Anticipation Earthquake

Anticipation Earthquake:  home earthquake kit

1. What to do when an earthquake occurs.
1. If you are indoors, protected from heavy objects are easy to fall, refuge table or other furniture that is considered to be strong and secure. Hold foot table or other furniture where you take shelter and be wary if the furniture shifted. Wait until the vibration stops, and if it is safe march to move to the place safer and wary of objects easily fall as glass, the furniture heavy, and others as well as the most important thing is you have to be quiet.

Gambar terkait

2. If you are outdoors, find an open spot, protected from buildings, electricity, large trees and others.
3. If you are driving, stop if it is safe and try masi in the vehicle, avoid bridges tunnels and electricity.
4. If you’re on the mountain or unstable slope avoid rock falls or object – other objects that may move or fall as a result of the earthquake.
5. If you are on the beach, beware of the tide fled to place higher and do not close towards the sea.
2. What to do after an earthquake.
a) To those who were seriously injured, do not be left alone and do not move unless they are in immediate danger will add to the wound again.
b) Be aware of the fire.
c) Turn off the gas stove, soon dropped out of the gas stream and the installation or disconnect hose from the gas flow tube.
d) Turn off the electric light source.
e) Lower heavy objects hanging on the wall that might fall on people.
f) Prepare the lighter items for basic needs that are easy to carry and lightweight drugs for the purpose of at least 3 days if you move to the place that is far away.
g) Beware tsunamis if you live near the beach.
h) Be aware of other earthquakes. Although the strength of earthquake aftershocks are smaller than the main quake, but some vibration can increase the damage to the building structure. Leave the house or building that has undergone structural changes since the main earthquake.

3. To deal with any time of the earthquake, what to do at this point.

You should know the area or areas prone to earthquakes. If you are in areas prone to earthquakes, the matters relating to the occurrence of damage or casualties from the earthquake should be prepared. Preventing the occurrence of earthquakes is impossible. Similarly predict when an earthquake will occur is also a very difficult job.

For that you need to do is minimize the damage caused by an earthquake, for example strengthen the construction of residential buildings in accordance with earthquake-resistant construction. Building homes using wood is just one example of earthquake-resistant construction. Make sure heavy items of household furniture you are safe, it will not fall on you when you’re indoors or while you are sleeping. Source: Meteorological and Geophysical Agency.

Check These Tips before Buying Car Family

The family car is a good option when own children. Moreover, with the number of children older than 2, you definitely need a car that can support all family activities. There are many types of family cars that you can choose, for example, just MPV or SUV that is designed specifically for family purposes. But choosing a family car is not as simple as that, Becik. For those of you who are confused to choose a car that is suitable for family purposes, the following tips may help you:

Check These Tips Before Buying a Car Family

1. Do the Home Buy

Many types and kinds of cars are offered out there sometimes will make you confused. But not because of this even make your home purchase. MPV or SUV is designed for families, but it does not mean any kind of MPV or SUV is always comfortable to drive you and your entire family. Better to choose first and make a purchase. Originally buying can lead to disappointment to you and your family.

2. Adjust with finance

Buying a car means talking about the budget or finance. A limited budget, automatic can not buy a car that has a high specification. Then adjust the car you want to buy with your budget. Do research about the cars the family in accordance with the range of budget you have. It is quite helpful Carmudian, because you can have a few options when it had conducted a research car. The next step stayed tested comfort of the options that you have entered in the list of cars that may be purchased.

3. The Comfortable Interior

You’ve made a list of cars that can be purchased, the next step is to examine the interior of the type that may suit your family. Look for a car with a comfortable interior and can accommodate your family. The average family car can accommodate 5-7 people. Then make sure you buy a car that can accommodate 7 people without having to jostle for less ergonomic interior. Please remember that, a comfortable interior make the passengers feel comfortable in it, especially if you and your family decide to travel long distances. Certainly an inconvenience instead will make your family upset.

4. Baggage great

Family car means it must have a trunk large enough to accommodate luggage. Because the intent is family it means the car must be able to accommodate your goods, your wife / husband, children up to your parents. Especially when meeting with the great days, then your car should be ready to accommodate the number of goods to be transported. The family car is now not only provides a large luggage features alone, sometimes in the family car design is already providing a safety items on the roof of the car. So you can store items on the roof of the car. If necessary, you can add a handle for hanging bikes on the tailgate to continue to support the activities of the child at the destination later.

