually corporations That do not mengaggu ones activities as a housewife, but This sure will attempt to function According to your current talent and expertise associated with each. pertaining to anybody seeking a home corporation housewife can listen to be able to a series of of the right after examples.

Home-Based companies with regard to example Housewife


1. institution Crops

If people get a yard It is acceptable intended for starting the business, your current plant would not hurt if anyone try in order to attempt the particular one. Plants that you should Make a institution can be ornamental plants, herbs or maybe spices. consequently ones yard on your current house is not in vain along with can establish money. and also business, ones yard may shop extra beautiful especially As soon as the plants inside stacking them neatly.

2. Catering

Catering business is actually promising from the big advantage, naturally you\’ll want to become capable to Master the science regarding cooking. Catering is actually crammed through a great heavy meal, your current catering business but to help look added add You might additionally accept transactions throughout other versions associated with foods including cakes. Make That less complicated to be able to manage them You can MAKE USE OF your own neighbors as well as relatives.

3. your own author Freelace

If that you are a great housewife who are generally proficient within bringing in writing such article next there is no harm no matter whether starting a good corporation freelance writer. to be able to added facilitate throughout bringing in your current article after that create articles That match your box control. right now your most significant websites necessitate many freelance writers for you to complete his site article.

4. Parcel

Parcel usually on the search and also in need Whenever approaching feast of Eid, several versions associated with parcels that you can make, the most important a person need high creativity It parcel so that you can produce require with the market.

5. Reseller goods

Becoming a good reseller associated with items is usually performed inside ease in addition to minimal capital, for you to housewives, your current types regarding merchandise It is usually sold is the home furnishings, bags and clothing. you\’ll want to acquire sellers associated with merchandise It might be invited to be able to cooperate from the good, sole subsequently You will produce these kind of items to be able to customers at a great higher price as compared to your own price set from the seller.

6. Sew

If you might be good in sewing affairs after that open an home-based sewing institution be the appropriate selection intended for you, your company is a sideline as well as may people do While there exists spare time.

7. Open place Les

The idea of ??home-based firms for the 7th You will try is actually to open a good business les that will You\’ll open Making use of your home. But first You will need to have your ability in the field regarding education are qualified, especially whether or not people teach students ranging by elementary to help high school level.

8. Crafts

A corporation This requires high creativity, although your own first capital necessary is adjusted in order to The kind of craft which will be created. several versions of crafts that you should make, such as example connected with thrift. for the person connected with people that tend to be interested inside bringing in crafts from recycled materials please read the corporation coming from Consignment easy along with Profitable.

Any benefits Cabe Rawit for our health?


1. Cabe Rawit as a natural remedy to fight cancer

Research by scientists in England found that capsaicin contained by cayenne able to eliminate cancer cells, even without damaging healthy cells. If consumed regularly and routinely.

2. Cabe Rawit reduce cholesterol in food

Do you like eating fried with chili as fresh vegetables? In addition to Basil, Chili can also be eaten as fresh vegetables. Turns cayenne pepper can also reduce cholesterol in the greasy food. Cayenne pepper can also burn calories in the body. 25% of calories contained in your body can be burned by cayenne pepper.

3. Cabe Rawit can inhibit Aging

The content of cayenne form of vitamin C and beta-carotene can prevent premature aging. This means that you have to like to eat chili so young and beautiful.

Chili Benefits To Health Really Exceptional

4. Cabe Rawit can prevent stroke

Stroke is a severe disease that is feared by everyone. Stroke is caused by several factors. Discover the natural herb for treating stroke in this blog. One natural remedy to prevent stroke is to use cayenne. In addition to preventing stroke, cayenne pepper also reduce blood clots.

5. Healthy heart with Cabe consumption Rawit

Blockage of blood flow can cause heart disease. Cayenne beneficial for blood flow, so that heart disease can be prevented.

