Earthquake Resistant Design House

Earthquake emergency kit –¬†Indonesia as one of the countries that are currently judged as an earthquake-prone area is necessary to consider the concept of building earthquake-resistant housing, especially for those in the area affected by the earthquake-prone slab. Japan as one of the countries with earthquake intensity level is high enough, has been widely introduced various models of earthquake-resistant homes are safe for use in earthquake prone areas.

Earthquake is usually accompanied by a tsunami that comes unexpectedly. Interestingly, Japan has introduced the model’s design earthquake resistant houses plus floods are packed into one. Models of earthquake-resistant houses is necessary to be a reference when you want to build a house in an area prone to earthquakes.

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Here are some examples of models gampa resistant housing that you can try to keep you and your family from the earthquake:

  1. Bamboo house

Do not underestimate the bamboo house. Bamboo house is believed to be one of the models of earthquake resistant houses that will reduce the risk of injury to the owner in an earthquake. The shape and size of the bamboo light causes this house fairly resistant to strong earthquake shocks. At the time of the earthquake in Jogjakarta, one of a kind home is kept safe bamboo houses.

  1. Model homes ball

The next earthquake resistant house model is a model the ball home. This house model introduced by the Japanese architect who has enough experience to face the earthquake. Home ball is not only designed as earthquake-resistant houses, but also at the same flood-resistant house, because when exposed to water, this house will float in water. The ball home was designed by law Bernauli. Position wall in home design ball model designed to form 32 side.

Which characterizes the typical character of this design lies in the foundation system. This home design foundation structure foundation structure for free. His style is evenly distributed to 32 of the side wall, this led to the design of the house has a uniform strength. Interested in a model of earthquake resistant houses? Please try it.

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