Make Slime Remedies – Fast And Easy Recipes For Heather Pass

Slime Remedies – Fast And Easy Recipes For Heather Pass

Children love to play with slippery, viscid slime, to dig the little fingers in glibber and even to mutter slime with slime. How would it be if you made your own slime at home? Children can also take part in it and have fun. In this article, we offer you various recipes for the production of playing mats, among which you will surely find the most suitable for you and your newcomers.

Playing with slime is a lot of fun for the kids and this unique toy is perfect for various kindergarten and school projects. At child’s birthday party, he is also very well received. Even if you do not know how to entertain your loved ones on a rainy day, slime itself is an excellent basement idea.

The first method for the production of glue without glue is presented by this recipe, using foodstuffs. The simple recipe contains the following ingredients:

350 ml of water
2 cups of food
3-4 drops of food color (alternatively: powdered tempering paint)

First, pour the water into a small cooking pot and heat it. The water must not become too hot, because you must finally mix the slime with your hand. Fill 250 ml of the heated water into a bowl and add the desired food color. Stir well all with a spoon. If the color of the liquid is too dark to you, do not worry, the slime will be slightly brighter. Put the foodstuffs in another large shots and add the already colored water to the foodstuff. Stir everything carefully with your fingers to dissolve the foodstuffs and create a thick and smooth paste. If the mixture is too thin, add more food.

If the mass is still too thick, you can use the remaining warm water to dilute. The glibber slime is ready as soon as the mass has the proper slimy consistency and you can easily put your fingers into the slime. When touching the slime, their hands should remain dry. For storage you can put the slime into a freezer bag and seal well. If you want to make the homemade slime even more attractive for children, you can add various small objects, such as plastic figurines or small animals to slime. Tiny plastic spider, let the glibber turn slime into a great accessory for Halloween.

If you want to make a monster slime with your children, you can also use detergents and glues as ingredients:

Children’s craft glue without solvent, water-based
Good & Cheap Activ Full Wash
Food coloring

Place the desired amount of craft glue in a bowl and add a few drops of the liquid detergent. Stir everything with a spoon until a firm mass is obtained and no more threads are drawn. should the glibber slime be too sticky, you can add a few drops of detergent and continue kneading. In the beginning, the mass is still quite sticky, but will be particularly nice if you roll the Slimy well and roll to a ball. A plastic can is ideal for storage.

Make Sand Slime by Yourself

Make Slime Sand by Yourself

Anyone who has already got so-called magic wand between the fingers, understands certainly the great fascination, which especially for kids and teens assumes. Even some adults have already succumbed to the play with the magical colorful mass. The following guide shows an absolutely simple and, above all, really working method to make normal sand as kinetic with magic!

Enchanting – kinetic: fluffy and malleable as wet – only dry

Before you start to create your own kinetic magic wand according to the instructions, it is recommended to touch the original once. This is the only way to know which incomparable consistency your personal duplicate must accept. Basically, the secret behind this is the following: the mass behaves like a wet beach or sand box sand, with which so many great pieces of art are possible. But, kinetic – which literally means “motion-based” – the whole thing is similar because only the optical and mobile properties are similar, while the magic spell itself remains completely dry, does not stick at all to the hands and again and again like magic to a dough-like quantity. Between the fingers, the kinetic trimmed sand masses feel fluffy and the mostly squeaky colors also make the eye happy.

Kinetic sand with only 5 ingredients

You need:

¼ tsp any liquid detergent
1 tsp glue without solvent
shaving cream
Food color of your choice
2- 3 cups of fine sand
Bowl or similar container for stirring

Which types of sand are suitable:

First and foremost, the starting sand used should be as fine as possible – the finer the better the result. Commercial decosand works wonderfully. If you want to produce larger quantities – for a whole indoor sandbox, for example, you better access quartz sand from the hardware store. How to make slime.  This is as fine, only significantly more favorable. Animal lovers can also possibly use chinchilla or bird sanding already in the household. The latter, however, should necessarily be screened beforehand, since it usually also contains coarser calcareous elements, which are helpful for birds, but not for spells.

Difficulty: very easy
Time required: 10 to 15 minutes
Cost point: for the amount proposed in the guide a maximum of 5 euros
Instructions – Step by Step

Step 1: First place 1 tsp of your glue in the bowl.

Step 2: Slowly add the liquid detergent.

Step 3: Now stir the compound until a slimy mass is formed.