6. Cabe Rawit efficacious for treating muscle spasms and Joint Pain

In addition to increasing the appetite, Capcaisin in cayenne pepper can relieve muscle spasms and disease in the joints of the body. Rheumatism can be reduced by the consumption of chilli pepper. [Read: Natural Remedy To Cure Gout]

7. Cabe Rawit can keep the Body Fitness

Many vital substances contained by cayenne. Vitamin C as an antioxidant very important role to keep your Body Fitness. Cayenne protect your body from the attacks of some diseases.

8. Cabe Rawit support Fertility

Not just good for Body Fitness, cayenne pepper also contribute to fertility. Do not stop there, Cayenne is also believed to add to the harmony in the household. Impotence risk can be reduced by the consumption of chilli pepper.

Important! getting started up utilizing New Vehicles

Initial utilize in addition to manner involving treatment While your vehicle is still new and so discover your own age of a vehicle


Initial utilize in addition to manner associated with treatment Any time your vehicle will be still new consequently discover your age of any vehicle at the future. It is mouse mobil honda semarang clicks to recall That an individual follows ones instructions with regard to operation of the vehicle up to be able to 1,000 km and note your current following:

Heat engine vehicles, especially in the morning previous functioning your vehicle for the activity. Heating need not linger enough 3-5 minutes.

Avoid working ones vehicle at low speed that has a high gear position.

Do not Just click your current accelerator too deep Whenever you turn towards the machine.

Avoid sudden braking sooner ones vehicle an distance connected with 320 km.

Run the vehicle on a good average speed.

Do not utilize the vehicle to help pull an trailer sooner reaching 960 km

10 Examples involving Promising on the internet company Opportunities


Examples regarding online business prospects — firm on the internet lately in order to end up being exceptional pertaining to anyone, ease connected with managing along with the network is usually not limited to be able to generating on the internet company directly into single of jasa pembuatan huruf timbul the quite a few firms perform mainly from young you as well as students. Own on the internet business is operate via an individual regardless connected with education, titles along with background.

Indeed, whether my partner and i imagine your online company go shopping quite difficult, there exists even the pessimistic within this on the internet company to say where we can create money online, The world wide web is usually not ones virtual world, though my spouse and i are at the true world. This can be reasonable especially whether your own on-line business is usually pessimistic with older a person that will do not understand The net especially on the net firm itself.

10 Examples associated with Promising on-line firm Opportunities

The benefits involving online company quite a good lot, ranging because of the 1st capital This i can adjust your contents of a wallet, free to help work, not any leadership in addition to much more, those of anyone which are usually interested throughout online firm read just about any reviews company Least complicated as well as Best on the net business Profitable.

Online corporation is really a promising business, simply imagine inside 2014 single www users inside Indonesia are usually already menacapai figure of over 50 zillion people, This is undoubtedly enough potential to be able to run a great company considering an sizeable market. Well, regarding those associated with anyone exactly who are generally confused choosing just about any on the web company Should take simply 10 examples connected with on-line firms below.

10 Examples associated with on the web institution Opportunities


1. store Online

The on-line retailer features your current same signing principles in ordinary retailers there generally, your own activities undertaken course associated with buying along with selling products. your products usually are sold is usually quite varied, ranging through smartphones, electronics, clothing, home furnishings, accessories so forth. as compared to offline stores, on the net stores can reach all customers inside most places, your current solutions will be sent by courier SERVICE for the destination.

2. Blogging

Many do not realize Whenever in order to make income blogging, blogging, or perhaps blogging will be a good activity to write a good article It information, stories, science for you to A lot of people Concerning the world. anyone which features a blog in addition to active with the affairs of any call with bloggers blogging. a blog inside high traffic This can attract advertisers in order to advertise to the blog, but that you in addition follow the corporation technique such as PPC, affiliates along with others.

3. Dropshipping

If the on the web store is often a retailer This sells solutions for you to consumers on the internet after that droppshipping is usually a internet site / blog The idea mediates between on the internet merchants to help consumers. Dropshiping always be safer course supplied without having almost any risk, as well as the one on the web business is usually operate with little or even not any capital capital though.

4. Selling E-book

Electronic books or perhaps commonly called your current E-book is often a digital book This usually pdf format in addition to is actually opened by using a computer, laptop, as well as samrtphone. if you might be good on producing e-book and then there\’s zero harm whether you sell The idea online. E-book sales will be carried out easily, immediately after income with tranfrer You will send a good E-book for the buyer by electronic mail thus less complicated with no your carrying costs.

