Genesis 9 Embarrassing Hollywood Successful Artist Arrested Camera

Many celebrities spend money that does little that can be perfect in every appearance, because they are self-conscious that they are always the center of attention. But unfortunately, sometimes the plans are not in line with expectations.

Be the center of attention as celebrities do not always get compliments, sometimes they get critical scathing invective even when they make minor mistakes either in appearance or behavior.

Embarrassing incident Artis Hollywood

Perhaps the phrase “Also Celebrity Man,” a very precise use when viewing photos or videos Shameful caused sendri celebrity. Well here are some Genesis Embarrassing Hollywood Successful Artist Arrested Camera , following his review:

1. Cellulite Visible

Embarrassing incident Artis Hollywood
At the peak of the 2015 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center, Los Angeles, Kim Kardashian came with her husband, Kanye West. Kim, who was wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier dress with a slit up the front open up the abdomen.

The dress also showed her thighs covered only in part because of her femininity. When seated, the woman crossed her legs and thighs appeared that Kim appeared to have a difficult everywhere, especially at the bottom of the buttocks.

2. Dental Teeth

Embarrassing incident Artis Hollywood
The American professional golfer was once lost his front teeth in January 2015 in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy. Because of his front teeth missing, Tiger Woods looked very strange. Nevertheless man 39 years was very confident wore sunglasses.

3. Forget Removing the Label Price

Embarrassing incident Artis Hollywood
Artists definitely have a huge collection of shoes, clothes, or other accessories. it does so one celebrity habit. But these two beautiful artist, Kaley Cuoco and Vanessa Hudgens apparently was in a hurry. To the extent that they forget to remove the price tags of goods purchased.

Two beautiful women it was outside the house and is already conducting its activities. Kaley forget unlabel shoes and Vanessa’s worse, this beautiful woman is not unlabel jeans she wore.

4. Faces Embarrassing

Embarrassing incident Artis Hollywood
This photo is Ariana Grande on stage Victoria’s Secret Fashion. Singer song Bang Bang is almost slapped the hands of models Elsa Hock, who was passing with great wings. Ariana shocked expression made a lot of memes in cyberspace.

5. Fur Not Shaved

Embarrassing incident Artis Hollywood
This is an issue that is often forgotten, was a Hollywood actress is not immune from the issue of hair or hair that grows in the body.

This happened to the young artist Selena Gomez who forgot shave her armpits. Yet at a time when he was in the midst of his fans. Selena sleeved clothes that do not make the fur look.

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6. Bedwetting

Embarrassing incident Artis Hollywood
This woman named Fergie one member of The Black Eyed Peas personnel who appeared in 2005. She seemed very excited. In the middle of the song, Fergie apparently want to pee pee alias. But she could not help and finally he urinated in front of the crowd. Consider it, his pants got wet as it was.

7. Nose

Embarrassing incident Artis Hollywood
People often hide themselves at a time when being picked his nose or nose clean dirt. But not with Dakota Fanning and Adam Sandler. They actually cool to “dig” deep nose in public.

At a time when it was a beautiful artist is currently filming a movie Very Good Girls on July 19, 2012, When the camera is not recorded, but there is a photo interpreter who managed to get their noses middle of the picture.

In addition to Fanning, Adam Sandler is also doing the same thing. Click the player it was outdoors in the competitiveness of the day, with very comfortable, he put his finger to his nose to his nose.

8. Dropping Condom

Embarrassing incident Artis Hollywood
Just maybe not all celebrities want to tell his personal life, including the matter of se * s. Zac Efron might be one of the celebrities who cheated. At a time when he was attending a movie premiere Dr. Seuss The Lorax.

While passing on the Red Carpet, Zac Efron dropped a condom. Suddenly, the paparazzi are around might snapped. Not Few of them cheering, some sneered.

9. Dress Melorot

Embarrassing incident Artis Hollywood
It should be a sense of pride derived Artist Katherine Heigl won for Female Star of the Year Award in Las Vegas in March 2010. But the reality of this beautiful actress should be ashamed of her dress slipped.

Happens During a brief speech, the cast of 27 Dresses must continue to hold her dress will sag down and show his chest in front of many people.

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