Step 4: To get rid of this mucus, add some shaving cream.

Step 5: Just as carefully, add the sand. Pour the mixture over and over again with a few layers of the sand and mix it well until you have something to add.

Step 6: Add small amounts of your sand again and again until you feel the consistency, or in other words, until the unique feel of spells is reached.

Step 7: Lastly, color comes into play. To avoid disturbing the structure of the perfect consistency, add the food color to the end.

Step 8: Choose one of the basic colors or mix them creatively to taste and color. Thus, green and blue give a fresh turquoise, while red and blue become purple. Start with a few drops for delicate pastel tones and increase the dose for a more powerful result.

Step 9: Fill the Kinetically Enchanted Sand into a lockable container to protect it from dirt, so you can enjoy it for a long time and can use it again and again.

Shoes Boots Are Essential Accessories For Every Feet

Shoes boots are no doubt an essential supplement required by everyone. Therefore its importance cannot be denied at any cost. Footwear is available in wide-cut diversities and they are mainly categorized into shoes, sandals and boots. There are different fellowships that deal with these various entries. However, there are some fellowships that manufacture both Shoes boots for their customers .

Belonging to this generation, you must be very much awareness about pattern. Therefore the Shoes boot that you would buy would also be fashionable and stylish. Do not upset involving its accessibility. There are plenty of labels which design their shoes and boots to cater to your style requirements. Get a good one would not make it much difficult. It is however, exclusively up to “youve got to” become the selection of the shoes and the boots so that it not only fits your dress but your identity as well .

Before you select the Shoes boots, it would be a wise project on your area to decide aims and the moment for which you are buying. This is because there are different shoes to suit different purposes. You cannot wear a party wear shoe in the role and vice-versa. If you correct the moment from before, you would definitely be able to make a good assortment .

There is one more thing that you must definitely consider. This is nothing but the quality of the shoes that you are acquiring. If “you think youre” acquiring from a thought brand, you can be assured about a better quality. Whether it is of leather or rubber or plastic, the materials exercised are all of the highest quality. When a better quality is good naturally the solace position that you would get from it would also be good. In knowledge, in such a case, you would not have to be worried about the solace. Just see to it that you get the right immensity and it is not a inconsistency to the original immensity of your feet .

The Shoes boots is available in wide-cut diversities of emblazon ranges. If you go for an office wear, black or dark-brown would perhaps be the ideal option as they would help you to maintain a formal gape. On the other handwriting, if it is a shoe for the party, you can watch out for more vogues and designs available in handsome qualities. In addition to being able to that you can also select the shoes with extra finishes which in turn would specify the right attitude for the party .

Therefore if you keep these few stuffs in recollection, converse indonesia original you would definitely be brought to an end in making a smart-alecky selection of the Shoes boots. This would not only fill your feet but it would fill your identity and gaze as a whole .

So now that you have decided to purchase the Shoes boots, it is the ideal period when you have to find out the right supermarket. In this impression none other than the can prove to be the best. You would get good quality shoes and boots now at exceedingly acceptable charges here.

Wear Shoe Boots to Appear Smart

Looks does matter in today’s world. It can have direct impact on your personality and profession. Whether you are going out for an office convention or simply devising yourself for “states parties “, you need to look smart and cute. Proper garmenting up is very essential. You should have the right garmenting appreciation in order to groom yourself. Apart from clothings, supplementaries and jewelries, shoes likewise play a very crucial role in meeting you look attractive and sophisticated. Depending on the type of costume and the reason, you need to wear a shoe .

Selecting the right duo of footwear is very essential. Not merely it was able to have some impact on your personality and glances, but it can also be good for your foot state. There are different varieties of shoes designed by the shoe manufacturers and decorators. They are dedicated and devoted towards designing the better quality footwear to assemble the increasing mode the requirements set out in the person or persons. Lot of enticing and inventive patterns and styles are included in the footwear patterns to shape them more appealing. But that is not the only criteria that beings consider while buying shoes. Men and women of today have become quite self-conscious about their own health. Foot hygiene is a part of overall state. They opt for the footwear that offers both vogue and consolation .

When it comes to selecting shoes, beings often get confused as there are so many options. But there are certain varieties of shoes that have remained popular for many years. Boot is one such kind of shoe that is quite stylish and cozy. If you want to select the right shoe, there is a requirement do some experiment. You can read the comments and discuss about different shoe firebrands from the internet. You can get the information of a number of places that render high quality shoes. Take government decisions after enough kindness. Shoe boots is not simply snappy in appearance, but they are comfortable too. You can protect your paws from damage by wearing a good quality boot .

