How to choose shoes for man adapted to his style?

There are several families of dress shoes, all work with the same outfit. Choose his shoes allows you to add a formal touch to an outfit or, conversely, to win in relaxation. Your own codes for better reinterpret.


berluti shoe


No beautiful shoes without quality materials
Always have in mind that the beauty of a pair depends on its quality. All this is explained in our guide to choose his shoes.


A perfectly manufactured product, with noble materials, is beautiful no matter whathappens. Conversely, a product of poor quality is immediately default to your outfit.


Richelieu end ice man
A beautiful leather see immediately…


Even before talking about style, make sure you have a mounting sewed or stitched-pasted, whether it‘s Blake, Goodyear / stitched Welt, of a sewn NorwegianRegularity and robustness are two key words!


For the matter, choose a leather well tanned with a deep shade, a nice and sensual,touch but not creases marked from the first step!


seams sole shoe man
The points are close together and very regular.


Pricing, with a few exceptions, it is difficult to find a very good quality, durable andwell made shoe, less than €200 (outside sales) 1.


Add 50 euros for a pair of shoe trees, a milk cleanser, a nourishing cream / teintanteas a shoeshine, and you‘ll make an investment that you will surely not regret!


Attention, video cult: Olga Berluti explains his suave voice how to care for your shoes. A great moment of sensuality…


If really you short financially, better is worth to wait for the sales… Although the prices are unbeatable, you won’t find anything of lasting or quality at Eram, Gemo, theHall or other mass-market brands.


The most classic: Richelieu / Oxford for men
Originally, the Richelieu are extremely noble and formal shoes. This is the model parexcellence to wear with a suit. Its elegance is its great finesse to the purity of its lines. We recognize the Richelieu to two things:


No flaps. The stem, simply split, deviates to pass the foot at the time of the shoes: we’re talking about closed lacing. Once laced, shoes find a fine line, to the nearest foot.
A mounting Blake or assimilated, i.e. without sewn Welt, including external seams could add to the shoe line.
Black scarosso Richelieu
Here, a black Richelieu from Scarosso. Could not be more formal, reserved for special occasions!


Often made from a single cutting of leather, the Richelieu is the more elongated model, with a tapered form most of the time.


Some models with a thicker sole and perforated are called “brogues”, they are alsoavailable in derby. Several contemporary interpretations of the Richelieu divert theiruse formal first, with many twists that bring novelty.


leather seed meermin Richelieu
Flowery out Richelieu and grained leather, a signed interpretation Meermin.


How to wear the Richelieu?
Better to start smoothly and respect codes of formal elegance. Diversions are possible, but it is truly in a dress that Richelieu are best put into value.


richelieu blue suit look camel man
A marked contrast between the color of the suit and that of the shoe gives relief to an outfit. Fanatics will call out to the bad taste if shoes are a tone lighter or darker than the suit but that it’s another question.


For a more casual atmosphere, models worked in a less strict spirit offer beautiful proposals. Jeans and chinos will agree very well with the Richelieu of the weekend onone condition: avoid the pair of Richelieu (too) simple, all black!


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