5. Entertainment Features That Support

Because the car kelaurga meant to be used by the whole family, then look for a car that has entertainment features that make your family do not get bored while in the car. Examples of entertainment that may be present in a car is usually a small LCD screen attached to the rear seat backrest. Including LCD screens, radio, CD player and mp3 player. These tools are quite capable of entertaining the family while being on a long journey. But as an added feature, this entertainment should also be adjusted to your budget. Look for adequate additional entertainment after adjusting the budget you have.

6. High security

Security remains a priority. The use of safe vehicles means keeping the families of the things that are not desirable as an accident. There are several security features you should always look at a family car, they are seat belts, air bags or seat air bags and anti-lock brakes. Family car should have these three things, because safety is the foremost family.


When looking for a car keluraga make sure that the seat belt on each passenger seat can function properly. Able to withstand the passenger seat belt not to jump from where they sit. Also make sure that any future family members, who will use the car must always wear a seat belt.

Air Bag / Air Bags

Next is the air bag system is functioning and able to withstand the passenger from the collision. Now there are very many cars that provide a safety bag or air bag to secure the passengers, especially the front of the collision. Their air bag is expected to minimize accidents on passengers.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-lock brakes will be very useful on a slippery road. This is not a normal brake Carmudian brake, the brake has the ability to hold the car while on the track is slippery and can still be controlled. This feature can be an additional value when you are looking for a family car.

How Becik? Do you know enough about how to choose the right family car? Despite its name, the family car, does not mean that this car can not be used by you personally, Becik . One of the most important when it bought a family car is car maintenance. Because it is used by many people, do regular maintenance to ensure that your car remains comfortable during use.

Download Ebooks – Spark Your Interest for Analysis

After that you need to absolutely have actually desired to download eBooks in order to check out on your computer system, ebook or tablet computer viewers, if you are a serious visitor. In fact, eBook viewers such as’s Kindle and also Barnes & Noble’s Space have actually ended up being extremely prominent since individuals are understanding that this is a much better means of appreciating a book because guide could be picked and also acquired nearly immediately. On the internet merchants such as also report that the sale of eBooks has actually overtaken those of published publications which show the boosting appeal of these publications.

When you attempt to download eBooks is that they could be a little bit costly, if there is any type of issue you will certainly experience. You should discover a resource of these publications that is extremely low-cost (and also ideally free) to ensure that you could delight in your enthusiasm for analysis without investing way too much cash. You will certainly be stunned to discover that there are a couple of web sites that use superb collections of eBooks for you to download at an extremely sensible cost. The ordinary cost of a book will certainly be a number of bucks, with lots of publications setting you back also much less compared to that. You will certainly likewise locate a massive choice of reviewing product used entirely free.

If you went to a website that provides to the certain specific niche you are interested in, it would certainly be best. This will certainly make certain that you obtain specifically the sort of publications you are searching for. If you desire training in a specific topic and also desire to check out as much concerning it as feasible, this is particularly vital. A lot of these shops additionally provide you the alternative of acquiring gift certifications that you might email to other individuals that you recognize prefer to check out these publications. This is a gift that will certainly be valued by individuals that are extremely curious about analysis.

Make certain that you constantly download eBooks from trusted resources to make sure that you do not subject your computer system or other visitor to a selection of infections which are typical nowadays. Due to the fact that cyber-crime is on the surge these days as well as you could finish up paying very much for your error, this is a really essential point to bear in mind. If, nonetheless, you have the ability to locate a great website after that you could obtain a lot of analysis as well as finding out product from it for an extremely practical rate.

Discover why you need to be selective concerning the websites you download eBooks on from. Check out just how it is feasible to download great deals of eBooks for hardly any loan.

Tips on Dealing with Earthquakes Correctly

Where are earthquakes most likely to occur – I think in the last few days there was a handful of people are very happy clay somebody else worry about Earthquakes earth will shake Jakarta (especially those who spread these issues via sms).

Forget sms-sms that the source was not clear. But of course no harm if we know how to deal with an earthquake, right?

Tips on Dealing with Earthquake Correctly

A Japanese television programs invite some foreign students (coming from Chile, Finland, Spain, and Canada) to an earthquake simulator to see if they know the right way to act during an earthquake. Do you think any student that is doing the right thing?

When simulated earthquake began, two female students from Finland and Spain just sit in their chairs and do nothing. Unfortunately, when they were beautiful, you know.

Students Canada (fat) went straight to the door frame, while the Chilean student rushed to move goods easily fall to a safe place and he himself went straight to the bottom of the table, wait until the earthquake stops.