Shoe boots come in different patterns, styles, shades and immensities. They are attractive and stylish in appearance. You can bring class and vogue in your personality by wearing this type of boots. Armed boots are quite popular of the category. They are very smart in appearance. produsen sepatu converse This type of boots is designed in style in order to be allowed to stand any weather condition, while keeping your paws heated and safe .

You can wear boots, especially the top boot with a long period pullover, close-fisted jeans. Many men as well as shoes for women wear these types of shoe boots for different adventurous vacations. Most of these shoes are designed from good quality materials and can stand bad weather .

the French made sneakers

A product of French mythology, the sneaker is an good collect for those working lead go looking for shoes suitable for the summer season. It keeps the foot airy while maintaining a walk-to calmnes. The macrocosm of the sneaker is divided into two categories: the demagogues that create their produced in the purest mythology to its implementation of designing( not all the time in the matter of confection) and the individuals who seek to revisit it while preserving the regional centre. Garde is part of the second category and wanted to improve the initial is considered to afford a stock halfway between the conventional sneaker and the sneaker. Today we researched their duo of” Gili 1″ constituted in collaboration with this symbol of swimsuit already appeared in our expanses. Report in PICTURES:

Watch Sneakers Test Review
The symbol
Originating in the Basque Country, Astrid and Alexandre have soaped their lives in regional lores. The sneaker is one of them and is part of the internationally recognized know-how of this part of our beautiful country. Simply, it is about to change that the matter is stock has shortcomings, as artisanal and conventional as it is. Fragile , not always pleasant, the sneaker is improved, reason why they embark the specific characteristics of a version that would keep the substance. In 2014, he was born a “avant-garde” in Old French, and his collection of sneakers inspired by the original sneaker. More delightful, spray resistant, a hybrid duo that are able wear in the summer without the believed to be accompanying barefoot.

Branded Sneaker France
Technical data
The men’s range of sneakers is composed of a single simulation in 25 colours, two of which are dedicated to a partnerships with the French symbol Gili, specialized in the swimsuit. It is one of those two pairs that we have had in our hands for the test of the day with this noticeable decoration that will give memories to the faithful for several years( cf .: Test swimsuit Gili ). Thus, the simulation of the symbol comes in a blueprint rather close to that of the ordinary sneaker but with more outfit because it is not slump. Likewise, its seed is inflated with further element in order to give it the specific features chassis of the mark.

Reinforcement Guard Sneakers
On its seed made from a cloth with a coherent magazine, a cotton buttres is placed at the level of the toes as well as at the end position. The footwear is similarly reinforced by a deprive of this same fabric chosen in a fluo yellowish and elongated over the part bind of the ankle. The sneaker is organized on a conventional rope insole with the purposes of applying metal consider button. Underneath, this duo has the incongruity of being given with a rubber-resistant outsole make use of scatter. The interior has a natural leather sole and latex sud in order to guarantee a delightful saunter. Finally, the Gili 1 is made from substances from European shops( Spain, France, Italy) and manufactured under Spain, some other countries with a prestige for sneakers.

Sneakers Notice
Originally from the Southwest and amateur of sneakers in their purest blueprint, I was curious about what could be given these principles of scatter resistant soles. I had also experienced the collection of Gili t-shirts, especially for its photocopies that I was agreeably astounded to unearth within the line of the Garde. In all such cases, the symbol treats its parcel and the sneakers are delivered in their cardboard carton to its emblazons with a cloth carrying pocket as well as original mailing-cards. Inside is the pair that distinguishes itself by its fluorescent yellow shape, remembering the line of the Gili makes. It is a strong bias but will be of best available accomplish formerly the sneakers at the hoof.

Box Sneakers
Watch Sneakers Test
Sneakers Warding Unpacking
Beyond this very striking feature, the whole duo has a happy sketch. They are a beautiful blueprint very faithful to the original if not the presence of a tongue so that it can better stranded them. The fabric is beautiful with its etched “tiles”( tiles of Spanish earthenware and/ or protuguais) which leaves it a highly graphic provision. It is half way between cotton and mesh with a rather unfold signature presageing any particular lightness and a port calmnes.

