Fist Fight Movie: Ice Cube wants to make Charlie Day To Confuse

Fist Fight Full Movie

English teacher Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) has a lot of trouble with his students, but then he gets to the choleric colleague Ron Strickland (Ice Cube). A fist fight between the two teachers soon becomes a schoolvent. In ” Fist Fight ” attracts English teachers Andy Campbell ( Charlie Day ) the wrath of colleague Ron Strickland ( Ice Cube ) to himself by squeals him because of his aggressive behavior from the Director. The hot Strickland can not let that sit on his head and asks for fear barking Campbell. The Teacher-Fight becomes a big event in which the whole school wants to be there.

Richie Keen s has next to Day and Ice Cube still a lot of other stars to offer: Among others, Christina Hendricks and Tracy Morgan to see in the trailer. “Fist Fight” is not the first collaboration of Keen and Day: In the series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” the director and the actor formed an unbeatable comedy duo.

Fist Fight Full Movie This will tell you about the two teachers who teach in a high school (SMA) in the United States. They are the teachers Icu Cube is acting with teacher Charlie Day. Although they were both teaching at the school, but in fact every day they were hostile and compete with each other’s way in order to be out as the winner between the two.

Interestingly, they both are competing not known by other Guu teachers and students. So that both teachers and mutually hostile dropped by DIMA-silent. But from day to day they appear increasingly hot and worsen.Until one day, things are getting out of control and their feud escalated further. This is because one discovered that the enemy was planning expelled from the school where they teach.

Knowing the evil plan, direct trigger even greater commotion. They both ended up engaged in a duel one on one. Then Who will come out a winner in their feud? Watch the movie Fist Figt on 17 February 2017 (USA) only in your favorite movies.

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