Competition Google Facebook and Twitter

Facebook login on mobile phone –¬†Facebook as the world’s largest social media networks wanted to develop their wings towards browsing media services, such as news media whose origins are only available outside the area of facebook.

Competition Google, Facebook, and Twitter
The message is certainly making the facebook users can enjoy a new service that is different from the usual, like a service that only a status, friendship, or connectivity fans page social traditional media become more diverse.

This is expressed by Michael Reckhow as product manager for Instant Articles and Paper Facebook that nowadays experts the expert Department of the Middle to the facebook developed the application that allows facebook users can access a variety of services other media such as news media, media photo and video without getting out of facebook platform.

Competition Google, Facebook, and Twitter
Facebook alerts you of these plans are related to his attempt to recruit other internet users who are controlled by google as “King of the Internet” and twitter as one of the rival social media more in and linger long on facebook because the required media is already available, it’s a powerful business strategy because its own facebook user has claimed to have more than 1.4 billion people scattered in various parts of the world.

Will the King of social media facebook strategy could shift the dominance of the internet giant Google’s classmate and changed the flow of the traffic internet world? What strategy will be applied to google counter “attack patterns” facebook? and what strategy will be done by twitter to survive? We just look at its development will happen in the future who is the winner of the King and the internet giant in arena Competition Google, Facebook and Twitter

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