Type Of Lamp For Photography

Type Of Lamp For Photography

Even the type of lamp used illuminator is particularly important. These can be incandescent, fluorescent or discharge, just as in everyday use. We will not find certainly traditional incandescent bulbs: well before the prohibition of marketing them had been supplanted by halogen lamps, can produce significantly greater illumination with an occupation (in terms of size) equal to just a fraction. These lamps are often labeled as quartz lamps or quartz-iodine as the bulb is, in fact, made of quartz: this is because the temperature of these lamps is rather high: 700 ° are not uncommon to achieve.

Halogen lamps have the advantage of being very small, so much heat and can reach powers of more than 2Kw. Their cost is not high but have an efficiency very poor: totaled about 25LM / W. The color spectrum is rather uniform.

As part of the fluorescent lamps includes all those who, in the jargon, we call for “energy saving”, including neon. The main disadvantage is the color spectrum: is not uniform and presents the peaks blacks. Also the size and the price is higher than the previous lamps but have the advantage of having an efficiency very wide and, consequently, heat less and cost, in operation, decidedly less.

Their evolution, although technologically talk about something different, are LED bulbs: too few powerful to replace traditional light sources, we find extensive use in the latest generation bank where counting is more diffusion and homogeneity of that the light power. Their efficiency is almost maximum: the lost amount to the infrared or ultraviolet is minimal.

The discharge or HMI lamps are definitely related to the professional sector: based on an ionized gas have old problems (at least not compared to halogen) but have a high cost and power of up to 10Kw. Require an external power supply. Eye wing bill!

The bank (also called soft bank) can be characterized by a single central light bulb (or arranged at the ends) and a “whitish” surface (the true speaker) or, in the most modern versions and risparmiose, by a set of LEDs to low power equally distributed on the surface of the bank itself. The emitted light is normally very soft.


The sunlight made it possible to have too perfect exposure of the fund, while the subject was illuminated by artificial source.

Even a set for a picture against is not particularly challenging: as we have seen in previous articles, in these cases it is essential to be able to remove the silhouette effect affecting our subject with an artificial light source. In the case of low sun and particularly bright, the use of two illuminators may be the right solution:

Feijoa, All The Properties And Possible Uses Of This Exotic Fruit

Feijoa, All The Properties And Possible Uses Of This Exotic Fruit

The feijoa, how to consume and what are the beneficial properties of this fruit grown in South America here too. The feijoa is a real mine of goodness for health and taste buds, find out how to exploit it to the fullest.

There are many exotic fruits that we can find in the shops provided and following simple rules when it comes to buying fresh fruit, we can bring home products really good, also thanks to the good value for money. One of the most popular exotic fruits in recent times comes from South America, but is now growing here too, in the warmer parts of Europe. This fruit, the feijoa, presents a beautiful green skin, smooth and compact, and has the size of egg. Its flesh is reminiscent of a mix of sweet pineapple and strawberry, is very juicy and you can eat with a spoon digging directly very thick peel. This fruit is enjoying some success precisely because of this flavor and the pulp soft and full-bodied, but how best to exploit it in the kitchen and what are its beneficial properties? Let’s find out.
Feijoa: the properties of this exotic fruit

100 grams of feijoa have 55 kcal, so it’s a sweet fruit but also suitable for those who are following a low-calorie diet
It has a low sodium content, therefore perfect for those suffering from water retention, the main cause of cellulite
It contains vitamin C, B6, flavonoids, beta carotene, minerals
Recent studies it also analyzes the characteristics more details, related to the ability to maintain, to a certain extent, by tumors
like all fruits, has very little fat, zero cholesterol, but a good carbohydrate and protein
The feijoa is high in fiber and regulates the bowel
It has a beneficial effect on the thyroid, reducing the appearance of so-called “crop”
It moisturizes the skin and makes it shiny hair
if consumed during pregnancy, it helps the development of the baby’s nervous system
It is recommended for children, because it ensures the proper bone development

Feijoa: use in cooking

this fruit is great eaten alone, simply by taking the flesh from the skin with a spoon
It is a fruit that ripens in the fall, so it is perfect to enrich salads made from citrus fruits, as it contrasts the bitter and sour note
It goes very well with the Kiwis, because of similar consistency
The feijoa can be turned into jam
even the flowers of the plant are edible and can be cooked in the oven until they become crisp
the leaves and flowers can be used to prepare teas and infusions from important antibacterial properties
The feijoa can also be exactly like a citrus juice

He constantly Had a patient and Empathetic Ease in Connecting with his youngsters

He constantly Had a patient and Empathetic Ease in Connecting with his youngsters.Ode to dad. My dad always took the time to spend with each and every one of his children, in a very special and unbiased space. As I sit here reminiscing about our exchanges, abundance of nonsenses come to mind. Followed by internal giggles and sometimes weeping sorceries is what would happen to me when my dad was in an extra comedic climate .

