Nowadays there are many consulting services we find on the internet. Konsultan Iso Di Jawa Tengah, In an era where information can be obtained easily and all can be accessed through a computer monitor screen, it will need expertise in selecting the consulting firm is good and fit our needs. Before we choose a consultant to assist with the implementation of our project, try to answer some of these questions;

  • What is the price is the main consideration?
  • Is the deadline be the primary consideration?
  • Are there related functions, technology or additional products needed?

That we are not disappointed with the agent that we select as many ads were almost entirely declared as the best consultant when in practice it does not correspond to reality. The author himself has had experience in dealing with the clients were broken from the other consultants menclaim with service and low prices but only a few percent of the work done is not satisfactory even have even abandoned.

Gambar terkait

In order for things like that do not happen in our company, here we summarize some tips and how to choose a good consultant

  1. response time

Make sure we received a quick response and detail. A good consultant always appreciate the time client. They will not give a long answer or appear ambiguous (this allows still searching for relevant resources or other resources)

  1. See Qualifications Consultant

Make sure we get CV consultant who will handle our company. The more detailed curriculum vitae of consultants who handle it, the better. This is to get an answer whether in accordance with the technical areas of work we have to offer.

  1. See History Consultants

Make sure that when we ask for a quote we also get referred Consultants Company Profile and obtain feedback that we need according to the question-pertaanyan us.

  1. Details clear contract

Ensure employment contracts contain about work steps, what is becoming a reference acceptance, how long the project will be carried out, clear after-sales service, and other matters set out in the employment contract.

  1. Find related references

For added confidence, we can find references to our legal consultants. Not intended for but this does not believe can strengthen the identity of our consultants who will use his services.


Other things that also need to be monitored given that all the promises as number one:

  1. Too bombastic and beautiful

If something is too wonderful deals may not be as beautiful as it’s the truth. With a wide range of marketing and promotion techniques are sometimes “to good to be true”. We are lulled by the promotions that promise a myriad of conveniences while the ultimate moral of the consultation is the transfer of knowledge from consultants to the team of our organization.

  1. Price below the market price

Basically there is already a reference price for the provision of consulting services, references to this refers to statutes Indonesian Consultant Association. So if we find the price offered is below the market price could be deployed in the company’s power we still do not qualify for the price should be.

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