Leading Taking a trip Tips



Traveling is an interesting pastime. Travelers have the advantage of learning and collecting understanding regarding various areas. Not only that they see as well as discover various locations however they also learn more about those areas purposefully in addition to inadvertently. I need to say traveling is not a simple pastime. If you love traveling and have the enthusiasm to see the globe, remain because I have something excellent to show you.

Leading traveling tips of all times

1- Constantly plan before taking a trip. Do proper homework. Do research about the city, country or place where you are heading. Figure out as long as you could in the past picking a place. This is essential for several reasons.

2- Constantly maintain maps with you. Whether it be an electronic map or a scrape map or basic map. Map is a must. I recommend utilizing GPS, however a lot of the times you need to go to areas where GPS does not function. So at the same time you could make use of conventional maps. You could use scrape map traveling edition too. A scrape map travel version will certainly make things easy for you at areas where GPS does not function.

3- Offer high significance to weather forecast. Make certain to keep an eye on weather reports for the city where you are moving. If heavy rains are anticipated or typhoons are expected, it is much better to delay the journey since you could not have the ability to take pleasure in or check out the area as you are expecting. Poor weather can ruin your journeys. So strategy according to the weather condition.

4- It is strongly advised not to take a trip in off-season. Most of individuals see different cities and also locations in off-season to stay clear of rush. Yet on the other hand, you do not have accessibility to all the features, solutions and areas in off-season.

5- Watch at your pocket too. Do not spend too much. Always keep a small amount as get with you. I am not stating not to spend where it’s required rather I am trying to say not to invest money when there is no need for it.

6- Make a listing of all the cities where you intend to go. Prioritize them. In this manner, you can take care of things easily. You can regulate your budget too. In fact, you will save money for the following trip. I have actually found this method really valuable when it involves conserving cash.

7- Buy a digital cam if you do not have one. Nevertheless there is little tourist who does not have a video camera. Utilize your video camera as much as you could while removaling. Take photos of unique points. Attempt to videotape healthy and balanced and also satisfied moments. I suggest preserving a diary. Whenever you most likely to a place, take a photo of it and also paste it in the journal. Additionally, you could write a short summary also concerning the area. This way, you can save your trips and memories fairly conveniently.

Nest time when you decide to go to a new city, a brand-new country and a brand-new town, do not forget to follow these pointers – and I make sure you will have a remarkable journey.

7 Destination In West Nusa Tenggara You Need To Know

7 Destination In West Nusa Tenggara You Need To Know – West Nusa Tenggara or general known by the name NTB is one province in eastern Indonesia, located in the middle of the province of Bali and the Neighbouring East Nusa Tenggara, or NTT.

Via Sewa Bus Pariwisata

When you hear NTB di piki ran you the first time certainly Lombok Island Exotic it. Indeed can not deny when Lombok Island is an island among Hottest would be a natural beauty and cultural as well as a large Contribute to the development of West Nusa Tenggara province.

However, with the exception of the island of Lombok are popular, there are many other islands were nice and popular in West Nusa Tenggara province, for example Moyo Island, Sumbawa Island and Gili Gili Other.

If you have no intention for the holidays to West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) make sure you already have a schedule as well as a reference anywhere that later will you go, because in this Province so many interesting sights are worth your visit.

As well as the following, namely 16 Points of Interest Tours Available in Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB)

1. Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is one among the attractions in Lombok who officially decided its status as a national park, which is a protected ecosystem Indonesian government with the characteristics of mountain rain forest and savanna.

The area of ​​this national park is Area 40 thousand hectares. Mount Rinjani is located on Lombok Island North side with a height of 3, 726 mtr. above sea level, and that is the highest volcano to-2 in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci.

Mount Rinjani has a wide crater, there is a crater lake Segara Anak Lake. According to the beliefs of local people, when Lake Segara Anak looked extensive, so it is a sign that the age of the beholder is still long. The opposite is true when it looked cramped, so hinting beholder short-lived. It is advisable to do a clean themselves and spirited calm before looking back at Segara Anak Lake. This lake can be used as a fishing spot.

