Content of Substance Noni Fruit

NCCAM research includes the study of icp capsule jakarta noni for cancer, determine the safety and potential impact on the tumor and symptoms, as well as laboratory studies the effects of noni on prostate cancer cells.

In several laboratory studies, noni showed antioxidant content, stimulate the immune and resistant tumors. The results have shown that noni fruit, warrant further study for conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Here are a variety of substances that exist in the pace or noni fruit:

The content of the noni fruit is very good for the body, some of which are as follows:

Terpenoids substance – substance content of terpenoids in noni helps the process of organic synthesis that are useful for the recovery of the body’s cells.
Nutrition – Protein, vitamins and minerals are essential to complete obtained from noni fruit. Antioxidant called selenium contained in the noni fruit is one of the great antioxidant.
Anti-bacterial substances (eg, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Protens morganii, Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis) – a substance that kills the bacteria causing the infection. The benefits of the noni fruit is also useful to control the deadly bacteria such as pathogen. This keeps pace fruit can kill bacteria that can cause infection. Here are a wide variety of bacteria can be killed using fruit pace:
Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
E coli.
Bacillus subtilis.
Protens morganii.
Staphylococcus aureus.
S. typhi.
Shigella dusenteriae.
S. pradysenteriae.
Anti-cancer substances – Content of anti-cancer substances in noni fruit is very effective against abnormal cells, which makes the onset of symptoms of the cancer problem.
Nutrition. Pace has a lot of nutrients in it. In general, the pace is a fruit that provide complete nutrition. Here are a wide variety of nutrients in noni fruit:
Mineral enough. Minerals in the fruit and leaves of pace.
Selenium. Selenium is a mineral that function as antioxidants.
Compound. Noni is also contained in a wide range of active compounds. Compounds in the noni fruit is compound sterois plants, alizarin, lycine, caprylic acid, sosium, proxeronine, between multiple quinines, trace elemens, phenylalanine, magnesium.
Scolopetin. Scolopetin is a kind of compound bermnafaat to repel inflammation and allergies.
Xeronine and Proxeronine.
Bioactive substances.
Iridoid substances.
Kapril acid.
Noni Plant Characteristics

mengkuduAgar fruit benefits are not fooled by plants or other vegetation should we know the characteristics of the noni plant. Here are the characteristics of the noni plant or pace:

Tree. Noni tree is not too big and not too high. Only 4-6 meters high. Stiff limb of noni tree, its roots and has branches rough riding. Color trunk and grayish brown.
Leaves. The leaves of the noni tree leafy thick. Noni leaf lying face to face. The leaves are wide and big. Flat leaf edge.
Flower. Flower of noni plant compound, the interest round. Noni flower stalks along the 4 cm. Flower named noni fruit pansy, crowned with white flowers, resembling a funnel and has a length of 1.5 cm. There stamens and lodged in the mouth of the crown. The noni flower pistil amounted to two.

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