Get a 128GB Samsung microSD card with a huge discount at Amazon

Samsung microSD

Although it seemed that its demise of the smartphone sector was just around the corner, the microSD was returning with more force than ever a few years ago, and even Google was forced to introduce in Android an option to be able to install applications in the external memory.

Now, if you have a device that has a microSD slot and you were thinking of expanding your memory, you’re in luck: thanks to Amazon, we can get a Samsung 128GB class 10 card, accompanied by an SD adapter, for an unbeatable price.

Get a 128GB microSD card at a ridiculous price

The card belongs to the popular Samsung EVO range, which assures us a speed and performance significantly more advanced than in the case of other memories of this type. The best thing of all, without a doubt, is that for only 34 euros, instead of the 85.99 that originally cost, we will be able to get us with a 128GB card storage, perfect for storing images, videos, music, or Anything else we want.

Moreover, thanks to the fact that it is a class 10 card, the memory has a speed of up to 48 MB / s, perfect for installing applications on our Android device without suffering too much performance losses. If you are interested in the card, we recommend you to get it as soon as possible, as we do not know how long the offer will remain available.

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