Edo Arrives, The App Detects Calories And Nutritional Value Of The Foods You Buy At The Supermarket

Edo Arrives, The App Detects Calories And Nutritional Value Of The Foods You Buy At The Supermarket

It could become the most downloaded app by the fanatics of the diet. Edo not only explains how to eat but a single click, the camera of our smartphone, reveals all the nutritional values ??of the foods you usually buy at the supermarket. A new application to facilitate us in understanding those abstruse labels, to sum up the information and recasting them in a clear but scientific. Created by four young men, three computer and an expert in power, this app could really change the way we eat, revealing a little more about those foods industry that usually consume without asking too many questions.

Thus women always on a diet, those who do not want to go any time by nutritionist and prefer to improvise relying on “do it yourself” but without mistakes, they might just know everything about food with the mobile scanning bar codes of packaged products and discover not only all the ingredients but also the nutritional values http://claudiavapor.com, and perhaps realize that a great part of industrial products, even those unsuspected, contain high amounts of sugar.
How to use Edo

Simple, just take a picture with your smartphone, and within seconds the app will give a vote to the product that you are considering purchasing, revealing even if it is shown or not to the specific needs of consumers, or whether there are limitations due to allergies or intolerances. Finally Edo summarizing the main positive and negative characteristics of each product, also suggesting healthier alternatives.

In the case where a product is not yet in the database it will simply be reported, to receive in a few days the specifications. At the time of Edo you found little more than a hundred products, but the application is constantly updated thanks to user feedback that already use it.

It would seem that the more coins are accumulated that can fix the collarbone closer you are to this elusive ideal woman “skinny”. The objective of this selfie obviously expose protruding bones using the hashtag in short all crazy for this new game of the moment, a dangerous game according to experts, that in these cases speak of fashions that can be briefly summarized in category “thinispiration”, much vaunted by websites “pro-ana”. A transient fashion? Apparently not, change the “subjects” of selfie, but the question remains the same: the so-called canon of beauty “slim-fit”.

9 Beautiful And Original Stairs That You Will Want In Your Home!

9 Beautiful And Original Stairs That You Will Want In Your Home!

When speaking of stairs is impossible not to gape in front of the incredible variety of solutions that are available! Each house has its own soul, its own identity, so it is important to design a scale that is sewn on to the individual environment, it becomes one with the house. Also because, in addition to being a connection element helps to define the overall atmosphere of an interior.

Today we offer a tour through 9 examples of different scales. Let’s see how these professions – architects, interior designers and designers of stairs – have settled this aspect.

Everyone has their own scale

We decided to take you on this tour among the various types of ladders for you to find the right inspiration for your home. What are the materials that make up the interior Which character you want to give to the spaces These are questions that you should definitely ask yourself, in the definition of the various environments. This scale is a wonderful blend of traditional materials, such as wood, and more modern ones, such as glass. Very nice shape of the steps, a simple shape, elegant and light.

The spiral staircase

The spiral staircase undeniably always has its charm and is an element that characterizes so much scenic spaces, giving an incredible continuity to the various floors. In this case the peculiarity is the choice of straight lines instead of curves, which gives a touch of originality. Very nice the combination of cast iron – wood.

Nordic atmospheres

This scale is a clear Scandinavian inspiration. Light wood is a material grits modernity and elegance. The peculiarity of this splendid staircase is an extension of the steps over the railing, which provides an original and pleasant resting space.

Powerful and noble

This sink has a footprint rustic and powerful date from the material with which it is made. It is perfectly set in a cabinet in white wood, like a precious stone, highlighted by the contrast of colors. With its extensive and deeper dimensions becomes the ideal kitchen sink.


This scale gives an idea of ??the incredible lightness! It is extremely refined, with its glass handrail and the entire body white staircase, which seems almost dematerialize. Note the junction between the handrail and the stairs, just perfect, almost imperceptible.

industrial charm

This scale seems to be a natural extension of the iron loft overlooking this space. The environment is in full industrial style, with an interesting mix of materials light wood on the ground, iron for the mezzanine and exposed brick wall. The scale of iron and wood, which creates a slight movement detaching on the performance straight, is just perfect.