I remember, all too well, the many times and the hours that I spent talking to my papa on the phone; as if he was sitting across the office from me, in a lounge chair, within sight. I would spare no expense to call him, whether position to position or through intercountry adoptions, In last-minute terms, I did take note, that papa got tired a lot quicker, than he allows one to, and that papa was not participating as much in normal everyday activities and networking anymore with love or own family members, as “hes having” in his earlier dates, when he was active and experiencing energetic and well remained .

I would try to think of an easier go, before my father adjourned, our long drives discovering new sits, streets, and diners, sometimes in strange or new metropolis, that neither one of us had ever been to before. The oddity and the excitement, in these events, was like a rush of adrenaline before a marathon scoot. Examining at dad’s cheek light-up is one of the things that I miss “the worlds largest”. My dad was a terribly gregarious and express orator and “couldve been” just as readily engaged, because he was also a great listener .

Almost six years ago, dad go back home to be with the Lord; I thank God for the time that dad was my papa; Dad was a gift from Heaven, as far as I’m concerned!” Thank you dad ,” with cherish !

Everyday for me is a period to respect and retain my father: Everyday, in my attention, there are insidiou, though constant remembers, of my papa, and of course, of our Father’s Day occasions. Father’s Day, and my papa will always be like a suggestive beat in my center that gives me comfort and persuasivenes.” Until I go home to the Lord, to see you too papa, this is not good-bye, it’s see you when God is ready for me, because as you know, I am headstrong and full of words and vigor !”

Remember your Heavenly Father on Father’s Day; know that you are not alone, there is the Father Abba, in Heaven who truly loves you.” Glad Father’s Day to all of the parents out there, picture your parents how certainly special they are to you !

How Smart Choosing a Good Home Alarm

Security in your home can no longer count on? Or you often robbed for your home surveillance system is not good. Quiet, at this time we will share tips on how to choose alamar smart home that can help you cope with your home security problems of interference of people who act evil.

Crime cases recently increased due to the need of every human being to grow and the level of employment is reduced. Various methods are used to get a bite of rice for a living, even a negative way became the undisputed choice in the hard life in the city large and medium.

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Gambar terkait

Home alarm becomes very important at this time due to the security guard house of interference in people who do not want. The role of the alarms considered large enough so that the level of security we are getting a good home.

The next issue is how to choose a good and appropriate alarm for your home security. This is actually pretty easy the issue but also can not take for granted because if one choose makas result is not good for the security and safety of the existing property in your home.

To answer the question we provide a full review of How smart to choose a good home alarm below:

How smart to choose a good home alarm

  • The first thing to be noticed is how much budget you provide, check out the budget you have and think well how to take care of in order to remain durable. In addition to this there is also to be considered is how the condition of your home. Regarding treatment is also important for the security system will be better and work optimally if the treatment can be done properly and correctly. Be careful not to make blunders are fatal when no thief enters your house but alamar can not function properly or alarm that you plug turns easily in tamed by thieves.
  •  Your home alarm should at least have some important components therein, namely Sensor, Audio Visual Alert, Remote Alert, Keypad and Main Panel.
  • Use super double-sided tape that is usually already available in order package alarm you want. Use the cordless alarm because this will make it easier to install and use.
  • Select the alarm that has a shock sound can be heard with a radius which is quite far. This can make the criminals become desperate and you also can get up to determine the condition of your home that will be entered thief.
  • Choose a long-lasting battery for use.
  • If you want more gain excellent security you can use GSA alarm. Using this type of alarm may make you more quickly know the condition of your home because you carry a cell phone can immediately provide information about the state of the house when the alarm sounds.


Congratulations met again in Blog Lintangsore, a place to vent and share the problems of plants and fruits. After yesterday I share how to grow hydroponics simple , this time I will discuss techniques / ways for rapid fruiting plants. Do you have fruit trees in the yard / garden thriving, healthy, green leaves, branches often, just beautiful to look at, but surprisingly not too fruitful? Thus, under this article may be a solution.

But, before you learn techniques to create faster plant fruiting , you must first learn the factors that cause the plant does not go fruiting / can not bear fruit in abundance.

