How to Remove Stains from the Face

Black stain is a term used to describe the excessive pigmentation of the skin that usually begins to appear on the faces of people in their 40s.

Cosmetic companies make some products that can deal with dark stains or dark smudges on the skin effectively.

But strong facial creams often contain bleach or bleach which may even irritate the skin when used too often.

You should use safer natural materials to remove black spots, such as the following:
Aromatic orange cream

The delicious and cheap cream will be prepared using orange peel, which will make the sun dry. When dry, we will grind it to a fine powder, which we mix with milk and a few drops of vegetable glycerin in the following proportions:

Two tablespoons of orange peel
A spoonful of milk
A few drops of glycerin

Apply and leave to dry, then rinse with warm water.
Cream of honey and turmeric

This cream contains highly therapeutic ingredients, not only to remove stains but also to nourish and smooth the skin, making it ideal for smooth skin or with eczema. This cream is highly recommended for spotting colors that are brighter than skin.

Combine quality honey with turmeric powder until viscous texture is obtained. Apply this mask for half an hour and wash with water.
Refreshing and antioxidant lotion

This lotion is very refreshing and lightweight compared to previous recipes, especially those recommended for oily skin and for hot moments.

Half a cup of cucumber juice
Two tablespoons of lemon juice
1 tablespoon vegetable oil glycerin
Half a cup of rose water

Mix all ingredients well until all flatten and spray this lotion with a spray every morning and before bed. You will not need to clarify it with water, as this will also help us to give color to the skin.

Some last tip

Some of the materials to be mentioned can help us prepare our beautiful natural beauty recipes.

Orange is ideal for rinsing, cleaning and disinfecting the skin, but it can be a little stronger if we have smooth skin, in which case we will apply it mixed with glycerin.

Aloe vera is one of the plants that can help us moisturize oily skin and also useful to cure acne scars and wounds. We can use it directly from the plants or can also buy one of the gels sold in pharmacies and cosmetics stores.
Rosehip oil is very useful for regeneration and healing, ideal for dry and mature skin.
Vitamin E, used as a preservative in many cosmetics, helps cleanse the skin, brighten and remove any marks and stains we have.
Geranium essential oils also have regenerative properties on the skin, so we strongly recommend adding a few drops on our cream as it is very useful for removing stains.

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