2. Niagara Mata Jitu

Waterfall Eyes Right or also known as the Niagara of Lady Diana is one among the popular tourist object in Moyo Island, It is located in the hamlet Oiramu, Desa Labuhan Aji, District Labuhan Badas, Sumbawa. Is named so because of the waterfall is visited by Lady Diana. Not just on a trip, he also had a bath under a waterfall splash that is so clear. The flow of water in this place is so quiet and green to bluish.

Nearby the waterfall has 7 pools that can not be used for bathing and swimming. But you do not need to be disappointed because the organizer has prepared a special spot prepared for travelers who want a shower and swim here.

Waterfall Eyes Right Moyo Island can be reached wearing a motorcycle or motorcycle with a travel time of 20 minutes Area of ​​the village of Labuan Aji. Do not worry, during your journey will disgust by the natural scenery of the jungle and plantations of cashew local residents.

3.Pantai Ai Manis

Ai Manis beach located next to the South Mainland Moyo Island. To get there, there are a lot of access to the departure, one of them through Labuhan Sumbawa, Tanjung sand, beach Kencana or Ai Bari Moyo District of North.

When away from Tanjung sand Area requires normal time 20 minutes by using a motor boat, was on the beach Kencana or Labuhan Sumbawa Area requires the time of 60 minutes. But if you want to save even more, you can go from Ai Bari Moyo District of North Area 2 km north side town of Sumbawa Besar.

First when you are in Sumbawa Besar, you can go to Ai Bari with a variety of transportation alternatives, be it wearing a motorcycle taxi or by renting a car.

4. House Habits Sade

Sade hamlet in the village of Ramban, District Pujut, Central Lombok. The people who inhabit this village is the community of the Sasak, the commune still adheres habits Lombok to date.

The social system, as well as the daily life of people in the hamlet of Sade, is still so thick with custom Sasak antiquity. Therefore, Hamlet Sade was decided as a tourist village in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Feature-cirri Stik community house built of bamboo with a roof that comes from the leaves of reeds. In this place, the typical habits Sasak house is still standing strong and handled properly

5. Senggigi Beach

It is a tourist attraction in Lombok are the most popular. Senggigi Beach in Lombok has an enchanting beauty of the beach. Many foreign tourists who come to this beach. Senggigi Beach transformed to be one among the attractions in Lombok with a panoramic view of its long coastlines, really charming when seen from too far away as well as altitude.

With a long coastline and decisively, presenting Lombok Senggigi Beach sand shades from black to white. Seawater has waves that are not great, clear, and clean. Some of the following things that make Senggigi Beach in Lombok so one among the favorite tourist attraction for some tourists.

6. Kuta Beach

This is not the Kuta beach in Bali, but a beautiful beach located in the south of the island of Lombok. Lombok Kuta Beach is one of the few attractions in Lombok charming.

By way of the geographical location of this beach is surrounded by the natural hills. Beyond that, Kuta Beach Lombok has white sand beaches, and generally not much visited by tourists. Do not be surprised if this beach was deserted at the time you visit.

Kuta Beach in Lombok by administrative means in the village of Kuta, the place is not far from Lombok International Airport. Itineraries Kuta Beach Lombok, when taken from Senggigi, will consume less time 1. 5 hours. You going through Kota Mataram when taking these trips Senggigi – Kuta Beach.

7. PinkBeach


Pink Beach on the island of Lombok has been popular to foreign countries. This includes the beach in one of seven beaches in the world that have pink sand. However, Pink Beach on the island of Lombok in Indonesia is not only one. In the province of East Nusa Tenggara Area 30 minute drive northwest of the island of Komodo also a beach in pink.

S / d today, can not be in the know in a way certainly cause Pink Beach on the island of Lombok has pink sand. There are some opinions that mention that the pink color results because of the combination of the white sand and pieces of red coral. Sometimes corals can be found in the area of ​​the beach. But there is also an opinion that the pink color comes from microscopic animals that produce a reddish pink color. Animals were called foraminifera. Whatever the cause of pink in the sand on this beach, which is, of course, the beauty of the Pink Beach on Lombok Island gave his own appeal to tourists until they are willing to relax into these attractions  at Sewa Bus Pariwisata

Heaven Tourism Kaliurang Sleman

Kaliurang is a mainstay tourist attractions Sleman Its located on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Attractions Kaliurang singer Hargobinangun located in the village, Pakem, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.



