Heaven Tourism Kaliurang Sleman

Kaliurang is a mainstay tourist attractions Sleman Its located on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Attractions Kaliurang singer Hargobinangun located in the village, Pakem, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.



Attractions Kaliurang Famous WITH dansejuk Cold air is Yang soon, plunging the air Its So Wonderful There is also a monkey – funny monkey. When Andari been All Points Travel Kaliurang, taxable income Andari Up to Door SIGN, Andari will be intercepted by the cute monkeys hanging, BUT BECAUSE Andari Must Beware the monkeys Like Coming tease visitors. The taxable income softening up the field Yag And Slick Andari aakn find aerial view waterfalls and natural thing so enchanting.

Heaven Travel Kaliurang Sleman Its located on the slopes of Mount Merapi Not Just Famous WITH A Cold And The air is cool, tourist attractions singer Also Known as The romantic Travel And Tourism attractions include singer WITH villas Dan Also bungalau. so Andari Want For honeymooners here was tempak Right for Andari kunjungi.Selain Singer Suitable Place For honeymooners Places derah Also Kaliurang Singer Is Suitable For Families Holidaying Together relatives and remove penat.Disini Andari also can Enjoy Travel different alternatives of which is :

Natural fringe
Enjoy the beauty of nature through the trees and the forest heritage well as series of 22 caves are in the hearts of Japanese Yang Heaven Travel Andari kaliurang make more passionate Enjoy the natural beauty of the Natural That Still.

Historical building
homestead Kaliurang And pesanggrahan Delem Ngeksigondo milikm The court has Typical Buildings and unique What makes Paradise Travel The Condensed WITH indigenous Javanese.

Ullen Sentalu
Museum as peberdayaan Goods Storage and historic heritage, is interesting the visitors hearts Recall the history of Yogyakarta Province.
Tama Recreation Ground
Fully permainanan Children And Also decorated with statues jin style story of 1001 Nights Adding to the spirit of the visitors hearts Enjoying Paradise Travel Kaliurang Seleman.

Wildlife tour Plawangan Turgo
Characteristic Plawangan Turgo has attracted Travel terseb diri hearts to review linger Enjoy beauty of the tourist park. And Become An unwind relaxation For the visitors.

There HEATED pool Tlogo Princess
Enjoy touring the taxable income of the tourist haven, visitors can take off Tired of Watching has been used WITH HEATED pool Tlogo Princess Already Number: Available in hearts tourist haven.

Heaven Tourism Kaliurang Seleman
Enjoyed Wildlife
Enjoy the wildlife has its own impression For visitors to review fused WITH MORE nature, WITH monkeys and birds What are in the hearts Tourism Kaliurang, makes visitors seemed more familiar and natural beauty blend BY travel.

Puncang enjoy puncang WITH binoculars
Puncang enjoy puncang WITH binoculars, has been provided had used binoculars rentals (renting binoculars Rp 5000, -. / 30 min)

Cheap Car driving around using rabbit
Cheap Car driving around using rabbit (the rental price of Rp 3000, -. / Person) .For exclusive trip, the tariff will make Andari A 20,000 like royalty.

So how Ticket SIGN Kaliurang? To review the place SIGN objects singer Anda Tourism Kaliurang, please pay ENTRY Ticket Rp. 3000, – / person, PARKING Also pay Rp. 3000, – for a review of the car and Rp. 2000 – motor for review. For a review Rental rates bungalau, villa OR pasenggrahan ADA Many OPTIONS From The fare of Rp. 25.000, – to Rp. 200.000, -. Also there are Star-rated Hotels The cost Starting from 600,000, – to Rp. 2.1 million.
This is the information Paradise Travel Kaliurang Sleman What can I Say hearts singer Kali article. Congratulations visit Sewa Bus Pariwisata

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