Congratulations met again in Blog Lintangsore, a place to vent and share the problems of plants and fruits. After yesterday I share how to grow hydroponics simple , this time I will discuss techniques / ways for rapid fruiting plants. Do you have fruit trees in the yard / garden thriving, healthy, green leaves, branches often, just beautiful to look at, but surprisingly not too fruitful? Thus, under this article may be a solution.

But, before you learn techniques to create faster plant fruiting , you must first learn the factors that cause the plant does not go fruiting / can not bear fruit in abundance.

A. Causes Heavy Fruiting Plants Fail

1. Age of young plants
Each plant has a different time to be fruitful. There were a few months can be directly bear fruit, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon and papaya. Nothing takes being between 6 to 12 months, such as dragon fruit, guava, lemon and starfruit. There is also classified as a long bear fruit such as sugar apple, small jackfruit, longan, pomegranate, guava, sapodilla, mango and grapes. Plants on the new general will bear fruit after more than a year old.
2. Too much fertilizer
All would prefer if seeing the plants thrive, leafy and has many branches. But what does it mean if it turns out that the plant failed to bear fruit. Fertilization, especially its many elements N may make the plants become visible lush, green and healthy. But instead it causes the plant canopy be a shortage of sunlight to cook food.
3. Plant barren
Most plants will only bear fruit if the flowers grow is fertilized by the male flowers that are nearby. Some plants such as bark and coconut, for example, usually have to be planted in groups because often the male flowers fall before they had time to fertilize the female flowers.
4. Interest that failed to become a fruit
Sometimes we find fruit trees have been flowering and seems promising. But over time the interest and fail to fall one by one into pieces. Usually this is caused by lack of water, insects and pests, extreme weather, and spraying that does not fit.

Those are some things that cause your plants failed to bear fruit. Next we will discuss ways to make rapid fruiting plants. Let’s discuss them one by one.

B. How to order rapid fruiting plants

1. Pruning plants
Pruning these plants intended for rapid fruiting plants. Goal pruning is on:

– branches unproductive
– branches of the damaged plant
– plant canopies that extend into
– the tops of branches / trees.

Some fruit trees are often treated are: grape, orange, apple, mango, jackfruit and soursop.
Noteworthy also is the technique of pruning and treatment after pruning. Try trimming using an appropriate tool. For small twigs can use scissors plants, while large branches that already use a saw. Directions cuts try tilted inward so that the former cuts are not exposed to rain that can cause spoilage. Give also paint, pitch, or paraffin scar cuts to avoid the attack of pest infection.
2. Tie the stems of plants
Some farmers in the village of antiquity often perform this technique, the binding rod / primary branch plants using wire / mines. By binding / twining stems of this plant the transport of carbohydrates to the roots of the result of photosynthesis is inhibited so as to accumulate in the branches and leaves that stimulate plants to bloom and bear fruit.
3. Sores plant stems
technique of this third, cut stems of plants function is similar to the technique of fastening rod, which hamper the delivery of food substances leaf photosynthesis results to the bottom of / root leading to the buildup of food at the top / limb. Eventually the plant will be stimulated to bloom.
Noteworthy in the technique of cut stems of this plant is to not get too far so that the plants become even cause death.
Mechanical cut stems of plants:
goreslah tree bark with a sharp knife with a size 10-20an cm around the trunk of the tree, scrape up the cambium lost (briefly almost similar to the technique of grafting). Then apply ter / paraffin to prevent infectious diseases / pests.
Fruit species that are often treated like mango, jackfruit and longan. Usually the fruit trees will bear fruit such as longan 4-5 months after receiving this treatment.
4. perempelan Tunas plant
Occasionally there is a sense of affection see the new shoots grow on the main stem of the plant. But it is precisely these buds perempelan technique must be done so quickly the plants bear fruit. Especially for shoots wildly at lower main stem of the plant.
5. Fertilizing plants
is usually to make rapid fruiting plants, the usual way taken by the farmer is spraying fertilizers leaves. Spraying worn directly on the leaves that will be absorbed through the stomata on the leaf surface.
6. Providing Hormone
Hormone here different from the fertilizer plant. Fungsiny is to stimulate the plant to bear fruit soon. Usually the techniques applied by injecting stem borer, sprayed, or drench at the root of the plant. This technique is also called booster technique. I personally do not really like this technique because it felt forced and pemerk * saan in plants.
7. Water Stress
Mechanical stress this water needs to be done very carefully. Because instead of rapid fruiting plants, even plants wither and die. Sres water in this case does not mean that is not watered at all but are only kept for 2-3 days without water. Functions that are not too grew thick leaves that ultimately will stimulate the plant to bloom. Make sure that before applying this technique really healthy plants.

Those are some ways to quickly fruiting plants that I can share with you. If there are techniques that are less fit or maybe you have other techniques that I have not mentioned above please share via the comments below this post.

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