Attractions Kaliurang Famous WITH dansejuk Cold air is Yang soon, plunging the air Its So Wonderful There is also a monkey – funny monkey. When Andari been All Points Travel Kaliurang, taxable income Andari Up to Door SIGN, Andari will be intercepted by the cute monkeys hanging, BUT BECAUSE Andari Must Beware the monkeys Like Coming tease visitors. The taxable income softening up the field Yag And Slick Andari aakn find aerial view waterfalls and natural thing so enchanting.

Heaven Travel Kaliurang Sleman Its located on the slopes of Mount Merapi Not Just Famous WITH A Cold And The air is cool, tourist attractions singer Also Known as The romantic Travel And Tourism attractions include singer WITH villas Dan Also bungalau. so Andari Want For honeymooners here was tempak Right for Andari kunjungi.Selain Singer Suitable Place For honeymooners Places derah Also Kaliurang Singer Is Suitable For Families Holidaying Together relatives and remove penat.Disini Andari also can Enjoy Travel different alternatives of which is :

Natural fringe
Enjoy the beauty of nature through the trees and the forest heritage well as series of 22 caves are in the hearts of Japanese Yang Heaven Travel Andari kaliurang make more passionate Enjoy the natural beauty of the Natural That Still.

Historical building
homestead Kaliurang And pesanggrahan Delem Ngeksigondo milikm The court has Typical Buildings and unique What makes Paradise Travel The Condensed WITH indigenous Javanese.

Ullen Sentalu
Museum as peberdayaan Goods Storage and historic heritage, is interesting the visitors hearts Recall the history of Yogyakarta Province.
Tama Recreation Ground
Fully permainanan Children And Also decorated with statues jin style story of 1001 Nights Adding to the spirit of the visitors hearts Enjoying Paradise Travel Kaliurang Seleman.

Wildlife tour Plawangan Turgo
Characteristic Plawangan Turgo has attracted Travel terseb diri hearts to review linger Enjoy beauty of the tourist park. And Become An unwind relaxation For the visitors.

There HEATED pool Tlogo Princess
Enjoy touring the taxable income of the tourist haven, visitors can take off Tired of Watching has been used WITH HEATED pool Tlogo Princess Already Number: Available in hearts tourist haven.

Heaven Tourism Kaliurang Seleman
Enjoyed Wildlife
Enjoy the wildlife has its own impression For visitors to review fused WITH MORE nature, WITH monkeys and birds What are in the hearts Tourism Kaliurang, makes visitors seemed more familiar and natural beauty blend BY travel.

Puncang enjoy puncang WITH binoculars
Puncang enjoy puncang WITH binoculars, has been provided had used binoculars rentals (renting binoculars Rp 5000, -. / 30 min)

Cheap Car driving around using rabbit
Cheap Car driving around using rabbit (the rental price of Rp 3000, -. / Person) .For exclusive trip, the tariff will make Andari A 20,000 like royalty.

So how Ticket SIGN Kaliurang? To review the place SIGN objects singer Anda Tourism Kaliurang, please pay ENTRY Ticket Rp. 3000, – / person, PARKING Also pay Rp. 3000, – for a review of the car and Rp. 2000 – motor for review. For a review Rental rates bungalau, villa OR pasenggrahan ADA Many OPTIONS From The fare of Rp. 25.000, – to Rp. 200.000, -. Also there are Star-rated Hotels The cost Starting from 600,000, – to Rp. 2.1 million.
This is the information Paradise Travel Kaliurang Sleman What can I Say hearts singer Kali article. Congratulations visit Sewa Bus Pariwisata

China Travel Tips



Survival China Traveling Idea

These China Travel Tips, Survival Techniques, will certainly aid you get around and make your trip to China simpler, so you will certainly be able to experience the actual China with a little less stress.