So who is the most correct? Yup. Si Chile. Chile was known only students who have undergone courses on earthquake safety, others have not.

And what about the students of Canada? Why did he run to the door frame? Apparently she had read an article in a magazine that is under the door frame is the safest thing to do when an earthquake happens.

And it is true, because according to earthquake safety tips issued by the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control in the United States ), the door frame is actually quite safe if a table is not available.

Here are tips for earthquakes correctly:

If you are at home …

1. Take refuge under the table. This can give you room to breathe if the building collapses. If the counter of his moves, try to also move to follow the direction of the table.

2. The side wall or door frame where is the last place will collapse. If the table is not available, take cover there.

3. Stay away from all breakable objects (windows, mirrors, lamps, paintings, urns), bookcases, cabinets, and all that could fall.

4. Take something to protect your head and face of a possible hit by falling debris and broken glass.

5. If the lights go out, use flashlights. Do not use candles and lighters during or after the earthquake. If there is a gas leak, an explosion can occur.

6. If you are in the kitchen, quickly turn off the stove before you take cover under a table.

If you are in the building …

Stay away from windows and immediately take cover under a table. Do not use the elevator. No need to scramble to run out of the building fear, let alone until others fall (if it’s time, it’s useless jog too right?).

The most important thing when an earthquake is to try to remain calm and, of course, pray.

Tips shoes combine style with your clothes

The choice of your outfit is made. The accessories are also chosen. There‘s the shoes… If you suffer from the symptom “I have never anything to wear”, read the following. We give you advice which, in the majority of cases, help find your way you.
1. no need to match the color of your shoes to the dress
It takes rather than your shoes to go with the style of the dress. Too often, it fixateson the colors.
You are wearing a houndstooth dress red and white? Do not try to harmonize it with houndstooth shoes red and white! Opt for the silver, for example.
2. the rule of the three colours
This basic rule avoids many problems of coordination.
To the extent possible, stick to a maximum of three colors. We are talking about your outfit, shoes and accessories.
It is true that some women are able to get away with more colors, but in General, it is unwise to try to do too much.
3. one printed by look
Do not attempt to wear printed shoes if your skirt is also printed.
Stick to the rule of a single printed by look.
4. the heel of the right height
How high should your shoe? This answer lies in the cut of the clothing you wear.
Remember a heel must be arranged with a garment that lengthens the leg. If you wear it with a short example, you commit a fashion misstep, at the limits of vulgarity.
The shorts better marry with a flat sandal.
The ballerina on his side will go beautifully with a trumpet skirt.
5. the right shoe for the right occasion
It is normal not to wear the same shoes for any occasion.
For an evening chic, the heel is perfect.
On the other hand, low shoes, like the sandal or ballerina, are perfect for a countrypicnic.
Conversely, even if they are nice shoes, may not highlight.
Remember that the choice of the shoe should be with respect to the circumstanceswhere you wear it. This rule of thumb will help avoid you some missteps.
How to choose the right shoes for formal occasions?
When the choice of shoes for formal occasions such as a job interview, a presentation, or a marriage, a good balance between comfort and fashion could help you find the appropriate attire. You will feel elegant, confident and sure to impress others.
How to choose the right shoes for formal occasions?
In most formal occasions, the choice of men‘s shoes is relatively limited but very nuanced. Everything is based on the subtlety.
The real choice lies in the details. It is a way to assert.
What color is good?
More rustic and natural, Brown has an aristocratic look.
Serious and versatile, jual sepatu converse indonesia the black looks more controlled.
Navy Blue is more modern and more expressive with a modern look.
Then there is the design.
Looking for a shoe more stylized in contrast with a very classic costume? Low shoesmight do the trick. For this need you a perforated leather along the model.
Are you looking to seem very serious, for a funeral or an important presentation forexample? A style with tip might do the trick.
If need you something more distinctive and contemporary, consider a pair of shoeswith tip.
For a really bold and indulgent appearance, try sharp toes.
Remember that longer you wear color, patterns and special details, more your shoesshould be simple and unpretentious. More your outfit is sober, the more you can afford fancy shoes.
In general, for a formal occasion, heels are a must but deprive you for so many choices. For starters, how do you feel? Your mood is the best indicator to use in the choice of your shoes. Your shoes should express the person you want to project this dayhere.
For example, if you feel bold and saucy, go for studded heels or animal footprints.
If you prefer a chic appearance and insured, try the rhinestones or glitter.
For a little more class and control, choose classic shoes in a single colour.
If you want to appear both sophisticated and sexy, try the varnished leather.
To stay modern and trendy, try blocking color in two-tone.

shoes that fit the style of clothing

The costume is by far the most professional outfit that is: with a tie and a proper belt, it gives an unequivocal business style. If one has already addressed the rules to follow when buying a suit, it is now time to ask another question: which pairs of shoes to wear with a suit?


