Copy The Charlize Theron Bright Makeup

Copy The Charlize Theron Bright Makeup

Learn how to shine with natural light with a make up from simple radiant result. Inspired by the look of Charlize Theron will reveal all the products and the necessary steps!

1 – Make your make-up resistant throughout the day by applying a liquid primer on the face immediately after your usual moisturizer and before foundation. Spread it with light and delicate movements all over the face.

2 – For a uniform color and natural finish apply a foundation in mousse. Directly use your fingers to blend the product, if you want more coverage pats the foundation with the help of a sponge.

3 – Dona immediately light to the face and the eyes by applying a light concealer and radiant texture. Apply the concealer on the bridge of the nose, the upper part of the cheekbones and cupid’s bow and fades gently with your fingers.

4 – To face a healthy glow fades a blush satin in shades of peach pink on the cheekbones with the help of an angled brush.

5 – Make an eye make-up quickly and easily with the help of a cream eye shadow color from copper shimmer finish. Stretch little product at a time with your fingers on the entire eyelid, slightly blurs the eyeshadow also in the crease.

6 – Complete the make-up eyes with a generous dose of black curling mascara only on the upper lashes.

7 – Outline and fill in your eyebrows with a suitable product in cream. With the help of a brush from the tip corner fades the color by following the natural line of your eyebrows.

8 – It gives light to the lips with a pink lipstick pearl from semi gloss finish. Choose a lipstick that contains a sun protection factor to protect the beauty of your mouth during the day.

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