China is an odd beast that needs to be valued; the major cities, Beijing, Shanghai, and also Xian, all have their own individualities.

Some complicated circumstances that you assume would certainly be a business disaster end up being great and you question later exactly what all the hassle as well as worry had to do with. Then the easiest of tasks can turn out to be a significant disaster.

This is when you have exactly what we call below a “China day”.

These days reoccur and also are part of the experience of daily traveling in China. One has to have an open mind when travelling China. It is a location with countless years of history as well as society that is trying over night to adjust to Western lifestyles.

You need to have a really open mind when you Travel in China.
I have below a few China Traveling Tips that will make life that wee bit more acceptable on your Traveling China experience.

China Traveling Tips – Be Bathroom Wise

o Never expect a clean toilet 100% of the moment.

o Be prepared; Lug some cells.

o You may have to make use of a squat toilet, once more if you recognize this before hand it is not a shock. If you have no idea ways to make use of a squat commode, try the following experiment at home.

While holding onto something for assistance with both hands, lower your body down into a low squat position, to make sure that the cheeks of your base is almost touching your heels or the back of your calf bone. Now, allow go with your hands. See if you stay in this position for a minimum of 1 min. If you fall in reverse or you could not stand up, after that a squat bathroom might be a problem for you! Technique, you will enjoy you did.

o If you see a clean commode, Go … it may not come again for a while.

o There are numerous public bathrooms around the cities, normally the ones you spend for are OKAY, (RMB.5), the others best to keep away from if you can. You will certainly quickly observe them as you walk around the cities.

o Be cautioned that public locations like bus as well as train terminals are typically just what I course as “challenging toilets”, nevertheless if got ta go you obtained ta go.

o Beyond the major cities, the toilet systems are old or have really slim pipes/ pipes and get blocked quickly. In these cases a small basket is generally close to the commode, this is for your utilized toilet paper.

One of the most effective China Traveling bathroom Tips I could give you, is use resort lobby bathrooms; these are all over as well as are always clean. Still they may not always have bathroom tissue. It relies on the class of resort that you are making use of.

I do not desire to scare you. Nevertheless, of all the China Traveling Tips in all the other website I have actually read, this is a topic rarely mentioned, but it is essential to all of us.

So beyond the significant cities problems could be tough. However most of the moment whatever will be great, specifically if you book an excursion; everything will certainly have been had a look at prior to hand. However also the most effective laid plans can go wrong, so be prepared, the bathrooms in the smaller sized cities, towns and also towns can be frightening.

China Traveling Tips – The Food

o The food is wonderful as well as the range is overwhelming. A lot of the time you reach choose exactly what you consume, or you can acknowledge what you’re eating, nevertheless often you do not get an option. Bring a chocolate bar or something; this will keep you going up until some food that you could identify turns up. Consume alcohol bottled or boiled water, as the faucet water is NOT risk-free to consume alcohol, this is for the whole of China. Even steamed water, while sterilised can consist of a great deal of minerals and iron deposits that you possibly do not want in your system. The most safe bet is to consume bottle water. Faucet water in a lot of large cities is OK for cleaning teeth.

o Consuming behaviors – Most Chinese individuals have a wonderful routine of being very loud when they consume and also lunch and supper times could be an incredibly noisy celebration, food tends to go in all directions, its just part of being in China.

o Individuals additionally smoke at the table while everybody is consuming, so some restaurants get extremely loud and smoky.

o If you get stuck exactly what to get as most of the menu’s are in Chinese just look at the table alongside you and also indicate the meal you fancy and ask just how much it is, this system works actually well and also understand seems to mind.

o I have a standard food selection that will assist you buy secure food, (no Felines or Dog) this will allow you to go to a bigger selection of restaurants, not simply the vacationer ones with high costs. You can bring it with you as well as utilize it in the local restaurants where most will have the ability to offer exactly what is on it. This way you will certainly understand what you are consuming.

These neighborhood areas are very affordable and the food it fantastic. Call me if you would like me to send it to you.