This question is crucial: a poorly chosen pair will make a catastrophic result with your costume. It is even more true when it is cut: more than a look is well worked, moreunsightly elements are obvious. Gold shoes, contrary to what one might think, are an accessory that is very visible and noticed by others.


I offer a few basic principles and a selection of several shoes that are with costumes,the more formal the less formal.


A few rules to remember


1. If you wear a formal suit with tie and shirt combined, your shoes will have to follow the movement being themselves rather formal. To give an extreme example, you‘ll never wear loafers with a tuxedo.


2. If on the other hand you wear a suit more casual without a tie, the range of shoesthat you can wear with widens. You can even opt for formal or less formal shoes.


3 A dressed shoe must always be leather. Do not opt for synthetic materials (type leatherette): they will be much less pleasant to wear, will Warp quickly and won’t lastlong in your feet.

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The more formal pairs


The Richelieu


The Richelieu are dressed shoe classic. Classy, sober, they are classic and effective. Richelieu can not take risk and give a dressed result that works at all the shots. With their fine line, often discreet seams and a lack of flashy details, they do their job withjust elegance.


You can opt for a pair of black or Brown, depending on your tastes.


Brown Black Richelieu Richelieu

The Brogues


The Brogues are also among the shoes that are, but with a style they. They are rather thin as the Richelieu but have special keys: if their line is rather long, they are decorated with perforations (broguing) on a good part of their surface. They are thus part of formal pairs which give a more original than the Richelieu style.


Their aesthetic peculiarities that are these perforations sets apart them from (discussed below) derbies: they are over worked and thus win in style.


Brown style Brogues richelieu double_monkstraps

The formal pairs




Derbies are a pair of shoes formal but nevertheless less dressed. The major difference with the Richelieu lacing: for the Richelieu lacing is closed, it is indeed composedof carnations positioned on each side of the guarantors, these pieces of leather thatwelcomes the laces. jual sepatu converse murah Thus the vamp, which is the piece that is the front part of the shoe, passes by on these guarantors. The result is a lacing in the form of V.


Conversely, the lacing is open for derbies. The guarantors (hosting grommets wherespend the laces) are sewn on the upper.




The Monkstraps


The Monkstraps are also part of the shoes, but are less conventional than the Richelieu: they give a very particular style. With their single or double loop, they are largerand have a more clear-cut style. Either you crack or you hate. If you are concernedwith the first option, they will show you like out of the box and you want to take ownership of your style.


double_monk_straps double_monkstraps


The less formal pairs


The Dress Boots


The dress boots are less formal than the other pairs presented below, and for goodreason. Indeed, he can’t forget that the original function of the boot is to be an accessory to outside to protect us from climate. If the boots (and the dress boots therefore) have clearly evolved to become aesthetic, they keep no less in their DNA, theirbasic function. And that’s precisely what makes them less formal.


You don’t see a lot in France and its most popular overseas, yet they deserve their place in our collections of shoes.

How to choose shoes for man adapted to his style?

There are several families of dress shoes, all work with the same outfit. Choose his shoes allows you to add a formal touch to an outfit or, conversely, to win in relaxation. Your own codes for better reinterpret.


berluti shoe


No beautiful shoes without quality materials
Always have in mind that the beauty of a pair depends on its quality. All this is explained in our guide to choose his shoes.


A perfectly manufactured product, with noble materials, is beautiful no matter whathappens. Conversely, a product of poor quality is immediately default to your outfit.


Richelieu end ice man
A beautiful leather see immediately…


Even before talking about style, make sure you have a mounting sewed or stitched-pasted, whether it‘s Blake, Goodyear / stitched Welt, of a sewn NorwegianRegularity and robustness are two key words!


For the matter, choose a leather well tanned with a deep shade, a nice and sensual,touch but not creases marked from the first step!


seams sole shoe man
The points are close together and very regular.


Pricing, with a few exceptions, it is difficult to find a very good quality, durable andwell made shoe, less than €200 (outside sales) 1.