Best earthquake kit – Emergency Response Unit is a unit set up to cope with emergencies in the environment of an organization (company). The working unit established to meet OHSAS 18001: 2007 clause 4.4.7 Emergency Preparedness and Response (Preparation Emergency Response). Part of planning to meet the clause OHSAS 18001: 2007 include:
Mendefinisi Potential Emergencies, including:
  • Fires are not able to extinguish Team Fire Company within a short time.
  • Spontaneous detonation on the tank, bin, silo, etc.
  • Leakage of gas / liquid / other hazardous materials in a large scale and can not be overcome in a short time.
Natural disasters in the Company (Flood, Earthquake, Hurricane, Mountain erupts, etc.).
Terrorism (bomb threat, robbery, etc.).
Demonstrations / Rallies / riot inside / outside the Company.
Accident / Mass Poisoning.
Defining Roles and Functions Emergency Response Unit:Determining and overcoming emergencies Company.
Carry out joint emergency response exercises and involve all employees on a regular basis.
Carry out regular meetings / nonroutine performance of the Emergency Response Unit.
Defining Roles, Authority and Responsibility of the Emergency Response Unit:Role Powers and Responsibilities
Determine and decide the Company Emergency Response Policy
Asking budgetary funds relating to emergency response infrastructure company.
Inviting the participation of all employees to hold emergency response drills in the Company.
Scheduling routine and nonroutine meeting of the Emergency Response Unit.
Develop an emergency recovery plan of the Company.
Create a performance report of the Emergency Response Unit.
To monitor the needs and care of emergency response facilities and infrastructure of the Company.
Working together with related parties relating to the Company’s emergency response.
Coordinate the performance of all the teams of the Emergency Response Unit.
Team Fire
Establish extinguishing a fire extinguisher to use all means within the Company securely, safely and effectively.
Report any shortage / damage to facilities and infrastructure of a fire extinguisher in the Company to the Coordinator, Secretary and Chairman of the Emergency Response Unit.
Evacuation team
Leading the evacuation procedure safely, safely and quickly.
Report any shortage / damage to infrastructure evacuation of the Company to the Coordinator, Secretary and Chairman of the Emergency Response Unit.
Report any casualties left behind, stuck or opens to the Team P3K, coordinator and secretary of the Emergency Response Unit.
team P3K
Implement P3K action.
Report any shortage / damage to infrastructure P3K in the Company to the Coordinator, Secretary and Chairman of the Emergency Response Unit.
Reporting to the Coordinator or Secretary of the Emergency Response Unit when there are victims who require further medical action third parties outside the Company.
Accommodate the needs of public emergency (food, drink, clothing, bedding, clothing, etc.).
Accommodate emergency transportation from inside / outside the Company.
Internal communications
Monitor the handling of emergencies and facilitate communication between the Emergency Response Unit team.
Ensure the flow of communication between the Emergency Response Unit team can be conducted properly and smoothly.
External communication
Monitor the entire internal information and accommodate the information / news to outsiders.
Contact the relevant external parties for the benefit of emergency (police / citizen).
Implement internal and external security measures during the emergency response company.

The Best App For Running, The 5 Applications To Run Better

The Best App For Running, The 5 Applications To Run Better

You like to run? Here are the best free apps for the race that calculate routes, pinning progress and face new challenges, and to hear a little ‘music to recharge during training. The best those who have already tried everything.

Once the idea of ??putting on a whole and start running perhaps could pass for a tedious and not at all exciting; for some years instead run it is one of the activities that most is in fashion, probably because those who practice it appreciates the beneficial effects on mind and body, but mainly because you can enjoy total flexibility http://goservicekakikaki.com, without timetables, deadlines and appointments.

You like to run? You do often? Go alone? Then you absolutely can not do without an app for the race that makes it more engaging workout, taking into account the distance traveled, calories burned, and other parameters and objectives which can definitely spice up your daily jog. Here are some of the best app for racing that you can download for free on iOS and Android devices.

‘Probably the smartphone application most downloaded and used by supporters of the race. Calculates distances, it relates to the calories burned and allows you to set a series of very useful parameters that also motivate those who do not go running in the company. It ‘available in both free and paid, with features and different types of training.

Nike +
This application is not very different from the previous one, but it has that something extra that makes it attractive in the eyes of many. In addition to calculating time, distance and calories burned during exercise, also it allows you to listen to music and receive positive comments from Nike athletes.

Strava Run
If you are a bit ‘lazy and sometimes you feel like giving up, Strava Run is the app that can help you not to give up, because not only analyzes the performance but motivates you with monthly challenges to confront their friends runner.