China Traveling Tips – Taxi cabs

o China Travel Tips- Cabs – Taxis are an experience that could have you griping the seat as well as gasping for breath; nevertheless you quickly get made use of to it, after the initial few rides, you’re an old-timer.

o The taxis in Shanghai are, total, rather excellent. Aim to obtain the Blue, Blue’ish Turquoise, Gold and also White taxis, these are the most effective … these are the 4 major taxi companies and also are typically recognised by their single colour paintwork. The others are ALRIGHT, simply older and a rougher flight (the others likewise might have faulty metres). No vehicle drivers will speak English.

o Bring your hotel or holiday accommodation calling card with you, composed in Chinese, this assists if you get lost walking around town.

o In all the taxis around the country you will certainly see the vehicle drivers name as well as taxi registration number in ordinary view. If you have any issue, or if you assume you have actually been over charged etc, simply take this number down, make a big difficulty about it, as well as the motorist then needs to wake up as well as take care of whatever trouble you have. Even better is to take the receipt. This has all the journey information on it as well as you could ring the taxi business if you wish to take points additionally or if you’ve left something in the taxi.

o The federal government takes rip-off chauffeurs in all cities, Beijing and also Xian particularly, extremely seriously as well as if you complain they will certainly lose their permit. This is their livelihood. Thus far I have actually had not one driver in 3 years that has actually not backed down as well as we have actually after that concurred a rate for the trip or resolved our issue.

o In Shanghai, it is common method for taxi price boosts after 11pm. However, one can normally bargain for a 20% price cut, which will certainly obtain the fare back to the pre-11pm price.
Be strong with the taxi drivers, never-the-less, maintain your cool, smile as well as discuss.

China Traveling Tips – Buying

o China Traveling Tips – Buying – China is a shopper’s paradise, Markets, Bargains; Leading tags … anything and every little thing if you have the time. With clothing, the bigger (Western) dimensions can be rather hard to discover, however in the major cities where you get a great deal of traveler website traffic, you could discover them.

o Electrical gear, DVD’s, Cameras, things similar to this is not worth getting in China, Hong Kong is still the very best location for this.

o Shop hrs in the significant cities are from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week.

o Visa card is still the best card to bring, with ATM MACHINE’s in excellent supply all with AND ALSO access and so on
. There is generally a surcharge for use of VISA, MasterCard or other kinds of charge card.

o Wait on purchasing if you can, look around to obtain a feel for the costs. The Chinese are VERY experienced at selling and know that we halve the opening price when negotiating.
Out there go with 25% of what they first ask; go so reduced that they let you leave. This will provide you a concept of the bottom cost. The resulting end-price will probably be about 40% to 50% of where they began.

Summer Camps For Children And Teenagers, The Proposals For 2015 Between Nature And Foreign Languages

Summer Camps For Children And Teenagers, The Proposals For 2015 Between Nature And Foreign Languages

What are the summer camps for children and teenagers The proposals for 2015 between nature and foreign languages ??for an original holiday full of fun but also culture. Let’s find out what are the associations that organize summer holidays for children and young people to choose the one that suits the needs of your children.

The summer camps are a great idea to spend your children a holiday of discoveries learn English in a fun, learn about nature, get practical experience and workshops http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-pasar-minggu-jakarta-selatan. The types of summer camp for children and teens are many and are meeting the diverse needs of families; some are just a day and expect to return home every evening, while others include room and board for several days, giving the opportunity to the children to take responsibility and become autonomous experiencing a large.

For children there is a fun way to grow and experience the separation from the mother, while the older ones is to test themselves in new and challenging activities, making best use of the resources at home hardly express. Even for adults can be a growth experience because in a position to experience the distance from their children, overcoming moments of nostalgia and concern for the children who grow slowly even by their own efforts.

What are the best summer camps in Italy to give your kids a few days of fun and study There are some that link to the direct contact with nature, going to air all day open to explore the environment, while others focus more on learning while also providing lectures.

