Essential Foods in Old Age

If you are lucky to have even your grandparents, uncles or even parents who are already transitioning through the elderly, it is very important that you know how important it is for them to lead a balanced and healthy diet.

The intention of this article is to mention the most important foods to be included in the diet of the grandparents, so that despite the loss of certain capacities can manage to go through this stage as healthy and strong as possible, taking into account that their immune system is also altered and their response diminished to possible diseases.

The necessary nutrients in childhood, youth and adulthood are mostly the same, but the difference lies in the quantities, since each stage is characterized precisely by different nutrient requirements.

Below we will give a list of the most important foods for this stage of life.
Essential foods

Bread and cereals: not in vain are found at the base of the food pyramid, due to its high nutritional qualities.
Vegetables and fruits: consumption should be varied and daily, ensuring that they are good quality products, provide a large amount of essential antioxidants in old age.
Proteins: it is very important to consume quality protein, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc.
Fats: keep in mind that the calories needed at this stage of life decrease because the activity also becomes less intense. Fats should be consumed with caution.
Water: in the elderly they become more vulnerable to dehydration. The supply of fluids is essential, also to ensure that we maintain good renal function.

The food must be varied so that every day the dishes are appetizing and of course balanced. Natural beauty. Remember to reduce the consumption of salt in old age and increase the water supply, since at this stage of life can easily become dehydrated and without manifestations. In addition to the above mentioned foods plus water, vitamins and minerals must be included to enhance the proper functioning of the body.
The necessary vitamins …

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Iron, Folic Acid, Zinc. The human body is losing bone density and also musculature, so they become vulnerable to injuries and even fractures. Moderate physical activity and of course age-appropriate will be beneficial to keep them active by taking advantage of the many benefits of exercise. They will feel more energetic, with the highest self-esteem, more agile, participating in activities within society, feeling part of and not isolated from it by their advanced age.

The food requirements vary from person to person, of course a sedentary person is not the same as an athlete, a young woman and a more adult. The trained professional to evaluate the requirements of an objective way based on the age, existing diseases and physical or daily activity that we realize is the nutritionist. This professional will know how to indicate the portions necessary to lead a balanced and healthy life.

A malnourished old age will be synonymous with a stage with various health alterations in which the recovery will not be the same as in a well-nourished person. The human body needs care from birth so that each stage is carried out in the best way, everything is produced in a chain, a person malnourished in childhood will sooner or later have health problems brought on by bad eating habits.
Do not forget…

In addition to the necessary care in this stage of life we can not forget the patience, restraint and unconditional affection that is needed in old age, they have the tendency to feel that they are a burden, a nuisance for the younger. We must demonstrate the opposite, making them participate in family and recreational activities as long as their health permits. Isolation and loneliness will slowly kill their minds and their body, in their youth they have given you the best, let us act in their favor to return all the affection and attention they have given us.

Note: Vitamins and supplements must be indicated by a doctor.

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