The Kostum Badut And Masks Inspired By Sport

For many people, sport is a passion for dedicating their free time. So why not be inspired by their own sports uniforms for occasions like Carnival, Halloween or masquerade parties?

Many production companies of carnival costumes offer in the catalogs of kostum badut inspired by the world of football and sport in general. But be careful! The good news is that by dressing up in costumes inspired by the sport do not necessarily need to buy a dress: you can also recycle what you have at home or Рat most Рbuy at sporting goods store everything you need.

In this post, we would like to offer tips to create original and funny masks inspired by the world of sport by choosing whether to buy a real costume, use what you have at home or draw on a store of real sports. Warning: In some cases, you may also need to go to groom old vintage markets, but we believe it is a problem for those who like shopping!

A great classic: a player costumes

This will probably be the carnival costume that all children will want to wear. The football stars are in fact real star to which every child wants to look like.

To dress as a player enough uniform soccer and football boots. If temperatures are stiff, you can add a mock turtleneck and tights. Completing the estate as a player a duffel bag, shin guards and arm ball. If you have a favorite football player, he will wear his shirt and you can use wigs and makeup to look like the sample also in the physical.

A fun variation of a footballer costume is the costume vintage football player, for which you need a football outfit of the past. football uniforms also have evolved with fashion: each era has had its own style, perfectly recognizable by details such as the width of the shirt and pants, the length of the socks, the colors used, the fabrics … If you are the retro lovers, impress your friends with a truly original vintage costume!

The sports mascot costume

Challenged, love or teasing, the mascots are the recognizable symbol of sporting events, teams and fans. The mock Romulus or the school year. Rome, the donkey for Napoli, but also the Olympic mascots and those of the World Cup: there is a sporting occasion for which there is created a special mascot.

The mask mascot is fun and original idea for the kids. Since this is almost always a swimsuit fleece or other heavy fabric, the mascot mask is also a good solution for the carnival celebrations, which take place outdoors with unfriendly temperatures!

Gymnast or dancer

What little girl she does not dream of becoming a dancer or gymnast? At least at the carnival, this dream can become reality. To dress as a ballerina – needless to say – serve tutus, tights, shoes and body. Completing the costume chiffon and eye-catching trick.

The dancer’s costume can be a good solution also for grownups. An original is found for example that of disguise with a friend from white and black swan, inspired by the main characters of “Swan Lake.” Teamed with himself, why not be inspired instead to “The Nutcracker”?

Wrestler, boxer or ninja

Finally, an idea for those who love combat sports or martial arts.

The wrestling is a spectacular and dramatic discipline, in which the most famous athletes are recognizable because of their style or clothing (in the photo below you can see for example the costume of the famous wrestler Undertaker). For this reason, the writing is great as a sport to inspire them to create a mask.

If you intend to sewing, decorating and make-up, to be inspired wrestling champions and leave everyone speechless at the kostum badut¬†party! If you want something simpler, then create a costume inspired by Japanese ninja: basic clothing, some fake weapon and you’re done!