Map My Run
Like the other is an app dedicated to running that keeps track of your activities and progress but provides a wider view, allowing you even get dark power information.

Zoombie Run
This undoubtedly is an app different from others because the component “training” adds compose playful game: in this game you will need app-reach areas shown on the smartphone line in time, unless you want to be taken by zombies. The only flaw is that the application is entirely in English and is available only in the paid version, but the fun is guaranteed.

Hogan Shoes The Collection Fall Winter 2014-2015

Hogan Shoes The Collection Fall Winter 2014-2015

Hogan, the collection fall winter 2014-2015 does not disappoint: present the sneakers, the flagship model of the Italian brand, renewed and even more glamorous, but there are nice surprises!

Hogan shoes collection for autumn winter 2014 – 2015 will not leave disappointed many fashion addicts who were waiting anxiously! The Italian brand bet again on its flagship model, the sneakers with thick soles, suitable for every occasion and for this beloved. Hogan renews, once again, style of the model without, however, distorting it. The Interactive sneakers are proposed in an innovative way, in typical autumn colors, such as brown, plum, black and caramel, but also in lighter tones and glamorous, such as silver, or lame versions. No shortage of rhinestones, for a more casual shoe, to show off at an evening with friends.

We also find the models Olympia, sneakers from low sole and elongated tip http://syamsflorist.com, available in two-tone always chic as black & white, but also the plain as black and brown and no shortage of middle ground between the Interactive and Olympia, with a sole halfway between the two, even these proposals in many shades.

For a more elegant and feminine look, Hogan proposes brogues shoes chic suede, ankle high and with reptile finish and also colorful dancers, for women who do not like heels. Boots, models are not too loud and aggressive design, obviously can not miss for the season autumn winter 2014 – 2015 Hogan, plain embellished black leather, as the logs, from details in reptile skin.

We had abandoned in jewelry, after the fury of a few years ago, but today the single earring, back to keep us company with proposals decidedly outside the lines. Do not think that this is a trivial accessory, because the new series of mono-earrings has nothing to envy anyone of jewelry that stored in your jewelry box. The best known, and perhaps the most gettonato of the moment, without a doubt is the Essential V Louis Vuitton that we have already been able to appreciate a few months ago on the runways and now found in all sales points of the house.

Let’s face it, is not it just a novelty, just think and ear cuff mania, which is a fairly recent trend, but the mono-earring this year seems to have the right numbers to win over even the most hardened fashionistas with proposals decidedly sought which in some cases have even an almost sculptural structure, so pompous that hardly anyone would match an accessory to such a necklace.

A Detached House With 70 Sqm Dream

A Detached House With 70 Sqm Dream

This house is a perfect example of optimization of space and resources. The architects designed everything to do more with the greatest savings possible. The residence is located in Russia, in an area where winter will reach 20 ° below zero, so the climate aspect was crucial. Let’s see how the architects were confronted with this work.

the facade

The total budget for this house was 1.1 million rubles, which is about € 14,896.00 – of course construction prices vary greatly from area to area, because they are related to many factors, however, it is a figure exceptionally low. Having a limited budget, it was decided to opt for the simplicity, the design of the house in fact is essential, but without giving up anything there are large windows overlooking the garden, well-kept, there is an outdoor area to enjoy the sunset … what else could you want

Indispensable spot artificial light

A courtyard that respects must be used any time of the year; in spring, summer and, why not, in the rest of the year, especially if it is an enclosed space or an internal courtyard. Therefore, we must be aware of the fact that not always the natural light can be present to the extent we would like.

It may happen that even bright outdoor spaces can be, at certain times of day, dark and neglected. Although sometimes the natural light there seems sufficient, sometimes it is not. So it is always a good idea to put the bright spots here and there, especially in the places that we want to enhance. This example shows how in different areas of outer space, in particular at ground level, the light can play a role of absolute centrality.

natural decorations and handmade

Last but not least, there is the opportunity to furnish through small objects and accessories to be arranged according to their taste … For our little terraces, the best choice is to a decoration as natural as possible, in harmony with the ‘surroundings, maybe taste a bit’ craft, just like in this fine example of Gen Bureau a delicious composition of trolleys and wooden boxes.

