Feijoa, All The Properties And Possible Uses Of This Exotic Fruit

Feijoa, All The Properties And Possible Uses Of This Exotic Fruit

The feijoa, how to consume and what are the beneficial properties of this fruit grown in South America here too. The feijoa is a real mine of goodness for health and taste buds, find out how to exploit it to the fullest.

There are many exotic fruits that we can find in the shops provided and following simple rules when it comes to buying fresh fruit, we can bring home products really good, also thanks to the good value for money. One of the most popular exotic fruits in recent times comes from South America, but is now growing here too, in the warmer parts of Europe. This fruit, the feijoa, presents a beautiful green skin, smooth and compact, and has the size of egg. Its flesh is reminiscent of a mix of sweet pineapple and strawberry, is very juicy and you can eat with a spoon digging directly very thick peel. This fruit is enjoying some success precisely because of this flavor and the pulp soft and full-bodied, but how best to exploit it in the kitchen and what are its beneficial properties? Let’s find out.
Feijoa: the properties of this exotic fruit

100 grams of feijoa have 55 kcal, so it’s a sweet fruit but also suitable for those who are following a low-calorie diet
It has a low sodium content, therefore perfect for those suffering from water retention, the main cause of cellulite
It contains vitamin C, B6, flavonoids, beta carotene, minerals
Recent studies it also analyzes the characteristics more details, related to the ability to maintain, to a certain extent, by tumors
like all fruits, has very little fat, zero cholesterol, but a good carbohydrate and protein
The feijoa is high in fiber and regulates the bowel
It has a beneficial effect on the thyroid, reducing the appearance of so-called “crop”
It moisturizes the skin and makes it shiny hair
if consumed during pregnancy, it helps the development of the baby’s nervous system
It is recommended for children, because it ensures the proper bone development

Feijoa: use in cooking

this fruit is great eaten alone, simply by taking the flesh from the skin with a spoon
It is a fruit that ripens in the fall, so it is perfect to enrich salads made from citrus fruits, as it contrasts the bitter and sour note
It goes very well with the Kiwis, because of similar consistency
The feijoa can be turned into jam
even the flowers of the plant are edible and can be cooked in the oven until they become crisp
the leaves and flowers can be used to prepare teas and infusions from important antibacterial properties
The feijoa can also be exactly like a citrus juice

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