Ferragni Clear, Passion Parka Here Trendier Models

Ferragni Clear, Passion Parka Here Trendier Models

Ferragni clear, passion parka here models trendiest PHOTOS. It has become the must-have of the winter season: comfortable, warm and super fashion trendym parka is a head mat. It is no coincidence that, by now, many celebrities and fashion bloggers can not help it. The parka, in fact, thanks to the versatile character resolves any look glamorous and makes even the simplest set. Real “champion” of the Parka is Chiara Ferragni, the The Blonde Salad that, with his blog, they say around who bills record numbers. The Ferragni, of course, is not the only one that has not been immune to the charms of the parka, just think Melissa Satta which often has been tweaked for a walk in Milan with a hot green parka.

Donatella Genta on D Republic devotes a whole article to this item of clothing that everyone should have in our closet. The journalist writes:

“Can not miss in the closet, perfect in all seasons. In spring without padding, with faux fur in winter. Cotton or tissue, almost always water-resistant http://kacamata.us. The parka is now available in beige, mustard yellow, camouflage, dark green. We like it like wearing the beautiful Sharon Stone 50 years never misses a look. ”

In short, the color does not matter: choose what you like and which gives your complexion and your hair color and sported the parka in all its sauces. Jeans, boots tall or short, simple t-shirt and sweater, put it more casual and more Parka is enhanced. Here, here is a gallery with some advice on where to find low-cost Parka (suitable for all budgets) and how to wear it. To you the choice.

Among all the usual black minimalism CostumeNational, are the bright colors of some clothes that sparked my attention otherwise dormant. Show more interest in flowers, tartan, fur coats and overalls gipsy / chic Marras, while I can not make me captivated from the prints that the artist Christophe Chamin designed by Prada, beautiful instead sweatshirts nappa to use as outerwear . Ferragamo jump out the graphic elements of sweaters and shirts that interrupt the sobriety of outfits. Mix minimal / sporty seconded also by the combination of technical fabrics and cashmere wool for fresh Neil Barrett.Giacche and hoods with slings diagonal from Jil Sander, lots of leather and elegant jumpsuit in wool gabardine

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