An interesting option if you have limited space, is to grow a vertical garden. We must of course prepare a structure in which to place the pots but as you can see from this example, the space is really beautiful. In any case, it is essential to dose carefully the natural elements to make changes color and vibrancy to the garden without interfering with the views on the passage or subtract precious square meters.

Raf Simons Is Leaving Christian Dior

Raf Simons Is Leaving Christian Dior

The Belgian designer after three and a half years of collaboration with the French brand interrupted for personal reasons a combination that I think was going very well. Raf Simons has been at the head of Dior’s womenswear line since April 2012, following the dismissal of Johon Galliano and a short transitional period in which Bill Gaytten. Galliano’s assistant, guided the direction of the House.

Already with the first autumn / winter 2012 Simons was inspired by the ’50s, the years of Christian Dior in fact, revisiting the legendary bar jacket of 1947, focusing on the line to A, H, and on the corolla and of all that has helped create the legend of the New Look http://kacamatapedia.com. Probably the garments designed by Simons for Dior will remain less iconic and less memorable of the excesses to which we had become accustomed Johon Galliano, fashion shows less legendary, makeup reinterpreted as a geisha with whom Galliano was paraded his models will be unforgettable for me, but surely Mr. Simons, from the then artistic director of Jil Sander brand minimalissimo, was able to bring his creations more in line with the brand, and also confirm the store: clothing line Dior achieved growth in annual revenue equal to 19%. Perhaps what is missing in these years of collaboration is coordinated aesthetics that leave a deep pass imprenting Raf Simons for Dior.

The spring / summer 2016 presented in the courtyard of the Louvre at Paris Fashion Week, with its contrasts between romantcismo and rigor, between classic and contemporary, tops and skirts inspired by Victorian lingerie, the delicacy and transparency of the fabrics, the classic forms Dior revisited in a minimalist, is therefore the last signed Raf Simons, then the designer will focus mainly on his own line of clothing made exclusively of men’s clothing.

Meanwhile in the house LVMH have left statements about who will be the next creative director who will take the reins of the House, but time is running out, the next mega show Dior is scheduled for January. Meanwhile, we remember that Raf Simons greets the audience after his last show, among the blue flowers of the scene and joined hands in a heart shape. That’s romantic!

The output of Alber Elbaz at Lanvin puts it in pole position among the likely successors of Raf Simons at Dior.

In fact, even then output Galliano had spoken of a very likely candidate to Elbaz for Dior, but the agreement was not reached probably also because of the 10% stake that the designer owns Lanvin.

8 Fabulous Sliding Doors to Lose Space

8 Fabulous Sliding Doors to Lose Space

In furnishing an interior you do not have to choose carefully only furniture and accessories, even moving from one room to the other is a delicate and often underestimated aspect. The best way to save space is to use sliding doors and even in this case the options are many, depending on the material or workmanship. You can opt for an industrial or more classy solution, depending on the style of your stay.

Today, showing you the designs of various architects and designers, we will give you some inspiration, choose the right solution for your home!

Contrasting styles

When an environment is rich in precious details and decorations, perhaps the best thing to do is to complete it with a simple element such as this glass door https://www.solasbars.com. Choosing a non-transparent glass gives a touch of extra character, but its essence makes it perfect for this space.

Frosted glass

Satin glass is a very elegant choice. In this way you can filter the light, but at the same time visually separate the environments. Very remarkable the custom made iron structure!

Decorated glass

As we have seen, glass is a material that offers many chromatic and finishing possibilities. To ensure that the separation element between two environments becomes part of the decor and not just a functional element, it can be characterized by a writing, for example, or with other decorations – perhaps floral.

Colored door

Color is always a simple but effective way to characterize an element. In particular, it is indicated when the environment is wholly white and then a pleasant contrast will arise, which will highlight the relationship with the adjacent room.

Industrial style

The industrial style, it is known, has always its charm and can be adapted to elegant and sophisticated environments, such as what we see in the picture. You might think it is necessary to use heavy and very decisive elements, but you can achieve a defined effect even with a simple iron painted structure of black, with intense rhythm.


A sliding door can also be very stylish, look at this with a bronze finish! A simple element that adds quality to the living area!


This option goes far beyond the traditional door concept and the ultimate effect is really sophisticated! Instead of having a full volume, a succession of crossbows, which create a pleasant shaded, very refined effect.