Add 50 euros for a pair of shoe trees, a milk cleanser, a nourishing cream / teintanteas a shoeshine, and you‘ll make an investment that you will surely not regret!


Attention, video cult: Olga Berluti explains his suave voice how to care for your shoes. A great moment of sensuality…


If really you short financially, better is worth to wait for the sales… Although the prices are unbeatable, you won’t find anything of lasting or quality at Eram, Gemo, theHall or other mass-market brands.


The most classic: Richelieu / Oxford for men
Originally, the Richelieu are extremely noble and formal shoes. This is the model parexcellence to wear with a suit. Its elegance is its great finesse to the purity of its lines. We recognize the Richelieu to two things:


No flaps. The stem, simply split, deviates to pass the foot at the time of the shoes: we’re talking about closed lacing. Once laced, shoes find a fine line, to the nearest foot.
A mounting Blake or assimilated, i.e. without sewn Welt, including external seams could add to the shoe line.
Black scarosso Richelieu
Here, a black Richelieu from Scarosso. Could not be more formal, reserved for special occasions!


Often made from a single cutting of leather, the Richelieu is the more elongated model, with a tapered form most of the time.


Some models with a thicker sole and perforated are called “brogues”, they are alsoavailable in derby. Several contemporary interpretations of the Richelieu divert theiruse formal first, with many twists that bring novelty.


leather seed meermin Richelieu
Flowery out Richelieu and grained leather, a signed interpretation Meermin.


How to wear the Richelieu?
Better to start smoothly and respect codes of formal elegance. Diversions are possible, but it is truly in a dress that Richelieu are best put into value.


richelieu blue suit look camel man
A marked contrast between the color of the suit and that of the shoe gives relief to an outfit. Fanatics will call out to the bad taste if shoes are a tone lighter or darker than the suit but that it’s another question.


For a more casual atmosphere, models worked in a less strict spirit offer beautiful proposals. Jeans and chinos will agree very well with the Richelieu of the weekend onone condition: avoid the pair of Richelieu (too) simple, all black!


The Kostum Badut And Masks Inspired By Sport

For many people, sport is a passion for dedicating their free time. So why not be inspired by their own sports uniforms for occasions like Carnival, Halloween or masquerade parties?

Many production companies of carnival costumes offer in the catalogs of kostum badut inspired by the world of football and sport in general. But be careful! The good news is that by dressing up in costumes inspired by the sport do not necessarily need to buy a dress: you can also recycle what you have at home or – at most – buy at sporting goods store everything you need.

In this post, we would like to offer tips to create original and funny masks inspired by the world of sport by choosing whether to buy a real costume, use what you have at home or draw on a store of real sports. Warning: In some cases, you may also need to go to groom old vintage markets, but we believe it is a problem for those who like shopping!

A great classic: a player costumes

This will probably be the carnival costume that all children will want to wear. The football stars are in fact real star to which every child wants to look like.

To dress as a player enough uniform soccer and football boots. If temperatures are stiff, you can add a mock turtleneck and tights. Completing the estate as a player a duffel bag, shin guards and arm ball. If you have a favorite football player, he will wear his shirt and you can use wigs and makeup to look like the sample also in the physical.

A fun variation of a footballer costume is the costume vintage football player, for which you need a football outfit of the past. football uniforms also have evolved with fashion: each era has had its own style, perfectly recognizable by details such as the width of the shirt and pants, the length of the socks, the colors used, the fabrics … If you are the retro lovers, impress your friends with a truly original vintage costume!

The sports mascot costume

Challenged, love or teasing, the mascots are the recognizable symbol of sporting events, teams and fans. The mock Romulus or the school year. Rome, the donkey for Napoli, but also the Olympic mascots and those of the World Cup: there is a sporting occasion for which there is created a special mascot.

The mask mascot is fun and original idea for the kids. Since this is almost always a swimsuit fleece or other heavy fabric, the mascot mask is also a good solution for the carnival celebrations, which take place outdoors with unfriendly temperatures!

Gymnast or dancer

What little girl she does not dream of becoming a dancer or gymnast? At least at the carnival, this dream can become reality. To dress as a ballerina – needless to say – serve tutus, tights, shoes and body. Completing the costume chiffon and eye-catching trick.

The dancer’s costume can be a good solution also for grownups. An original is found for example that of disguise with a friend from white and black swan, inspired by the main characters of “Swan Lake.” Teamed with himself, why not be inspired instead to “The Nutcracker”?

