Cold Water Bath Benefits For Health and Beauty

Bath with cold water it was pretty good for the body, especially as therapy. But the cold water would be better if it is done to cleanse the skin and hair of dirt on the body, Not only that, a cold shower is also great for healthy skin and hair, you know. Curious, see review below as quoted below:

Pores can Closing

Shower with hot water to open the pores of the skin so that it can effectively mmbersihkan your body, but after a hot shower that you have to use cold water to close the pores open. It is done to prevent the entrance of dirt because the pores are open. So that dirt and oil can enter.

Cold Water Bath Benefits For Health and Beauty

Natural oils nourish the skin

The natural oils produced by the skin on the body can be lost because of the shower with hot water so that the skin is dry. Dry and scaly skin that has emerged for the protective oils on the skin are missing. Well this causes wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, by using cold water bath, the pores on the skin can be closed and the natural oils on your skin is also maintained.

Reduce Swelling Occurs

By bathing in cold water then it can make blood vessels narrow so as to reduce the occurrence of pembengkakakn and circles under your eyes. Toned and healthy skin when you shower with cold water.


Preventing hair loss

Sebum is also known as natural oils which have a protective function of the hair and skin. When you are exposed to hot water so it could drain the sebum and make your hair dry and then broken. Bathing in cold water can prevent the loss of sebum on the scalp. Of course it can prevent hair loss.

Your hair cuticle to Close

When you wear a hair wash in cold water, then your hair kutila shut. Hair cuticle closed large quantities can reflect light and make your hair shiny and healthy course.

Easy hair set

Then wash your hair, rinse it in cold water until some time so that your hair kutila shut. This can make your hair easy to set up and does not wrinkle. Hair can also look more shiny and healthy.

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