19 Photos of a House That Will Turn Your Head!

19 Photos of a House That Will Turn Your Head!

We homily love to show you splendid luxury homes spread all over the world; However, when we do, you can be assured that it is a project selected and studied in the smallest detail to give you a 360 degree view of what we present.

This home is one of the most interesting that you have ever seen elegant without being kitch or heavy, the home presents so much modernity and functionality that represent the underlying concepts of the DESIGN SPIRITS interior design philosophy, which you will see in Images, they went beyond the concept of home, creating this masterpiece.


This bright and airy entrance hall communicates elegance from all corners marble floors reflect the sunlight passing through the large windows behind the staircase, while the black borders outline the corners of the walls as well as the space.

The design scheme is rather classic, but the personality is added by well-chosen artwork and color accents. Particularly interesting is the work we find hanging on the wall in front of us and the red and gold sketches are repeated further along the entire length of the room.

An envelope ladder

Who would not want a sinuous ladder like this The wide curve develops a modern version of the traditional spiral staircase concept with a minimal and effective structure to increase the light effect.

The light goes down from above, throwing geometric shadows on polished wood steps. Below the raised floor we can see that the recessed LED lighting has been installed to illuminate this corridor when moving overnight.

Incursions and contaminations

Our team has decided to give life to a living space, adding a retro touch to a completely modern setting. Using the same wood used for the staircase, an elegant edging was created around the first floor of the mezzanine, balanced by the under wall covered with slate and chrome panels.

An amazing discovery

As we head to the second floor, something new comes to our eyes this gorgeous Art Nouveau chandelier! As you descend from the highest point of the house, this wonder is hidden from the view while, when you walk into the house it is only visible when you climb the stairs to reach the upper planets.

We confess that what we love in particular is the contrast between the sturdy wooden stairs and this glass cascade, which seems to be wrapped in a warm embrace.

In the kitchen, modern design has been chosen, mainly referring to a wall, while a breakfast shelf is useful to have even more space to cook.

Experts have remained faithful to their contemporary philosophy and for the most part, this kitchen has been designed with classic minimalism. However, the green lime wall and the multicolored lights melt together creating harmony in the eyes of the observer.

Anticipation Earthquake

Anticipation Earthquake:  home earthquake kit

1. What to do when an earthquake occurs.
1. If you are indoors, protected from heavy objects are easy to fall, refuge table or other furniture that is considered to be strong and secure. Hold foot table or other furniture where you take shelter and be wary if the furniture shifted. Wait until the vibration stops, and if it is safe march to move to the place safer and wary of objects easily fall as glass, the furniture heavy, and others as well as the most important thing is you have to be quiet.

Gambar terkait

2. If you are outdoors, find an open spot, protected from buildings, electricity, large trees and others.
3. If you are driving, stop if it is safe and try masi in the vehicle, avoid bridges tunnels and electricity.
4. If you’re on the mountain or unstable slope avoid rock falls or object – other objects that may move or fall as a result of the earthquake.
5. If you are on the beach, beware of the tide fled to place higher and do not close towards the sea.
2. What to do after an earthquake.
a) To those who were seriously injured, do not be left alone and do not move unless they are in immediate danger will add to the wound again.
b) Be aware of the fire.
c) Turn off the gas stove, soon dropped out of the gas stream and the installation or disconnect hose from the gas flow tube.
d) Turn off the electric light source.
e) Lower heavy objects hanging on the wall that might fall on people.
f) Prepare the lighter items for basic needs that are easy to carry and lightweight drugs for the purpose of at least 3 days if you move to the place that is far away.
g) Beware tsunamis if you live near the beach.
h) Be aware of other earthquakes. Although the strength of earthquake aftershocks are smaller than the main quake, but some vibration can increase the damage to the building structure. Leave the house or building that has undergone structural changes since the main earthquake.

3. To deal with any time of the earthquake, what to do at this point.

You should know the area or areas prone to earthquakes. If you are in areas prone to earthquakes, the matters relating to the occurrence of damage or casualties from the earthquake should be prepared. Preventing the occurrence of earthquakes is impossible. Similarly predict when an earthquake will occur is also a very difficult job.

For that you need to do is minimize the damage caused by an earthquake, for example strengthen the construction of residential buildings in accordance with earthquake-resistant construction. Building homes using wood is just one example of earthquake-resistant construction. Make sure heavy items of household furniture you are safe, it will not fall on you when you’re indoors or while you are sleeping. Source: Meteorological and Geophysical Agency.