Wrestler, boxer or ninja

Finally, an idea for those who love combat sports or martial arts.

The wrestling is a spectacular and dramatic discipline, in which the most famous athletes are recognizable because of their style or clothing (in the photo below you can see for example the costume of the famous wrestler Undertaker). For this reason, the writing is great as a sport to inspire them to create a mask.

If you intend to sewing, decorating and make-up, to be inspired wrestling champions and leave everyone speechless at the kostum badut party! If you want something simpler, then create a costume inspired by Japanese ninja: basic clothing, some fake weapon and you’re done!

App To Find Love Applications To Download

App To Find Love Applications To Download

Looking for App to find love or just to do some interesting knowledge Here are the applications that you absolutely have to download to your smartphone.

Some years ago it was quite a stir admit to have met their soul mate on a chat, until, with the success of social networks and the proliferation of dating sites, meet a man or a woman online is now quite common, and no if not the generation of grandparents see anything strange. But did you know that there are app created just for us to interact with people of the opposite sex You are looking for a soul mate Try to download these apps!

Badoo – is one of the best app for anyone who is looking for an online dating service serious, fun and free, and is the mobile version of the popular social network, where you can enjoy on the go long chat sessions with potential boyfriends eligible candidates (available for iOS and Android)

Blendr – a fun app to look for interesting people. You can subscribe using the login information that you use on Facebook and simply fill out a short profile with some basic information to begin to browse for interesting profiles (available for iOS and Android).
How about we – is a dating service real when you come into contact with so many people without bothering to compile data and profiles. In practice, this implementation is based on the publication of your schedule to which anyone can respond, but be careful in the meetings in the dark, better to start with a chat online and then possibly arrange a meeting (available for iOS and Android)

Ok Cupid – a name you can trust. And ‘one of the best applications that in fact is the mobile version of free dating site. In this case, however, you’ll have to fill out long questionnaires that will be compared with those of other users, in order to try to bring together users with many things in common. If you are looking for a soul mate try it (available for iOS and Android).

Tinder – in Italy is still low, but the United States has literally made the boom. This app through localization suggests any profiles close to you with whom you can chat without necessarily sharing any personal information (available for iOS and Android).
Hot or Not E ‘for excellence in the category of best app because it lets you search your soul mate based on physical pleasure, interests and mutual friends. It is based on a voting system, the type I like  I do not like, and you can sign up through Facebook or Google+ (but do not worry the app will always and only your first name). This will make it even easier to connect with friends who are already enrolled in this service (available for IOS and Abndroid).

BlackBerry Priv Android And Physical Keyboard To 779 Euros

BlackBerry Priv Android And Physical Keyboard To 779 Euros

Lovers of BlackBerry with the physical keyboard but also the speed and operation of Android, be happy with 779 euro you can meet your needs by purchasing the new BlackBerry Priv.
BlackBerry Priv the data-sheet

This is the latest smartphone of Canadian home, equipped with Android the proverbial ‘mythical’ physical full QWERTY keyboard is hidden below the 5.4-inch touchscreen display (resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels) As for the processor, the choice fell on the chip hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808.

Blackberry Priv has a camera with a 18 megapixel sensor that allows you to take high quality photos with a resolution of 4898 × 3674 pixels and record video in 4K resolution of the amazing 3840 × 2160 pixels.
Where and how to buy it

BlackBerry is currently available Priv are physically in the United States through AT & T both in stores and online. In Canada are different carriers selling.

Of course you can book on Amazon with a price indicated amounted to EUR 899, but it should be only one reservation the final price should be equal to or lower than the official.

Rabbit dispassionate Priv BlackBerry is a great device but now pay 780 euro is perhaps exaggerated, whereas less than half are found, online, very valid alternative type Honor 7 or LG G4. Clearly, however, the BlackBerry Priv has the qualities and a ‘clase’ that goes beyond the context.

Xiaomi Mi4C has 5-inch full HD display, a Snapdragon processor 808 and a USB Type-C equipped to 3 GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM, is available in 16 and 32 GB of flash memory. The display manufactured by Sharp  AUO  LG offers a perfect visibility even in strong light. The rear camera is 13mp, the front 5MP and integrates a wide-angle lens from 85 degrees.

The selection of Gearbest refers to a white Xiaomi Mi4C Advanced Edition, with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of memory. The Xiaomi Mi4C, finally, has a 3,080 mAh battery and weighs only 132 grams. The smartphone also supports technology Quick Charge 2.0 and integrates a USB Type-C.