Among the firsts summer 2015 there is the summer camp Childrenshare of Expo 2015, a camp for children aged 5 to 12 years organized in collaboration with MUBA (Children’s Museum of Milan), with the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy For the life. The project aims to raise awareness among children on nutrition and respect for the planet and provides multitude of exhibits, workshops and games for the whole duration of exposure. Among the types of laboratories we find that for the preparation of bread, the testing of corporate waste material to provide creative ideas and give new life to objects and the game-workshop dedicated to the biodiversity of fruit and vegetables in season that will be explored by the children through creative techniques on paper, collage, silkscreen.

The WWF Summer camps for kids, tweens and teens are really special holidays, and are followed by professional entertainers, with an animator every 8 or 10 children depending on the age group. The WWF campus exploit the precious help of local operators experts through cooperatives and local companies to organize your holidays in places very interesting from a naturalistic point of view of environmental and historical. The one with the WWF is also an educational experience that can give a concrete contribution to the projects that the association supports, becoming part of activities in the protection of nature and biodiversity.

The range of age groups from 7 to 11 years for primary school children, aged 11 to 14 for those of medium, and 15 to 17 years for high school. Offers range from holiday in the mountains of Valle d’Atosta, Basilicata at the Natural Bosco Pantano of Policoro, from Lazio to the discovery of astronomy in the Natural Reserve of Monte Rufeno, until you reach the Marine Park Calabria Coast the gods to discover the marine biology and nautical trekking kayak at the Tuscan Archipelago National Park Elba Island.

How To Claim Back Travel, Here’s What You Know About A Post Holiday Compensation

How To Claim Back Travel, Here’s What You Know About A Post Holiday Compensation

How to request a refund travel, all you need to know about post-holiday compensation how to request and the necessary documentation in order to claim a refund. The tour operator has ruined your last vacation Here’s how you’ll have to behave to return against those responsible.

September is definitely the period of returns more or less all those who had to go have already gone on vacation. Not everyone, however, have returned from holiday fully satisfied, perhaps because something did not go exactly as it should go. ruined holiday Hotel services http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-cilandak-jakarta-selatan-new, very often, the rights of tourists are being trampled, but to know that you will return rivalervi of those who ruined the holidays. But you have a maximum of 10 days to file a complaint against a hotel or a tour operator, just 7 per rivalervi on an airline due to delays you did lose a day off, or you have lost your luggage. As you proceed in these cases Who should you contact That’s all the tips for demanding money to those who ruined the holidays.
When you can apply for compensation

The stay must be exactly as expected at time of booking and any changes in the program or on the hotel accommodation are entitled to a refund of the price for the provision of which you could not use.
How to Claim

For example, if you have booked one of those trips all inclusive but the stay was not conducted exactly as planned, the first thing we report the discomfort to the tour operator, so that it can take action immediately; alternatively on your return, but no later than ten days after the end of your holiday, you can make a complaint to the company with a formal request for reimbursement. To start practice can simply send it by registered mail along with a documentation (including photographs) of the discomforts that you were getting during your vacation and send everything is organized to tour operator to the travel agent who acted as intermediary .
Problems with airlines

Lost luggage or returned in poor condition In these and in all cases of damage and delay the delivery of checked baggage, the consumer is entitled to compensation of up to 1,220 euro. You have 7 days to lodge an official complaint to the airline and 2 years to apply to a judge, in case the company fails to pay any compensation.

The northern part of Germany: Hamburg, modern city with unique architecture

It seems to have become the rule of thumb of any students that when red date is holiday time. Similarly, while Hemelvaartsdag may 29, 2014, I and Diamond planned to capitalize on the streets the moment empty. Like vacation time to Belgium, we could not have planned this holiday away today. This is due to the flurry of preparing Indonesian Day 2016. Be new can make a plan about two weeks before.

After going through the various considerations, finally decided for the streets to Germany. Actually want to go to a place that’s a bit much. However, because already the souvenirs, ticket (plane) the price is already expensive. Be to Germany are relatively close. Furthermore, the two of us had never been to Germany.

Originally there were plans for a tour of the entire section in Germany, at the same time want to Stuttgart, visit our friend. But once seen on a map, it turns out that Germany is extensive, at least four times that of the Netherlands. It felt became too hasty if Germany tour should only for four days. http://www.hamburgzi.com/

Our friends also say if Germany better to split, to the North in the past, the other new times to the South. Advice that makes sense, then we finally determine the route of the Groningen – Oldenburg – Hamburg – Berlin – Dresden – Hannover – Bremen – Groningen. All reached by road.