5. Author web site / Forum / Blog

If people can\’t produce up their own blog, your current alternatives that you do is to end up being your own author of your web page just like websites, forums and in some cases blogs. your trick certainly you have to register, whether or not you might be taken as an author with a great big website next You might consider paid inside every article an individual publish.

6. world-wide-web providers Design / Blog Templates

For anyone of anyone that tend to be experts in the pack of internet marketing especially for the package regarding design with language skills good www would not hurt whether or not an individual open a good world-wide-web design services, currently many online merchants The idea keep popping up, in general every on the internet shop wants to be able to design his web site other from the on the internet retailer other. additionally You will additionally Create a design template regarding berplatfrom blogspot along with wordpress blog. You can sell them online, regardless of whether people Produce a template It good enough subsequently The item would end up being sold to the market.

7. Seo Services

SEO as well as Search Engine Optimization is really a technique in order to optimize a good web site with search engines, internet site position with search engines affect traffic and cash through the internet site itself. no matter whether that you are the expert seo and know how seo is usually correct It there may be simply no harm no matter whether you open seo services.

8. Article Writing Services

If like a writer associated with MY internet site to help contribute directly to the development of a website, your article writing solutions are the individual who sell ones article According to your obtain of the buyer. Usually ones price involving each article will be other depending towards the language of your article, keywords at the chase, lengthy articles thus forth. 1 article when i will lone sell single time, with the sense This Any time You\’ll find various other a person who booked MY OWN article the article is singular to its person, no matter whether You will find additional people whom booked again my partner and i make again.

9. PPD, PTC, PPC, PTR, etc.

Nowadays on-line institution is usually pretty much, solitary example of a on the net company The item put in at home to be able to run along with will be suitable for beginners is corporation As PPD. PPD stands with regard to pay Per Download, by which my partner and i can be paid each Get a good application, the firm is easy looking for at smartphones like android. Additionally, there are numerous more similar people involving on-line firms that you try.

10. products Review

The variety connected with products sold coming from online retailers make writing services review within need. coming from writing an review on the goods my spouse and i can carry your current money. an review This really is released Just in case convince ones standardized wrote language. You must be clever inside writing The benefits of your own product.

16 Benefits of Betel Leaf Green  

At the time of this information, I will discuss the benefits of green betel leaf. Green betel leaf contains very much at all for the health and beauty of the face, because the green betel leaf contains kavibetol, kavicol, estragol, hidrosikavicol, essential oils, phenyl propane, allylpyrokatekol, caryophyllene, cyneole, cadinene, diastase, tannin, starch, sesquiterpene, terpennene and sugar. These substances are made of betel leaves are beneficial to health and beauty. Many benefits can be felt by traditional medicine using the betel leaves, some of which are:

Benefits Betel Leaf Green

Can cure asthma, way is by boiling 4 green betel leaves with 2 cups water, boiled until the water only remaining 1 cup. Then drink the cooking water 2 times a day on a regular basis.
Benefits Betel Leaf Green
Betel leaves Green
Can cure inflammation of the throat, the same way by treating asthma.