A. Causes Heavy Fruiting Plants Fail

1. Age of young plants
Each plant has a different time to be fruitful. There were a few months can be directly bear fruit, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon and papaya. Nothing takes being between 6 to 12 months, such as dragon fruit, guava, lemon and starfruit. There is also classified as a long bear fruit such as sugar apple, small jackfruit, longan, pomegranate, guava, sapodilla, mango and grapes. Plants on the new general will bear fruit after more than a year old.
2. Too much fertilizer
All would prefer if seeing the plants thrive, leafy and has many branches. But what does it mean if it turns out that the plant failed to bear fruit. Fertilization, especially its many elements N may make the plants become visible lush, green and healthy. But instead it causes the plant canopy be a shortage of sunlight to cook food.
3. Plant barren
Most plants will only bear fruit if the flowers grow is fertilized by the male flowers that are nearby. Some plants such as bark and coconut, for example, usually have to be planted in groups because often the male flowers fall before they had time to fertilize the female flowers.
4. Interest that failed to become a fruit
Sometimes we find fruit trees have been flowering and seems promising. But over time the interest and fail to fall one by one into pieces. Usually this is caused by lack of water, insects and pests, extreme weather, and spraying that does not fit.

Those are some things that cause your plants failed to bear fruit. Next we will discuss ways to make rapid fruiting plants. Let’s discuss them one by one.

B. How to order rapid fruiting plants

1. Pruning plants
Pruning these plants intended for rapid fruiting plants. Goal pruning is on:

– branches unproductive
– branches of the damaged plant
– plant canopies that extend into
– the tops of branches / trees.

Some fruit trees are often treated are: grape, orange, apple, mango, jackfruit and soursop.
Noteworthy also is the technique of pruning and treatment after pruning. Try trimming using an appropriate tool. For small twigs can use scissors plants, while large branches that already use a saw. Directions cuts try tilted inward so that the former cuts are not exposed to rain that can cause spoilage. Give also paint, pitch, or paraffin scar cuts to avoid the attack of pest infection.
2. Tie the stems of plants
Some farmers in the village of antiquity often perform this technique, the binding rod / primary branch plants using wire / mines. By binding / twining stems of this plant the transport of carbohydrates to the roots of the result of photosynthesis is inhibited so as to accumulate in the branches and leaves that stimulate plants to bloom and bear fruit.
3. Sores plant stems
technique of this third, cut stems of plants function is similar to the technique of fastening rod, which hamper the delivery of food substances leaf photosynthesis results to the bottom of / root leading to the buildup of food at the top / limb. Eventually the plant will be stimulated to bloom.
Noteworthy in the technique of cut stems of this plant is to not get too far so that the plants become even cause death.
Mechanical cut stems of plants:
goreslah tree bark with a sharp knife with a size 10-20an cm around the trunk of the tree, scrape up the cambium lost (briefly almost similar to the technique of grafting). Then apply ter / paraffin to prevent infectious diseases / pests.
Fruit species that are often treated like mango, jackfruit and longan. Usually the fruit trees will bear fruit such as longan 4-5 months after receiving this treatment.
4. perempelan Tunas plant
Occasionally there is a sense of affection see the new shoots grow on the main stem of the plant. But it is precisely these buds perempelan technique must be done so quickly the plants bear fruit. Especially for shoots wildly at lower main stem of the plant.
5. Fertilizing plants
is usually to make rapid fruiting plants, the usual way taken by the farmer is spraying fertilizers leaves. Spraying worn directly on the leaves that will be absorbed through the stomata on the leaf surface.
6. Providing Hormone
Hormone here different from the fertilizer plant. Fungsiny is to stimulate the plant to bear fruit soon. Usually the techniques applied by injecting stem borer, sprayed, or drench at the root of the plant. This technique is also called booster technique. I personally do not really like this technique because it felt forced and pemerk * saan in plants.
7. Water Stress
Mechanical stress this water needs to be done very carefully. Because instead of rapid fruiting plants, even plants wither and die. Sres water in this case does not mean that is not watered at all but are only kept for 2-3 days without water. Functions that are not too grew thick leaves that ultimately will stimulate the plant to bloom. Make sure that before applying this technique really healthy plants.

Those are some ways to quickly fruiting plants that I can share with you. If there are techniques that are less fit or maybe you have other techniques that I have not mentioned above please share via the comments below this post.