Close distributor best expressed when the conditions are as follows

d. Close Distributor

Close the distributor should check its condition together with control cables platinum spark plugs and servicing. It is intended for meng¬hemat kind of working time. If the lid pemeriksa¬an ditributor handled se¬telah machine is turned on, it will repeat the disconnect and unplug the spark plug and cap dis¬tributor.

Close distributor best expressed when the conditions are as follows.

Not cracked.

Charcoal on the distributor cap that acts meng¬alirkan high voltage electricity are not worn.

Can be tightly closed.

There is a cap-type distributor which include ventilation holes at the top of the lid. Avail the ventilation holes for evaporation of the water that was wrapped inside the distributor cap. Therefore there is no ventilation, moisture is able to get out until the distributor is always dry.

e. Accu

Control after the control batteries. Controls include the following batteries.

High Water Accu

Accu water should be sufficient, the height at the upper limit line (upper level) and the lower limit line (lower level). If the amount is less water batteries, add to the accu zur modest. The water level of batteries in principle that some cells accu wholly immersing at least 1 cm above the battery cell portion. If the car using dry batteries, maintenance is easier because it does not require water batteries can be reduced due to evaporation. Accu poles must also be clean, not soiled by fungi or may be like. However, the price of dry batteries more expensive until there are some cars that use wet batteries. Air accu less (below standard) caused a reaction in the battery is not the maximum, until the current it produces is fulfilled to meet the interests of electricity in the car.

Clean the poles Accu of Mushrooms and Karat

Mushrooms in the poles of the batteries can be cleaned with warm water, amid the rust that pollute the poles of the batteries should be cleaned with sandpaper.

In terms of which seems trivial, but it is most important, namely clamps or perhaps just a cable clamp batteries with polar poles. The clamp is easy to loose. If clamps are loose, the engine will die because the plugs do not melon¬catkan sparks. To protect the clamps to always act with the kindest, ke¬raskan clamp bolts fastening and use the most excellent quality. Poles of the batteries may be dirty or corroded causing enormous prisoners. Cause, current flow is reduced (smaller) until the engine power is reduced, even the engine can not be turned on.

In the ignition control, batteries generally last check, it was also when the sparks coming out of a very small spark ignition and other terms have been serviced.

f. plug

Spark plugs should be checked after measurement of compression pressure or perhaps just before going to slit valve adjustment. The reason, the compression pressure measurement and adjustment valve gap spark plug condition is not installed, can produce optimal working efficiency. When measuring the compression, spark plugs must be removed because of the holes used to insert the tip of the compression pressure gauge. At adjustment slit valves, spark plugs should not be installed in conditions so that the machine is easy as it plays.

In terms of plugs that need to be checked that the electrodes, which includes cleanliness and electrode gap. The electrodes are dirty should be sanded with sandpaper iron and a positive electrode and negative electrode can not respect. Therefore, the gap must be set. There was dirt on the 2nd electrode plugs can lead to obstruction of the electric spark jumps.

Once the electrode is cleaned with sandpaper, the spark plug electrode note the following things.

If there is a little blue colored circle at the center electrode with insulatornya, means suitable type of spark plugs used.

If the electrode insulatornya bit black and blue, it means the type spark plugs too cold.

If insulatornya white and walking on the electrode erosion, mean type spark plugs too hot.

There are three types of spark plugs, the spark plug heat, central, and cool. Busi-type heat less resistant to heat, cold type resistant to heat. Busi heat suitable for long trips.

g. Set Pass Valve

The most suitable steps so complete service the spark that set the slit valve. During the adjustment slit valves, spark plugs do not need to be installed in the hole. Let the machine no plugs for a while, until the valve adjustment is completed.

Adjustment slit valves in the engine condition no spark plugs will get the following advantages.

The machine will be easily rotated when looking for a top position semasing compression cylinder.

Ease in checking the position of the piston, which has reached its zenith, or maybe just not yet.

More secure, because the engine is not possible just going round (live) there are no spark plugs.

1. Prerequisites Setting Valves

To be successful adjustment valve with the kindest, the following requirements must be met.

Setup is handled when the valve cover tightly.

Setup handled most time slit valve.

Adjustment valves can be managed with the system work best when the machine (up and down motion of the piston) fit together the same motion the valves.

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