For those of you who need your itinerary (planned) trip to the northern part of Germany, I attach it here, complete with the charge and travel plans per city. We usually plan in detail if desired to the streets. So that no confusion when it comes to somewhere unfamiliar. At the same time in order to perform the time efficiency. All must be calculated, is it expensive streets anyway also in Europe, expensive again. But now it’s easy. The origin of the diligent search information on Google and Google Maps, create the itinerary that’s not difficult.

We set off from Groningen Wednesday, may 28, 2014 to the Oldenburg Public Express bus 17:15. Deliberately select the hours most mornings so as not to “lose time” holiday. In addition, so that it’s cheap. At the time it is not a rush/peak hours, usually a cheaper ticket prices, when we can price tickets Euro 7/person. Public Bus Express bus that Germany is one of its main route is line in northwestern Europe, from Groningen to Berlin. The bus is nice, clean, and comfortable. There is free wireless internet facilities inside the bus.

Station Oldenburg
We got to the Station Oldenburg 08:00. While waiting for the train to Hamburg 09:06, we browsed at the station and turns out very small, Oldenburg Station of Groningen. So peeking inside out also the same station longer. Reasonable, Oldenburg is a town with a population of only around 150,000 thousand inhabitants.

From Oldenburg we go to Hamburg and this time use the train. The main service providers in Germany is DB Bahn. There are many alternative services, when that’s what we choose is the Länder-Tickets. This is the sort of regional day-tickets are valid for one full day and applies to a single State. Germany consists of some States. Oldenburg, Bremen, and Hamburg is located in a State that is of Lower Saxony.

So the valid tickets, a full day in the State that we choose. The price of a ticket is 10 euros. However, for later, just add 4 Euro only. So the time we spent 26 euros for two people. These tickets can be used up to 5 people at a price of 38 euros. Very cheap, if not go five a need only pay less than 8 euros. These tickets are also valid for transport within cities (bus, tram, metro, etc) in the State.

We got to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof at 11:23. This station is the busiest train station in Germany. Trains in Germany according to me better than in the Netherlands. Newer facilities and also a condition in the carriage cleaner. In addition, young Germany is also not noisy like a young child in the Netherlands if the train. So to Hamburg, it turns out that air is pretty cold weather forecast, in contrast to our check. Be quite wrong costume, especially the Diamond carries only a thin jacket.

We headed to the first destination. As a large city with a population of nearly two million inhabitants, Hamburg has a good public transport run by the HVV. The City Government provides public transport site very useful for tourists. As already mentioned, we have a Länder-tickets, so no need to buy daily tickets that cost about 5.9 – 7.3 Euros/ticket is valid for a full day of subway (U), (S) commuter rail, bus and ferry. The first objective is the Hamburg Town Hall. That time we used the U3 from Hauptbahnhof and stop off at the Rathaus is right in right destination object. Actually could walk away. But due to the cold weather and there’s already a ticket sign-on, we chose to ride the subway alone.

Hamburg Town Hall is a building dating back to the 19th century and until now some are still used for the activity of the Government of the city. That time in the history of the exhibition there are police and there is no entrance fee. Building forms in dominated by Arch ornament. Conditions inside the building that time was not too crowded so we were free to explore.

From the town hall we marched towards the Alster Lake. The two sites are located in the neighborhood of downtown so it’s quite a short walk away. One of the Alster lake water source is from the river Elbe. A large lake, which looks in the photo is just a small part at the end only. In the Lake there is a garden environment. If the weather is nice, looks like fun sit relaxed around the Lake.

But since that time the weather was not too friendly to be the intention to sit relaxed that we cancel. We were told by a local resident that Hamburg is famous as one of the “Venice of the north”, because of the many canals in the city, even more than in Amsterdam. We are quite amazed with this explanation. However the Canal-used channel did not seem as much in Amsterdam. May be covered by road or not too noticeable because of the size of the city of Hamburg.