Can eliminate body odor, way is by mashing some green betel leaf and rub on your armpits. Do it regularly after bathing.
Can cure skin diseases such as eczema dry and wet eczema, the same way as above.
Can prevent and eliminate stubborn acne, way is the same as the above by applying to the face with acne and let stand for 1 hour. After that, rinse with warm water.
Can treat an eye, one way is to boil the green betel leaves with ½ cup water. Boil until boiling water and let stand until lukewarm, then dropped into the affected eye.
Can launch an irregular menstruation by drinking boiled water betel leaf green.
Can be used as a repellent against mosquitoes, flies and ants.
Nosebleeds can be used as a drug by rolling betel leaf, then enter the affected nasal bleeding
Can eliminate bad breath, way is to boil the green betel leaf as much as 2-3 pieces. Then the cooking water is used to rinse his mouth, doing this method at night before going to bed regularly it bad breath will disappear.
Can treat toothache and swollen gums, way is by chewing betel leaf green one sheet and let stand a few moments about 10-15 minutes. Then wipe with a way to rinse with warm water, do this treatment regularly and dental pain and the swelling was gradually will recover.
Can overcome vaginal discharge, way is to boil some betel leaves and then boiled water drunk regularly every day and you can also basuhkan on Miss V.
Can treat canker sores, canker sores way to overcome that is by chewing the betel leaves and then set aside some time, then rinse your mouth with warm water. If you are not strong with the smell, you can boil 3 betel leaves with 2 cups of water and boil until the water only remaining 1 cup only. Then rinse your mouth with boiled water betel leaf in warm. Regularly drink 1 cup a day until the mouth ulcer healed.
Can be used as a drug to treat dengue, way is to boil five betel leaves with a plus 2 cups of water and boil until the remaining 1 cup. Then water betel leaf decoction is drunk regularly 2 times a day. To prevent mosquito bites dengue way is by mashing betel leaves until smooth, then apply on the body that are not protected. Then the mosquito causes dengue fever was guaranteed would not dare bite.
Can treat burns, way is to heat the betel leaves until wilted and paste over the affected skin burns. Within a few days the burn will be gradually improved.
Can relieve the itching of the skin, how is the green betel leaf mashing until smooth and then apply on the skin that experience itching. Within a few moments of itching will gradually disappear.
Well says the benefits of green betel leaf can I inform you all, hopefully this information can be useful and good luck.

New Car Buying Tips For Beginners


The desire to buy a car is a lot crossed the minds of many people, especially those who have sufficient income. Sometimes for first-time buyers, they just see from the model alone, which is considered to be interesting and appropriate to the amount of funds held. As for buying a new car, for those who want to have for the first time, there are things that should be considered so as not to be disappointed after getting the desired car.

New Car Purchase Tips for Beginners
New Car Purchase Tips for Beginners
If you want to buy a car mobil honda semarang, at least have a bit of knowledge essentially, ranging from machinery to electrical problems. It was important to reach out to prospective customers, especially those who want to buy a car for the first time. Before determining want to buy a new car, it is worth attending exhibitions car and looking for as much information over the internet, such as in Carmudi Indonesia. For brevity, here are some guidelines or tips for first-time buyers, so that no one chose the car you want to purchase.

Specify Model Car and Completeness Feature
For car buyers novice, the first and fundamental thing to know is to determine the model of car you want, and also features a car completeness. This is to find out what you need from a car. In addition, you also need to know the additional equipment that is offered, whether in the form of packages or sold separately. This is the main factor for you to determine the purchase of vehicles.

Determine Budget and Funding Set Minimum 20 Percent of Cars
The next step is to figure out the price of the car you want to define a deposit or down payment (DP). Typically, advances or DP magnitude of at least 20 percent of the price of the car. For example, you want to buy one sedan hatchback Toyota Agya. If the price is Rp. 120 million, then 20 percent of the price is Rp. 24 million. That fund should be prepared to be used as a down payment or DP.

Note PPnBM and Annual Car Tax
Once you know the model and price of the car you want, you also need to know the size of the Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (Tax) as well as annual tax. Here, you must be observant enough to compare the price of the car. Sometimes for this type of car at the same price, the tax so charged can vary greatly.

Find Trusted Financing Institutions and the Interest Rate
If you have determined, then the next thing is to find a trusted financial institutions and determine the level of interest rates. Do not just believe the lure with zero percent interest, because it can be when in the dealership to be different. Compare prices of cars from one dealership to another dealer before making a decision. After that, find a trusted financial institutions and interest rates are reasonable.

Make Driving Test or Test Drive
To further assure your decision when it chose the desired car, immediately do the driving test or a test drive. This is done so that you feel confident and certain that the car liking. In addition, the driving test is also important to know the features that are offered by the car, starting from a level of comfort to safety.

That’s a few tips to buy a new car for beginners. These tips are expected to slightly help those who are looking for a car for the first time, so they are not disappointed when it was getting the car of her dreams during this time.