How To Claim Back Travel, Here’s What You Know About A Post Holiday Compensation

How To Claim Back Travel, Here’s What You Know About A Post Holiday Compensation

How to request a refund travel, all you need to know about post-holiday compensation how to request and the necessary documentation in order to claim a refund. The tour operator has ruined your last vacation Here’s how you’ll have to behave to return against those responsible.

September is definitely the period of returns more or less all those who had to go have already gone on vacation. Not everyone, however, have returned from holiday fully satisfied, perhaps because something did not go exactly as it should go. ruined holiday Hotel services, very often, the rights of tourists are being trampled, but to know that you will return rivalervi of those who ruined the holidays. But you have a maximum of 10 days to file a complaint against a hotel or a tour operator, just 7 per rivalervi on an airline due to delays you did lose a day off, or you have lost your luggage. As you proceed in these cases Who should you contact That’s all the tips for demanding money to those who ruined the holidays.
When you can apply for compensation

The stay must be exactly as expected at time of booking and any changes in the program or on the hotel accommodation are entitled to a refund of the price for the provision of which you could not use.
How to Claim

For example, if you have booked one of those trips all inclusive but the stay was not conducted exactly as planned, the first thing we report the discomfort to the tour operator, so that it can take action immediately; alternatively on your return, but no later than ten days after the end of your holiday, you can make a complaint to the company with a formal request for reimbursement. To start practice can simply send it by registered mail along with a documentation (including photographs) of the discomforts that you were getting during your vacation and send everything is organized to tour operator to the travel agent who acted as intermediary .
Problems with airlines

Lost luggage or returned in poor condition In these and in all cases of damage and delay the delivery of checked baggage, the consumer is entitled to compensation of up to 1,220 euro. You have 7 days to lodge an official complaint to the airline and 2 years to apply to a judge, in case the company fails to pay any compensation.

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