Hair Mask with Olive Oil

If we have greasy hair it is important that we only apply the olive oil in media and tips to hydrate it and at the same time avoid an overproduction

Extra virgin olive oil is a very popular product all over the world, since it is one of the healthiest fats for the body.

It is obtained from the cold pressure of the fruit of the olive tree and, since antiquity, has stood out for its high nutritional value and medicinal properties.

In fact, it is a well-known ingredient in the cosmetic industry, since its active compounds have many benefits on the hair and skin.

In addition, many prefer it as an alternative capillary product, since it nourishes deeply the mane and promotes its growth. Natural beauty. While it is part of many commercial treatments, it can be used in its natural state to take advantage of its effects on the hair.

Bearing in mind that there are still those who do not know how to use it for this purpose, then we want to share 2 ways to apply it.

Do not forget to try it!

1. Natural conditioner
Due to its oily texture and high content of essential nutrients, olive oil is an excellent natural conditioner to improve the appearance of the mane.

Its application helps to untangle the hair and, by the way, leaves a bright and healthy appearance.
How to use?

Heat a little olive oil in the microwave oven and let it rest until it reaches a temperature that is bearable for the hair.
When you are ready, take several strands and spread the product over the strands and scalp.
If you have greasy hair, apply it only from the middle to the tips.
Cover it with a shower cap and wait for 15 minutes.
Rinse with warm water and repeat use 2 times a week.

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2. Moisturizing Mask

The fatty acids contained in this type of oil are useful to counteract the imbalances of the sebaceous glands in the scalp.

When absorbed, it controls excess dryness and, in turn, provides essential nutrients to keep it moist and strong.
How to use?

Combine equal parts of olive oil with coconut oil and scrape it all over the scalp and hair.
Let it act 30 minutes and rinse with plenty of cold water.
Repeat its use 2 or 3 times a week.

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