How to Fix your own shoes

If your sole heel is damaged, you do not have to take it to the shoemaker. You can also fix your own shoes.

Are you a little talented?
Is your shoes too tight? Are they out of date? Is not your shoes shining as beautiful as the day you bought them? In all these cases, many like to go to the next shoe store and buy it new, even though the old shoes are still there. You just need to know how to return it forward. If you love to play, you not only have a good hobby, you can also save a lot of money with your choice to craft. If you are a bit cunning, you can make small improvements, which are very similar to skill.

Do not pay a lot of money for repairs
Usually so: you buy a pair of shoes that are relatively cheap. This can be solved at some point and should be brought to the shoemaker. When you take your shoes, you can sit on the pants floor because you have to pay more for repairs than the shoes are really worth it. If you do not want to take off your shoes or do not want to pay a lot of money for repair, then you have to fix your shoes yourself. Sounds more difficult than usual. We would like to explain to you the most frequent repair work.

Fix your own shoes – how it works

If your shoes look dull, you do not need to buy expensive shoe polish, cream or pasta to refresh yourself. Just take the flashy newspaper and shoe polish. Caution: This only works with fine black leather shoes. Amazing miraculous shoes will make you shine again with margarine. But only suitable as a quick budget tip. Margarine is not optimal for your shoes!
If the shoe presses because it has not yet entered, then you risk one or more bubbles. But you can avoid this if you rub the problem with some rum or hot water. Then tighten the boots immediately. This adjusts to the foot shape faster.
If the shoe is exhausted as time goes by, or if the bump is formed, you can use the repaired paste purchased to fix it yourself. This will save you a lot of money because you can keep wearing old shoes.
If you want to tape the heels or heels of his shoes, then you should really clean up his shoes. Make sure you have completely removed all the glue. If you have done this, you must wake up points to be combined. It is best to use some sandpaper to grind the surface. Now it’s about gluing. To fix your shoes, commercially available adhesives are unfortunately not enough, as these can not withstand certain pressures. So you have to buy a special shoe glue. Apply this thin adhesive on one side. Then you have to press the same parts to glued together. The adhesive should now heal under constant pressure. As the adhesive has to heal for about 24 hours, you should consider how to apply constant pressure to the area. Here’s a simple trick: Simply put the chair legs on the shoe bed. Thus, pressure continues to be applied. If the stool is too light, then you can complain the seat naturally also with different things.

If you notice that your shoes are complicated, you should take them to the shoemaker.

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